Is Jayden Smith Gay and Is His Partner Tyler the Creator?

Everyone knows who Jaden Smith is. He is a renowned name in the film and music fraternity. But currently, what surrounds this famous man is his personal life. People eagerly want to know is Jayden Smith gay or not!

With his comments and statuses, people in confusion wish to know more about him. So, if you’re are also among the Jayden Smith fans and wish to know more, it is time to read our blog!

Here we will not only tell you about his personal life but also highlight his childhood, career, and much more! Read ahead if you’re eager to know everything about Jaden Smith!

Introducing Jaden Smith

The young musician and actor Jaden Smith is the son of Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith. He took birth in the year 1998 on July 8. Jayden has a sister who is younger than him, and she also takes an interest in the art world. Her name is Willow Smith, and she is a fantastic singer.

Jaden appeared on celluloid with his dad in the famous movie – The Pursuit of Happyness in the year 2006. He made repeated appearances in remakes –The Karate Kid and The Day the Earth Stood Still.

Later, junior Smith shared the screen with his dad again in the movie After Earth. He shows his immense acting talent in the movie. But sadly, the film fetched him several negative comments. However, simultaneously Jaden had his focus on music as well.

This zeal made him release his very first album in 2017, known as Syre. You know how the art forms acting and music runs in his genes and the passion he has towards it through this versatility.

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How does Jaden Smith have art forms in his genes?

Before we get into details about the controversies, especially, ‘is Jayden Smith gay’, let us see a little bit about his background!

We have seen many artists in various art fields that do not belong to the same background as them. But Jaden Smith’s family tells us a lot about where his zeal and interest comes from in music and acting.

Before we highlight the controversy about is Jayden Smith gay or not, let us check out some things about his family that tell us these art forms run in his genes.

Jaden’s father, Will Smith, has made repeated appearances in many movies. Some of the famous ones are Men in Black, Ali, and Independence Day. In these movies, he has skillfully shown the true talent of acting and mesmerized his viewers.

On the other hand, Jada Pinkett Smith also takes immense interest in acting. Her repeated performances reflect her true talent. She starred in movies like Girls Trip, The Nutty Professor, and The Matrix trilogy.

How did his celebrity parents bring up Jaden Smith?

Even though Jaden has celebrity parents, he, along with his siblings, shared an average middle-class upbringing.

Jaden, along with his elder stepbrother and sister Willow, shared a simple childhood. All of them were brought up like any other child of their age. The kids were not given the feeling of being celebrity kids as their parents had a particular ideology.

What does Jada Pinkett Smith say about Jaden’s upbringing?

Jada Pinkett Smith, star of the movie The Nutty Professor, and many more such films made it extremely clear that she wanted her kids to live like any other kid of their age.

Senior Smith says she wanted her children to stand in a ticket queue to get their pass. Also, the parents sent the junior Smiths to volunteer in nursing homes and orphanages. Plus, the children would sponsor their things to charity.

Once Jada Smith also mentioned that she is proud of the fact that her kids can willfully give away the things they have. Further, she says that they do not need to hoard onto things as they have in abundance. So, she thinks sharing these things with others is what her kids should do.

What does Jaden Smith have to say about his upbringing?

Jaden Smith happily says that he has faced challenges and sparks of happiness similar to any other young guy of his age. Smith refers to himself as a ‘mama’s boy. However, he also mentions that he has been bullied by his younger sister, Willow.

He jokingly also adds that his parents – Jada Pinkett and Will Smith, would always be on Willow’s side, supporting the bully of the elder son.

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Jaden Smith Career

Before getting into the details about the controversies that surround is Jayden Smith gay or not, let us check out more about his career!

The Pursuit of Happyness

Even though Jaden Smith had a very normal childhood like any other child, he spent his other life as a Hollywood star. When Jaden was 6, he was seen in a TV show called All of Us. This was Jaden’s first acting debut in 2003. It was a show that his parents had created, and it was about their own family.

But the celluloid world did not keep him far away from itself as he made his first BIG SCREEN appearance in 2006. The name of the movie is The Pursuit of Happyness and is a true story inspiration.

In the movie, he shared the screen with his father, Will Smith, who played the role of Christopher. With this very first appearance, Jaden showed his extreme talent and bagged the MTV Movie Award. Even the New York Times rewarded him with the title ‘likable in the extreme.’

The Day the Earth Stood Still

The Day the Earth Stood Still is the movie where Jaden Smith showed the world that he is well-capable of performing without his parents. The same year this movie was released, Jaden was seen in the popular show The Suite Life of Zach and Cody. His guest appearance attracted a vast audience.

Later in the year, he was seen in the classic science fiction thriller remake. He won the Saturn Award as a young performer as well for this movie. In the film, he shares the screen with Jennifer Connelly and Keanu Reeves.

The Karate Kid

After his extraordinary performance in The Day the Earth Stood Still, Jaden was seen in the next blockbuster in 2010. He shares the screen with the famous Jackie Chan. The Karate Kid in 2010 is the remake of the old classic movie that was released in 1984.

The film is a turning point in Jaden’s life as he earned well in terms of cash and gained immense praise. Smith showed his Kung Fu and acting skills, which made people go absolutely crazy about him.

After Earth

After the massive success of The Karate Kid, Smith shared the screen again with his dad in the movie After Earth. It is a scientific fiction movie, where junior Smith tries to develop survival skills.

But to everyone’s disappointment, this film got a lot of hatred. Jaden Smith received the Golden Raspberry for Worst Actor for this movie. Even though some critics think the film is suitable for entertainment. So much so that he won the MTV Movie Awards for After Earth as the Teen Bad Ass Star.

But this experience did not bring down the morale of Jaden Smith. He still stuck to his goal and kept on working.

Skate Kitchen and The Get Down

Even the extreme hatred Smith received for his last film did not keep him away from celluloid. He appeared in the TV series The Get Down in 2016.

Later in 2018, he again appeared in the TV show Skate Kitchen about a female skateboarder group.

Musical Journey Begins for Jaden Smith

Apart from Jaden’s keen interest in his acting career, he shows an inclination towards music as well. Smith did a collaboration with Justin Bieber, and the duo released a few mixtapes. The two names that come up when we are talking about Jaden Smith and Justin Bieber are Cool Tape Vol.2 and The Cool Café!

In 2017, Smith released his baby album ‘Syre,’ which was a collaboration with his younger sister Willow and ASAP Rocky. This album is done basically on a hip-hop base. And it drew the attention of several music lovers and gained some popularity.

Smith released this album of his to celebrate his 20th Birthday in 2018. He chose the platform of Instagram and shared Syre with all his fans. The album on the Billboard 200 ranked number 24, which itself says how good it was!

Later in 2018, Smith released another album called The Sunset Tapes. And In 2019, he released another full-length album of his called the ‘Erys,’ which was after his single release ‘Again.’

Controversies about Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith has been in the spotlight since a very young age. Being the son of Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith, stardom could not keep away from him for long. He had a simple childhood but also enjoyed the limelight at the young of 6.

We have already given you a brief about Smith’s early age, career, and much more. But when you talk about a celebrity, you cannot keep away from controversies. Like others, there is one major controversy surrounding this star, ‘Is Jayden Smith gay’? This is a question that everyone wishes to get answers to!

Here we have highlighted some things that might answer your most awaited question! Read on!

Is Junior Smith Dating Someone?

Well, with such a unique persona and lovely appearance, it is needless to say that he drives his fans crazy. But is he dating anyone?

Well, Jaden was linked with famous Kylie Jenner for quite some time. Later he was also associated with the actress Odessa Adlon and renowned model Sarah Snyder.

However, currently, his fans are curious about knowing if he is dating Tyler, the Creator. The repeated comments and posts are flaming up the internet, and everyone is searching to know if this guy the ”man” of Jaden’s life.

Jaden had a link with several famous women earlier. However, he hasn’t officially gone on record to declare it.

Is Jayden Smith gay?

The gossip of Jaden being gay mainly began when the performer was at the Camp Flog Gnaw Music Carnival in 2018 November.

Smith hit the stage and began saying Tyler is the best friend of his life and he loves him too much. Addressing the audience, Jaden said The Creator is his mother’s boyfriend. Plus, he mentions he is also his boyfriend for his whole life.

Jaden gave his audience an affirmation on Twitter. However, he deleted the tweet later. After a couple of months, Jaden went on record to say that his boyfriend has won the Grammy award through his Twitter account.

All these comments have given audiences conceptions that Jaden Smith might be gay. And they are eagerly waiting to know about it. However, it is not clear if he is joking regarding the matter or he is serious.

But it is evident that both Jaden Smith and Tyler, the Creator are incredibly close to each other. They share a bond, which is pretty evident with their comments on several social media platforms and in person.

Jaden Smith and Tyler, the Creator, are a couple. Is it a rumor?

Well, with several ways of expressing their affection towards each other, it might be clear that they are close, but it does not imply that they are a couple.

Since Jaden has never told the media about his sexual preferences, it is difficult to come to a conclusion. People love his fashion sense, and it has gained him several positive comments.

Jaden’s appearance in 2016 in the Louis Vuitton women campaign made his fans go crazy. He boldly, with gracefulness, carried himself in a leather jacket and pleated skirt.

Apart from that appearance, you will see him in his own non-binary fashion creation whenever he appears in front of the camera. All of which tells his fans how he has a true sense of self and carries himself with gracefulness.

Final Thoughts

“Is Jayden Smith gay” is a debatable topic, and it is not clear to anyone yet. Jaden did not declare his sexual preferences, so we are sure if Jayden Smith gay and is dating Tyler or not!

But since he has a strong sense of true self, we cannot deny that it reflects his personality well and attracts people. He is a bold and confident person, which reflects in him! So, whatever his sexual orientation may be, fans will be eager to see his performances in the acting and music world!

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