10 Societal Rules The Most Millennials Break

Millennials are known to be the ‘rules-breakers’ amongst the older folk. Millennials push the boundaries of societal norms and question the ‘rules’ that are believed to create a happy life. They have, instead, taken control of their life’s journey by listening to their desires, instead of the desires of the outside world. Unlike previous generations, they are not interested in being programmed into a life that they are not comfortable in living. They are extremely vocal about this, and they push back on the idea by living in a way that feels true to them, regardless of what anyone else has to say about it. So, of course, with any change and reluctance, comes a bit of backlash and some face-scrunching. You know, those closed-minded cats (yes, they still exist in 2018), who think the wheels have fallen off the bus and the world is going to turn to mush, because we have a generation of people who stand up for themselves and refuse to live like robots. Yup, makes no sense but they’re living among us, unfortunately.

The truth is, the world is a better place because of millennials. We were all turning into zombies before they reminded us that life doesn’t have to be all about babies, marriage and a nine to five job. They reminded us that we should never be okay with living the same day for seventy years and call it a life. That’s not what life is about – and they’ve used this very term as their mantra. It doesn’t matter what you say, or how you want to look at it – millennials are a breath of fresh air.

Now, let’s take a look into which rules have been broken by most of the ‘millennial’ pool, and which societal norms are being pushed, daily. It’s important to know, because this tells you a lot about how the world is going to look ten years from now. They are the ones molding the future – they are the ones who are going to teach and mold the next generation.

Side note: if you’re a millennial-hater you better start getting comfy, because their ideals are not vanishing any time soon. This is just the beginning, Susan.

1. Study Something (anything) that will get you a good job that pays well

Millennials: Do something you love, something you’re passionate about – who cares about the money… making an impact is what’s important.

2. Work in a big corporate that offers all the benefits. Stay there till you retire.

Millennials: There is always more to learn and more to see. Change is a constant.

3. Find a job and start a family before you think of travelling.

Millennials: Travel whenever the hell you want to.

4. Find Mr/Mrs right, get married, buy a house and have babies. Preferably before the age of 30. Well before.

Millennials: I’ll decide on the right time for me – and it may not even be part of my plans. Sorry!

5. If something bothers you, keep quiet – you don’t want to cause an upset.

Millennial: Speak your truth, let your voice be heard. You are just as important as anyone else.

6. Women are wives, mothers and cooks. Men are the providers, the protectors and run the household.

Millennials: We are all equal, we all deserve equal rights, equal chances and neither one of us is below or above the other.

7. Fit in as best you can. It’ll make life a whole lot easier.

Millennials: Celebrate your differences, celebrate your ‘flaws’, dare to be different. It’s okay to not be like everybody else.

8. Invest in assets like a house and a car as soon as you have a job and get paid a salary.

Millennials: Long-term commitment is not essential for life. Experiences mean more to me, and I’ll probably first spend my money on this.

9. Don’t talk about taboo subjects like sex, gay marriage and mental health issues.

Millennials: Talk about the things that are a reality in our world. Never be ashamed, never be hushed, we are all in this together.

10. To be safe, stick to the mainstream way of life as the unconventional path is not reliable.

Millennials: Take whichever path feels right to you, even if it isn’t the favoured path for others.

Compared to the ‘Baby Boomers’, who were attracted to stability and security, millennials aren’t afraid of taking the unconventional approach. They are less worried about stability and security, and more worried about not making an impact in the world. This transcends into the careers, their relationships, their friendships – and any decision they are called to make. Freedom and change is also central to their core principles, as they recognise that knowledge is power and improving oneself is vital. They will move jobs for the sake of learning more and making a bigger impact.

Millennials have a very different idea of fulfillment; while baby boomers associated fulfillment with security (both in careers and relationships), millennials associate fulfillment with exploring, discovering, learning and living their truth. They are vocal about their beliefs and strive to drive change within the world. Nothing is ‘too taboo’, for the millennial generation. They face issues head on and will seek to find solutions, rather than turn a blind eye, like past generations often did.

It’s safe to say; millennials are the change. They are the future – they are exactly what the world needs.

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