What Do Ladybugs Eat?

Ladybugs are one of the most easily identified and dominating insects, making them a member of a significant category. Their outlook is very noticeable because of their small crimson red cover with tiny back specks, not to forget their black and white silly faces. Here, we will find out everything about these tiny creatures especially what do ladybugs eat!

Those who are allergic to insects or get scared quickly by them find the ladybugs nerve-wracking. They are almost everywhere. In the summertime, you will notice that they assemble in your backyard, and in the springtime, you will notice their general gathering in your house corner.

Different names for ladybugs

Ladybugs are that type of insect that is almost everywhere globally, and actually, there are over six thousand kinds of them. That’s why they are known by various names. In the United States of America, they are known as ladybugs, and then there are the British people who like to address them as ladybirds.

It’s kind of weird to name them ladybirds as they are not any birds at all. They fall in the category of dung beetles rather than Hemiptera, which is the insect rank. The scientists often refer to them as lady beetles rather than their official names.

As compared to the other types of insects, we don’t know much about ladybugs. So we thought that in this article about “what do ladybugs eat” we will try to inform you of as many things as possible. Read this article “what do ladybugs eat” till the end and become aware of the mandatory things you need to know about those who live in your home.

Let’s clear the doubts you are having about the ladybugs, but we confirm you the name might be deceiving for you. There aren’t any ladylike qualities in them like you are thinking. They are some gluttonous creatures who pass the time by eating the green flies and aphids, which feed by suckling sap from plants.

What do ladybugs eat

What do ladybugs eat?

Ladybugs indeed are the gardener’s friend as the aphids cause extensive damage to the crops. They never get tired of destroying green flies and aphids or anything that threatens the plants. Because of the ladybug’s extraordinary love of eating the aphids and saving the plants, you can now actually buy them online to maintain your garden well.

It is already clear that the ladybugs feed on other insects, but some ladybugs consume plants. In that case, they become harmful for the crops or plants, and their importance gets lesser and lesser. But most of the time, this is not much of a worry for those who take care of your garden.

You will be quite amused by the fact that a ladybug can eat over five thousand aphids during its entire lifespan. Recent studies showed that a starving ladybug swallows approximately fifty aphids every day. Most of the time, they swallow the kind of insects that have a tender formation.

What do ladybugs drink?

Ladybugs are fascinating creatures to research, and there are many things to know about them. In this article,” what do ladybugs eat,” we tried to unravel some exciting aspects about them. In this section, we will take a look at “what do ladybugs drink.”

You may find the fact way more overwhelming, but the truth is the ladybugs drink water. If you think that you want one as your pet, you need to know the essentials about nurturing one. So read below, and you will get all the details.

If you want to pet a ladybug, you need to give sustenance to keep it alive. But you have to do the process right so that it doesn’t go wrong. If you want to give water to the ladybug in the right way, you need to use a paper towel or a piece of sponge.

While you are providing water to a ladybug, keep in mind that they only need two or three drops of water each day. If you don’t give it adequate water, it will not live long.

Ladybugs also drink nectar which is a kind of fluid available in plants and especially in flowers. The sweet taste of nectar draws the attention of a ladybug, and they are the kind of creatures who come to pollinate. While pollinating, they eat the sweet juice of nectar and serve to fasten the pollination process.

What do ladybugs eat

Where do ladybugs live?

You are going through the article named” what do ladybugs eat,” and now, in this particular section, we will talk about ” where do ladybugs live.” Please read below and get a chance to know about their whereabouts.

It is not that the ladybugs roam around us all seasons of the year. There are particular times when they get themselves out from their resting place. Then we start thinking about where they were hiding all this time.

When were ladybugs first known?

Not many people know this, but the ladybugs have been here since almost the beginning of time. They were here way before the dinosaurs came, and long ago, the first instance of bacteria was found. Since then, they have developed gradually, and to be specific, the first instances of ladybugs were much more prominent in size than they are now.

As we already wrote earlier, you can see them scattering worldwide, except Antarctica and some specific dry, barren lands. But the question is they dwell in any particular area or not. Well, the answer is half yes and half no.

This depends on that particular place from where they came to existence. But sometimes they get scattered from one place to another and maybe from one part of the world they go in the opposite direction.

General dwelling places of ladybugs

Ladybugs do not dwell in abodes or holes or any definite area for their brooding season and for spending the harsh wintertime. They choose their specific kind of spaces for the winter season, but you can see them scattered all year in all kinds of places.

Ladybugs live in their familiar places, which suit them well at almost every time of the year. They want to bind themselves within a boundary they are familiar with. But sometimes, they need to find a new place, especially when there is scarcity for their sustenance.

Month-wise visibility of ladybugs

In the following, we will give you a list. Once you go through the list, you will know their whereabouts very well and a good picture of their dwelling place.

October to February

At this particular time of the year, we don’t notice ladybugs. Throughout this time, they search for a proper place to sink for the following winter. The moment they discover the appropriate place, the ladybugs anticipate for the winter season to come.

Ladybugs don’t like cold weather as their blood is cold. So they search for a warmer place for the winter season to be over. They dwell in flocks so that they don’t catch a cold.

In these particular months, the ladybugs go undercover away from the public eye. So it would be difficult for you to find them. It would be best if you searched thoroughly beneath a tree or inside a tree scale.

March to April

From March to April, the weather begins to change as the atmosphere starts to become warmer. This is the right time for them to appear from their resting place, and now they are starving from hunger. As soon as the temperature starts to rise, they prepare for their hunting trip.

If you didn’t get a chance to see them earlier, this is that time of the year when they will be quite easily visible to you. You will see them sitting quietly or anticipating the right time to start hunting. It is also possible that in the meantime, they have already been humming around your backyard for their sustenance.


Now that the ladybugs have ultimately come out from their winter trauma, it is time for them to breed. The month of May is usually their primary breeding season. But to tell you the truth, this breeding process often stretches to several months.

At this time of the year, the ladybugs primarily dwell in those places where plenty of sustenance is available for them. Sometimes they begin their mating process where lots and lots of aphids are available. They keep themselves away from those to whom they are nothing but food.

So you may lay your eyes on them wherever some green is there.

June to August

The female ladybugs hatch lots of eggs this time, and you can see them in the corners of the tree leaves if you notice carefully. The newborn ladybugs will also start to get their strengths during this time. So in these few months, the most number of ladybugs will be around you.

With adequate amounts of sustenance available, they are now quite happy. They have got much time to eat and choose their mating partner. So at this time, what becomes their resting place?

The answer is usually the same. Crop plants, gardens, green fields are mainly the areas to look for.


When the month of August comes to an end, the ladybugs become busy with hoarding sustenance for the upcoming winter season. They become less visible at this time of the year, especially if September is a little less warm. They remain occupied by swallowing as many aphids as possible and other edible insects.

How long do ladybugs live?

This article is about “what do ladybugs eat,” and now we will inform you about a ladybug’s lifespan. So how long do ladybugs live? If you want to know about that, we suggest you read the following with full attention.

There are several exaggerated talks about the lifespan of a ladybug. Some say that one can guess the particular lifetime by examining the specks on its exterior. But there are no truths in it.

In this article titled “what do ladybugs eat,” we will tell you how long a ladybug can live.

Laying eggs

It is assumed that a female ladybug can lay approximately thousands of eggs during its lifetime. Like a butterfly, a ladybug also goes through some significant changes during this particular period, and this changing course is known as metamorphosis.


First, a female ladybug hatches eggs on a tree leaf, and the number of eggs can reach five to fifty. Generally, they hatch the eggs where the aphids are so that the larvae can get sufficient sustenance. A female ladybug hatches both fertile and nonproductive eggs as those can be a source of sustenance for the larvae.

Usually, the larvae emerge from the eggs after two to three days. These newborn larvae derive their sustenance from the aphids and the other green plants. The larvae mold their skin several times before they get their actual size.

For how long a ladybug will be alive relies on several aspects apart from its kind. These aspects are generally the atmosphere, sustenance, other insects, and many others.


Usually, an average ladybug can be alive for almost a year. But in a few extreme cases, they can be alive for almost two to three years.

Final thoughts

This article was about” what do ladybugs eat,” and we hope this was helpful for you. As we said earlier, ladybugs are ancient creatures, and it’s exciting to know about them. Now that you know “what do ladybugs eat,” you can get one or two or a pack of them as pets.

As you know, ladybugs are beneficial to farmers, so you can order them online. And don’t forget to give us feedback on how much you liked this article “what do ladybugs eat.”

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