5 Tips for Disease Prevention in The Home

Tips for Disease Prevention

Since last year, all eyes have been on the global COVID-19 pandemic. Our entire world has been inundated with information and misinformation alike, which has made things worse than they need to be. As with all diseases, there are preventative measures that we can take to stay safe. This is particularly important if you have a loved one in the home that is at high risk of getting severely ill from an infection. Here are five tips for effective disease prevention that you can start today:

  1. Clean Foods

One of the easiest ways for pests and diseases to enter your home is through the raw foods that you bring into it. Washing your fruit and vegetables before eating them will help to get rid of E.coli bacteria. You can also peel or cook them to remove bacteria, but it is best to do both.

2. Clean Environment

House hygiene is more important now than it has ever been in the past. There are so many bacterial, fungal, and viral dangers lurking in practically every corner of a dirty home. Some fungi cause ringworm and others that can kill you – it is never a good idea to take a gamble when it comes to the health of you and your loved ones. Keep your home cleaned and disinfected, a clean home is a safe home, and it will help to boost your immune system if it is weak. House cleaning can be made easier if you do a room a day.

3. Pest Control

Many people think that pest problems only occur in filthy homes, which isn’t true. Even the cleanest homes can experience cockroach infestations from time to time. Get rid of roaches by calling in professional help. Cockroaches can be hard to get rid of, especially if the infestation is bad enough. The longer you take to get rid of them, the harder it will be.

4. Avoid Wild Animals

If this pandemic has taught us anything (if we believe the mainstream media), it is that we need to stay away from wild animals. These animals can carry disgusting diseases that are highly dangerous or fatal to humans. Things like rabies, distemper, polio and bubonic plague all originate with wild animals. Disease aside, wild animals also harbour parasites like lice and worms – you need to avoid these as much as possible.

5. Wash Hands Often

Washing your hands thoroughly and often is a very effective tool to prevent the spread of diseases. This doesn’t only apply to preventing COVID-19, there is a range of infectious diseases and parasitic infections that can be avoided through proper hand hygiene. Liquid soaps are more effective than bar soaps at spreading bacteria so, if possible, always opt for these. You need to make sure that you wash your hands properly and dry them thoroughly afterwards.

Disease prevention may seem like a complicated task or a waste of time, but the truth is that by implementing just a few rational processes, you can greatly reduce your risk of infection by a large percentage.


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