Create a Stunning, Hassle-Free Garden

Everyone loves the look of a well-tended, perfectly manicured garden but it can be tricky to maintain this type of outdoor space. If you’re not naturally green-fingered or you simply don’t have the time, you may not want to spend hours tending to plants every week. Fortunately, you don’t have to.

With some savvy planning, you can create a spectacular garden that requires minimal maintenance. For example, adding a cedar fence can enhance the aesthetics of your garden. You can check out for your fencing needs. Want to know more? Take a look at these top five tips and start building your stunning, hassle-free garden today…

  1. Install an artificial lawn

If mowing the lawn is one of your bugbears, artificial grass could be the perfect solution. No matter what size your garden is, an artificial lawn offers a visually pleasing alternative to natural grass. With numerous different types of artificial grass available, you can find the perfect faux lawn for your needs nursery trees and Roseville garden and tree service. 

If you like the look of an ornamental lawn, for example, a delicate, rich artificial grass might be the best option. Alternatively, if you want to spend time playing with your kids outside, a more robust artificial lawn will live up to the challenges of family life. 

  1. Undertake regular pest control

When you don’t maintain your garden regularly, it can become a haven for all sorts of pests. As well as mice or rats, squirrels, insects and even birds can cause a wide range of problems. With professional pest control services and guano clearance, you can ensure that your property remains free from pests and safe for your family and friends. 

Remember – don’t wait until you happen to see evidence of vermin, insects or birds. Routinely inspecting your property or asking a professional to inspect your garden will help you to identify any issues before they become unmanageable. 

  1. Use soil cover

Weeding is a job that even the most devoted gardeners can come to detest, so you’ll want to take preventative steps when creating your hassle-free garden! Weeds can spring up in any location and they can be tricky to get rid of once they’ve taken hold. 

By covering soil, however, you can minimise weed growth and enhance the appearance of your outdoor space. Wood chips are a popular option as a soil cover but there are many other materials available. Gravel, shredded bark, coloured pebbles and slate chips are all great choices as a soil cover. Simply ensure that the cover doesn’t prevent moisture from accessing the soil and you’ll have a low maintenance solution to weed growth Stockton tree expert for your garden. 

  1. Choose low maintenance plants

Some plants require very specific soil in order to flourish or need a particular amount of sunlight and warmth in order to stay healthy. Additionally, some plants need to have dead flowers and leaves removed on a very regular basis if they are to continue to thrive. Furthermore, some plants will only flower for a couple of weeks a year before dying. Of course, none of these factors are what you’re looking for in a low maintenance garden. 

Fortunately, there are numerous plants that require very little intervention. Many will even flower again, year after year, so you can plant your garden now and enjoy it for years to come without having to do very much at all. 

Junipers, Geraniums, Hydrangeas, Creeping Thyme, Hostas and Lavender are all low maintenance plants that look fantastic in the right setting. If in doubt, visit your local garden centre and ask for help finding hassle-free plants and shrubs. 

  1. Add a stylish patio

Incorporating a patio into your outdoor space gives you a multi-functional garden and minimises the amount of maintenance work that’s going to be needed in the future. Once your patio is installed, you’ll have somewhere to sit and enjoy your garden and maybe even enjoy an al fresco meal or two. 

Aside from pressure washing the slabs once or twice a year and adding a sealant every so often, there really isn’t anything else you’ll need to do to keep your patio looking sublime for years to come. 

Designing a Low Maintenance Garden

When you’re planning how to overhaul your garden, keep maintenance at the forefront of your mind. Even if you enjoy gardening, consider how much time you’re going to have to devote to nurturing a high maintenance yard. You may even choose to make the majority of your garden low maintenance but reserve one or two flowerbeds for more needy plants and shrubs. 

With the right planning, it’s easy to create a low maintenance garden that works for your family. Whether you spend all summer outside or you want to enjoy the view from your kitchen window, a hassle-free garden is the perfect addition to any property. 

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