Hassle-Free Steps To Convert Your JPG File To PDF Using PDFBear


The digital universe, as we probably are aware it keeps on expanding. We convert and save physical files to any digital formats to our hard drives, and make sure to upload them to anywhere we need them to.

File conversion is the process of making a file of one format and changing it into another. This is particularly convenient since you may need one day to work with documents that are not good with the various programs you have to utilize. With that being said, here are a few of the hassle-free steps in converting your jpg file to pdf.

Upload File

The very first step to convert JPG to PDF is to upload the file you want to change. Uploading is the process we called when we transfer from one computer system to another. From a system user’s perspective, to transfer a file is to send it to another PC that is set up to get it.

To start converting, you need to choose and upload the file you want to work on. Click on the blue button that says “Select Files” and choose the jpg file from there. This should only take a few seconds to be completed. When you have uploaded a photo, you can include extra pictures. Their JPG to PDF tool has been made adaptable to deal with different images and join them into a single PDF.

Choose your Option

Once the file upload is completed, options will be available. Few options may show up. You can select from any of these and start working on editing your file. The tool PDFBear converter has an easy to use interface that will ensure efficient assistance to its users.

If you are bothered about the security of your files, guaranteed that your data will be sent directly to their servers, making sure that the photos are encrypted. They pride themselves by utilizing the newest innovation and SSL encryption. They can, in this way, guarantee your photo to PDF conversion will stay secure and transferred with a peace of mind.

Start Converting

After you have uploaded your file and chosen a few options, you may now begin the file conversion. Simply click “Convert!” and wait for the conversion to complete. Their converter for pictures supports different formats. Other than JPG, you can also transfer PNG and TIFF files. Their tool can impeccably deal with these formats without any issue.

Download your PDF File

The final step of this entire process is to download your converted file and save it to your computer. You may click on “Download” to do so, or you also have the option to share it directly to your Dropbox or Google User Drive. You can now enjoy your converted file and use it wherever it is necessary.


Tons of records are shared all around the world through the web daily. Before, a significant number of files shared are problematic. They were either problematic for the recipient or the sender. Most likely, for both. The reason behind a portion of these issues was because of the types of documents that were being sent or shared.

A few records were either too enormous or in an inappropriate format. This is the reason why today, free online converter like PDFBEar is so significant. Whether you are sitting busy working, at school, or home, you will consistently have the option to get to their JPG to PDF converter on the web and get your images converted right away. No offline programming is required to utilize its service, and it is 100% free!

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