Check Out What Top Hidden Gems in Sicily Hold for Visitors


Millions of people travel to Italy every year for many reasons. Discerning travelers will visit Italy to explore its rich culture, cuisines, exquisite coastal cities, and other stunning attractions. One of the fascinating destinations to visit is Sicily, the most populous island in the Mediterranean Sea. 

It all starts with planning your trip to Italy, setting a budget, managing your money, and figuring out where to stay and what to do. It’s worth your time and effort to choose a holiday rental with a reputable travel agency like Select Sicily and learn more about what awaits you during your trip. This post will explore the inspiring and charming Sicilian gems and must-visit attraction sights every passionate traveler will seek. 

Let’s get started. 

Exclusive and Magnificent Sicilian Gems to Explore

Being the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, the raw beauty of Sicily will warmly welcome you. You may wish to visit as many villages, towns, or cities on the island, but there are hidden gems you won’t resist. They include:


Millions of people, not only Italians, have traveled to and sojourned Taormina. It’s a famous historical hilltop city and arguably a popular tourist destination. It features some beautifully renovated archaic buildings, spectacular views from every corner of the town, and a network of meandering streets crowded with restaurants and shops.

Besides immersing yourself in the archetypal Mediterranean climate, there is much to see and do in Taormina. Here are key attractions you’ll fall in love with:

  • The Teatro Greco – It’s the home of all events held in Taormina, from cinema festivals, fashion shows, and concerts to plays. You can also view the Bay of Giardini Naxos and steamy Mount Etna from the theatre.
  • Palazzo Corvaja – This historic palace stands out thanks to its distinctive architecture that blends Spanish, Arab, and Norman fine art and relics.
  • Beaches – Mazzaro Beach is the closest to the town and harbors some of the best restaurants in Taormina. Isola Bella Island is also close by. 
  • Restaurants and Bars – Da Giovanni is a huge attraction for its exclusive cuisines and beverages. You can eat a cannolo at the Laboratorio Pasticceria di Roberto and sip the best granita at Bam Bar.


Nothing should hold you back from visiting the amazing Syracuse on the coast of Sicily. You’ll be visiting the most captivating and significant destination in the Mediterranean, attracting millions of visitors yearly. But why does Syracuse get an edge over other cities in Sicily? Have a look:

  1. Visit the picturesque island of Ortigia and explore the celebrated Cathedral Square. 
  2. See the awe-striking archaeological marvels like the Archaeological Park of Neapolis and Greek Theatre, and visit the Ear of Dionysius. 
  3. Discover the rich history of Syracuse at the Paolo Orsi Archaeological Museum. 
  4. The Arenella and Fontane Bianche are amazing beaches for dream recreation. 
  5. Enjoy some of the leading bars and restaurants in Syracuse including the following:
  • Mikatu 
  • Casina degli Spiriti 
  •  Don Camillio
  • Regina Lucia


It’s an archaeological site that gives visitors shivers and leaves them wanting more of Italy. The park covers about 270 hectares (the largest in Europe) and has existed for centuries. It’s the best place to spend quality time if you are fascinated by the ancient world. 

The Selinunte’s ruins will introduce you to one of the well-preserved masterpieces of Greek architecture. While relaxing by the temples and taking pictures, you’ll also enjoy the spectacular views of the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. 

Summing Up 

Sicily is one of the most breathtaking and charming destinations in the world to visit. It offers fantastic things to do and see that other cities cannot promise. Of course, Sicily is the home of timeless gems, and each has remarkable things to offer. Taormina, Syracuse and Selinunte are fantastic places that allow one to discover ancient ruins and secluded cultural wonders. Feel free to spend an unforgettable time at nearby beaches, sample local cuisines and interact with locals and other visitors. You’ll even gather robust information about distinctive hideaways and top-notch villas. 



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