How to Improve Your Sex Life by Bonding With Your Partner?

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Most of the people who attend sex therapy sessions have a common requirement. It is that they all want to be ‘normal.’ The primary reason for such a thought is that people feel every other couple except them have a great sex life. On the other hand, there is undoubtedly something wrong with them, creating a problem in their lives. Besides, people feel embarrassed and upset if they think that they do not fit well in the ‘normal’ category.

Experts state that there is no technically ‘normal’ way of having sex. The only familiar thing in the entire discussion is the worry related to good sex. In one of the latest studies, experts found that 54% of women and 35% of men report sex-related problems. Considering the past few decades, the concept of ‘normal’ has drastically evolved.

‘Normal’ is different when it comes to various communities and countries too. For example, sex between a young, heterosexual couple will always be different from that of a gay couple or an elderly one. According to author Gayle Rubin, whatever is sexually enjoyable for you, will surely be disgusting for someone somewhere.

It is the other way round, as well. Therefore, sex should be done in a way that is personally enjoyable to you and your partner. As a result, you do not think about others’ opinions, and so take less stress. Further, you will learn ways to enhance your relationship.

How to improve sex life and enhance bond

Check out the ways below that are ideal for maintaining a satisfying relationship.

Communication is important

A great sex life’s primary secret is always better communication, even if it is a long-term relationship. Also, spending quality time together is the right way of strengthening the bond with your partner. While you may find it surprising, one of the most common reasons for sex life problems is not spending much time together. Therefore, there is a lack of intimacy between both the partners.

It is often a problem when couples expect each other to know every requirement of each other. The result is always anger when one of them is unable to meet the other person’s needs. Besides, it becomes confusing for the person who could not meet the partner’s expectations. In turn, the other partner feels that his/her need is less critical. Therefore, communication means that one partner should ask the other about their needs in a reasonable way.

Enough space and time

Irrespective of how long you have been in a relationship, giving each other enough space and time is essential. A couple needs to spend time even if they have children. The problem here is that couples, after becoming parents, end up having almost no time for each other. So, you can treat or surprise your partner frequently, and it indeed does not require too much money.

A romantic surprise can be your partner’s favorite dinner in a candlelight setting at home. Also, being at home does not mean you cannot make an effort to make it extra special. Bathe and dress up nicely, light scented candles, and play some soft music to create the perfect ambiance. You can send the children for a playdate to a friend’s or relative’s place for some quality time. Learning to squeeze out the most from the oddest moments makes a relationship better.

Weekends are a good chance of spending time with your partner. However, in every case, you must make sure that you are also allowing enough space for your partner. The relationship should never feel imprisoning for any of the partners.


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