Will Smith net worth

Will Smith net worth is $200 million and one of the richest actors, owing to his carrier as a rapper, actor and producer.

Once a fifteen year old boy was dumped by his Girlfriend. Agitated and frustrated and off course heartbroken, the teenage boy decided to make his life meaningful and successful and made it a point to become the “ World’s most famous entertainer”, the boy worked hard and today he is renowned as Will Smith worldwide! So below we will be telling you about Will smith net worth, house, which is a result of his hard work and struggle throughout his career and still going!

Will Smith Net Worth: Forbes

  • Smith is regarded as one of the best actors who have starred in one of the highest grossing movies worldwide.
  • His best 21 movies have entered the $100 million club, 5 of them have made a historic earnings of $500 million.
  • On a total his movies have said to have grossed almost $6.6 billion.
  • He played the lead “Ali” in the movie based on the legendary boxer Mohammad Ali, and also featured in The Pursuit of Happiness for which he was nominated for Oscars.

Will Smith Net Worth: Bankruptcy

  • With success continuously knocking Will’s door he started spending his money in a very unusual manner.
  • From the year 1988 to 1989 he could not pay his taxes, which made the Internal Revenue Service assess a tax debt worth $2.8 million against him.
  • His assets were undertaken and that glazed his income.
  • Due to continuous pressures of the Internal Revenue service he became Totally Bankrupt in the year 1990, however his conditions started smoothing out when he signed a contract with NBC television and eventually fabricated a sitcom.

Will Smith Net Worth: Success In Movies

Will Smith Net Worth In Movies

  • Will smith is often recognized as “Renaissance man”.
  • Due to Smith’s versatility, before his age could struck twenty he was tagged as a millionaire, and thus attained the title above.
  • With his continuous hits, and money making process, he charmed his way into the A-list Hollywood actors.
  • With his years of fame and name he has attained an estimated net worth of $240 million.
  • Will smith has been a part of the most legendary and the most grossing movies all time, which definitely adds a lot to his overall net worth.
  • Due to Smith’s movies which made his strike gold consecutively he was listed amongst the wealthiest Americans “Richest 40” list by Fortune Magazine who were under the age of forty.
  • Fluctuations in the glam industry are prominent. Will smith made it to Forbes list for his multi grossing movies, however he made a comeback with his $360 million grossing movie the karate Kid which was produced by himself.
  • Smith also made some grand space for himself in the Guinness book of world records, for attending 3 premiers in just twenty four hours.

Will Smith: House

  • Will Smith has a vast empire of possessions.
  • Reportedly, Smith owns many houses in California, Hawaii and Pennsylvania.

California House:

  • Well, the kings in the olden days were not the only ones who never compromised the quality of work which they expected. Unlike the kings, whose palaces and houses used to take years to compete the construction, Will smiths California house also took 7 long years to build.
  • The architecture of the house is inspired from Africa and Morocco, and is spread over an area of 25000 square feet.
  • It has a circular floor which depicts the unending love between him and his former wife Jada.
  • The house consists of a basketball court, Meditation room, Tennis court, Recording studio, and an artificial lake.
  • Rumors were spread that Smith wanted to sell it off for $42 million, however they were all proved totally false.

Pennsylvanian House:

  • Will smith also has a house in Villanova which is near Philadelphia.
  • It is said that Will Smith does not have a hold over it anymore and owned for only a few months.
  • It costed him $7.4 million.
  • The house includes Wine Cellar and a bar, Spa, A swimming pool, Lounges, Games and Fitness rooms, Terraces and verandas.

Hawaii House:

Will Smith Hawaii House

  • Smith even had a house in Kauai, Hawaii however he sold it off for $20 million.
  • The house had an exemplary view of the whole beach and also includes a Swimming pool.
  • It is believed that Smith owned it for only two years, after which he “Got rid “of it.

Will Smith: Facts You Should Definitely Know!

  • Willard Christopher Smith Jr, fondly known as Will smith was Born on 25th of September 1968 in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • He was born to Caroline who was an administrator of a school board at Philadelphia and his father Willard Carol Smith was a refrigerator engineer.
  • Will Smith was raised as a Baptist.
  • He has a younger sister, and two younger twin brothers.
  • His parents parted their ways when he was only thirteen however they officially got divorced in the year 2010.
  • Smith didn’t attend college as he wanted to pursue his career in rapping. It is to make clear that Will Smith was never granted a scholarship to attend Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • Will smith initiated his career as a rapper by renaming himself as The Fresh Prince.
  • Smith united with his childhood friend DJ Jazzy Jeff, along with Townes as his producer. The team was aided by Clarence Holmes also known as Ready Rock C who was the Human Beat Box.
  • They all performed very well, and in the year 1988 they attained their first ever Grammy awards for their Excellency in rapping.
  • He was also the male lead in the famous silver screen series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The series was a huge success which ran six series of it ranging from the year 1990 to 1996.
  • When the series called off its quits, Will Smith was lucky enough to advance from the silver screen to movies.
  • Post his entry in Hollywood Will Smith initiated his record making sessions in the fields of entertainment.
  • His records include:
  • He became the only actor to star in 8 movies which earned $100 million consecutively.
  • He became the only actor to star in 11 movies which earned $150 million consecutively.
  • He became the only actor who starred as the male lead in 8 movies and was reward as the number one position consecutively.
  • The famous American actor also works as a producer, a comedian, and also a songwriter.
  • Since he had witnessed success in music, televisions as well as movies, therefore he was called as “The most popular actor in Hollywood” by one of the well-known news channels.
  • Smith had been proving his Excellency in the field of drama, therefore he had been nominated for a number of awards including 5 golden globe awards, 2 academy awards. However he wasn’t lucky enough to win them, however he has 4 Grammy Awards to him crown of Achievements.

Due to the confusions in the ownership, it is not clear, that exactly how many houses are owned by Our Alien Buster.

Above was a complete info in a nut shell about your favorite Alien Buster. We hope you liked this article.


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