Why Is My Cat Clingy When I’m On My Period?

To all the cat ladies, you might have noticed some shift in your cat’s behavior during your period. Like most people, if you are asking on the internet about why is my cat clingy when I’m on my period, then here is your solution for that.

Being a pet owner is a challenging task. But during those days when your own body is going through hell. Receiving love from your cat that might not even give you a second glance on usual days feels like heaven.

But is it normal? And most importantly, why does it happen? To find the answers, here is what can help.

How does your cat affect your period?

Your cat might have some effects on your period. However, there are no direct changes, but it can alter the hormones.  It includes endorphins, oxytocin, and dopamine.

When you are on your period, the body goes on low energy. It impacts your feelings, and having a cat around you can help elevate better feelings.

Having a cat or any pet can help you feel better. As per the experts, pets can help in –

  • Lowering the stress levels
  • Weight loss
  • Increased in exercise
  • Improve overall well being

A cat can help in reducing pain

Your cat can affect the good feeling emotions like oxytocin, dopamine, and endorphins. These hormones help in lowering the discomfort and relieve the period cramps.

Snuggling with your cat improves these emotions. It’s beneficial for the hormones and makes you feel better.

Cats can improve hormone drops

During such days, your body’s hormones drop. It includes estrogen levels that cause poor impulse control. That’s the reason why you crave chocolates and junk food.

It can also increase the level of stress, like cortisol. If it increases, the impact on your period leads to irregularity or stops altogether.

Cuddling with cats lowers the stress level, impacting the cortisol level too.

Why Is My Cat Clingy When I'm On My Period?

How do cats know when your periods are going on?

Before asking why my cat is clingy when I’m on my period, it’s essential to know how your cats know about your menstrual period.

Cats have a keen sense of smell and can pick up the physical changes in their owner’s bodies. So you might see your cat following you more often, staying in your lap longer or snuggling closer during period days,

For these, here are some reasons why your pet might detect menstruation.

Cats have sensitive noses for blood

Smells are the primary method for cats to identify their surroundings and people. They have over 200 million odor sensors. Compared to that, humans have 5 million.

This makes them highly sensitive to all kinds of odors around them. Your menstruation blood carries an odor that might not be detectable by any human, but your cats can notice.

With a highly sensitive nose, your pet has a dual scent mechanism. So, not only do they pick up smells in the air, but also the odor’s source. It’s their Vomeronasal or Jacobson organ that helps them.

Cats can sense the hormonal drops

During your period, the estrogen level drops. It signals the body to release the eggs. Due to having high sensory senses, the cats can pick hormonal changes.

However, it doesn’t make you unfamiliar to them or bother them. But they get curious and help you to feel comfortable.

Your pet can sense the temperature

Cats’ body temperatures are higher as compared to humans. And during these periods, a lot of women’s body temperature tends to increase slightly. It happens due to progesterone that increases during the cycle.

Your pet enjoys nice and warm snuggles, and that’s why you see them gravitating towards you. During the period days, your temperature increases, making it the perfect place for them to relax.

They can pick the emotions

Cats feel attracted to strong emotions like stress and anxiety. During your periods, your body goes through different emotions, releasing strong odors.

Since the odor gets changed, your pet feels something is different. They either try to comfort or give reassurance.

Your cat might be in heat

Another reason can be due to your cat being in heat while you are on periods. However, it’s not related to your periods. But if they are in heat, they will get more clingy than regular days.

Why are your cats getting clingy on your periods?

Cat owners, especially if you are a woman, having a cat clinging to you while on periods might make you worry.

To answer your question, ‘Why is my cat clingy when I’m on my period?’, the cat has two primary reasons. Firstly, they cling to their owners to provide comfort. Secondly, the cats try to help in relieving stress.

As you know, cats have highly sensitive noses. Due to this, they feel a sense of change in their owners, making them feel unsure and insecure. They get clingy as a reflexive action to keep the owners safe.

Cats are also naturally attracted to blood. So, if you see your cats licking or grooming you, it’s their way of caring for their owners.

Why Is My Cat Clingy When I'm On My Period?

How do you stop your cat from getting clingy?

Now you know the reason, but it is okay to feel annoyed if your cat is getting too clingy. This sweet act might sometimes feel too much when you are on your period.

Here, the owners can encourage their cats to have stable routines and add extra stimulation. It’s essential to have firm boundaries. With this, you are keeping your cats feel safe and letting yourself some space to be alone.

Take care of your cat

Most of the cats get clingy, but it’s not all of them and not too sudden. So, if your cat’s behavior is unusual, it’s important that you take care of them. Check if there is a medical issue behind the change.

Cats also get separation anxiety. Before you set your boundaries and routine, ensure you are addressing and fixing the health concerns of your cats.

Start with a stable routine

If you have a female cat, and you are questioning why is my female cat clingy when I’m on my period? It’s because they don’t have their daily routine set. Regardless of gender, the cats have a better mood when they know how their day will be.

Set a daily routine, and add things like fixing their wake-up time, meals, bedtime, etc. Do it daily so your cat knows about the routine.

Add extra stimulation

Your cat might get more clingy if they do not have enough space to use their energy. If you are the only one to interact with the cat, it causes dependency on the owner. Also, cats crave attention and time, as for them, you are their only company.

In such scenarios, if you are on periods and are not able to give attention. It will make cats feel more anxious.

To solve this, you can add more stimulation to their life so they don’t get too dependent on you.

You can find a friend like another feline company. But it’s costly to take care of another pet. You can use background voices or music. Some cats feel comfort from soothing music.

Get a hobby for your cat

Cats require frequent stimulation. You can fix a space or seat to let them do birdwatching. Or you can let them see outside the window. It will give lots of entertainment to them.

The market provides toys or food toys that can be an easy solution.

Make changes and set the boundaries

Start with small and gradual changes to create boundaries. It’s important to know how your cats usually behave.

If you are worried about why is my male cat clingy when I’m on my period, then you should know what your cat usually does.

According to the survey, male cats can get friendly rather quickly than female cats. They tend to have more aggression and affection.

So when firming the boundaries, ensure you take care of their usual characteristics and behaviors.  Don’t make yourself available whenever your cat needs you. Also, don’t succumb to the temptation to give over affection and care.

If your cat is taking your personal space, have gentle ways to deal with them. For example, move them aside gently if they jump on your lap. Show them the space where they can sit instead of jumping on you.

Create a safe space

When you are on periods, you need a safe space for yourself. However, don’t forget about your cat.

Ensure they have everything needed, like food, water, a clean litter box, and a safe space. If your cats get anxious easily, put a shirt you wear on their bedding. The smell will comfort them while you can rest and focus on better things.

What should you avoid in such situations?

Periods are painful, and taking care of yourself is a daunting task. Having a cat in such situations can make you feel good and happy.

Taking the given precautions can prevent your cat from getting clingy in the first place. However, if you are in a mess and need help figuring out what to do, here are a few pointers.

Be gentle on you and the pet

Your cat picks your change in emotions. However, they might not be able to understand, but they want you to feel comfortable. It’s important to give yourself enough time and space. Be patience with yourself and the cat.

Control your irritation and aggression

Periods fluctuate the hormones, causing mood swings. It’s natural to feel irritation and aggression in such situations.

But even if your cat is getting too clingy, maintain your patience. Keep yourself calm. If you show your irritation, this will make your cat feel more anxious, and they will get clingy more.

Don’t skip on hygiene

Make sure you are washing your hands. Take care of your hygiene while you are on periods. Take care of blood; it should not stay on your bed or your pet’s bedding. Switch to a menstrual cup to avoid leakage.

No treats and punishments

While the behavior seems cute, it is important not to promote it. Don’t give the treats as soon as your cat shows the behavior. This will make them feel it’s okay to do it as they get treats.

You can use treats to show them what to do. Give them their favorite treat when they stop being clingy to you.

While you do not promote, don’t punish either. This will cause them to feel anxious and fearful of you.

Ignoring your cat won’t help

A lot of cat owners think ignoring their feline will solve the problem. But it’s not, and your cat is not a person. They won’t get why their owner is not giving them attention suddenly.

You should not promote or punish, but give the attention your cat needs. Ignoring them makes them feel anxious and neglected. But do it on your terms. When you set boundaries, you will be at ease, too, as does your cat.

Get help if nothing works out

If your periods are too painful and hard to manage, get help. Ask a veterinarian or someone who has experience to get guidance.

If you can’t manage your health and cat, ask someone you trust to take care of your pet while recovering.

Final thoughts

To summarize your answer for why is my cat clingy when I’m on my period:

Cats are indeed adorable and curious animals. They know when you are on period for the smell, making them wonder what changed.

Whether it’s a curiosity or concern, cats show their love in their own way. There is always a solution and way to deal with such situations. It would help better if you stay calm and relaxed. Follow the daily routine, so you and your cat both have ease.


1. Why is my cat clingy when I’m on my period cycle and follows me?

Your pet can detect the odor, whether it’s a cat or dog. Period’s odor makes them wonder if something has changed, making them curious or anxious.

2. Does your period affect your cat?

According to experts, if a cat is familiar to their owner or they know them, the period does not affect them.

3. Why is your cat clingy all of a sudden?

While there might be a lot of reasons, the primary three are anxiety, stress, and fear. It makes them feel uncertain and can get clingy to their owner.

4. Can your cat help with your period pain?

Having your cat near you can help in relieving the pain and stress. They are also warm and helpful while you are on period.

5. Does your period blood attract the cats?

They won’t be attacking you for it. However, they can sense the odor even though it’s not a big deal for your pet.

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