5 Months Old Cat Behavior, Transition, and Taking Care

Planning to bring home a 5 months old cat? Don’t know how to be a cat parent to an already grown and active kitty? Well, we have some news for you.

Your 5 months old cat is unlike any other creature. They are playful furballs, and have the ability to enchant you through their tiny little eyes.

When they touch you with their adorable paws, you can’t keep calm. They are instant stress-busters that always keep you on your toes.

Taking care of a 5 months old cat can be challenging because your kitten goes through a transitional period to become an adult cat.

If you have a growing adolescent at home, you’d know. If not, remember those pre-teen times when you had hot flashes?

In this article, you’ll know about the changes you’re expected to see this time, and how to cope with them.

So, let’s dive into the world of a 5 months old cat, and try to figure out exactly what they need from you.

All you can expect from a 5 month old kitten

When a cat is just 5 months old, they tend to become more mischievous than ever. As a cat parent, you need to be aware of what they do and why they do it.

So below is a list of the characteristics of a 5 months old cat. Go through these to get into the head of your kitten.


The 5 months old kitten pictures show that they are not the size of a kitten anymore. Sure, if you consider their age, they are still small, but their bodies are fully grown. However, the size can vary depending on their breeds.

On average, they are expected to grow half of their full-grown size this age. So, if you think your kitten is not growing as they should be, feel free to consult a vet. There could be different reasons behind their lack of growth.

5 months old cat


Kittens are always playful. But in this particular age, they become more energetic because they are on the verge of becoming an adult. They like to chase their prey and pounce on them.

When your kitten is playing, you need to make sure that they get enough playtime. The more they play, the healthier they will become.

Sometimes they see you as their playing mates. They will play hide and seek with you, and they will hide in spaces where you can’t see them. And they catch you by surprise!

They also love chasing at this age. They are always up for a good run when a prey is before them.


Kittens are curious by nature. But they become more eager to explore things when they are 5 months old or closer.

They will explore each and every corner of your home, and investigate things. They also like to get everything that is within their reach. So, unless you’re extra careful with your things, your kitten might have something to do with them.


You have to work really hard to match the energy of a 5 months old cat. This time they are always on the move.

You won’t even know exactly when they’ll chase prey or when they take a nap all of a sudden.


At this particular age, your kitten wants more attention from you and other cats. They are interested in having a chat with humans as well as fellow pets.

You don’t know how to understand their language, but they know how to draw your attention.

You might also notice that your kitten is seeking your attention now more than ever. Because they like being close to humans.

If your cat does not like human company, they will seek for the likeminded. Soon it will be time that they go in heat and want a partner to mate.


You may also see that your kitten is picking fights with other cats. However, these fights are not harmful. This is just a way for them to explore the neighborhood and get in a chat.


Around 5 months of age, kittens continue to go through the teething process. So, if you’re aware of the chewing meme cat doing rounds on the internet, you would know what that’s like.

This is also the time when their baby teeth start to shed. Some kittens swallow these baby teeth, which is absolutely okay.


This is also the best time for them to bond with you. A healthy human-cat relationship is more than important for both of you. So, you need to shower them with love and play with them as much as you can.

Mental development

Your kitten is not only growing physically, but they’re also growing mentally. So, if you want to provide them training, now’s the best time to do it. Do the training right and your kitten will know the basics to obey you.

5 months old kitten care

You need to care for your 5 months old cat as these are their formative cat years. Here are some ways you can do that:


Make sure to feed your kitten high-quality cat food. In case they are only acquainted with baby cat food, it is time for them to shift. From now on, you need to feed them adult cat food.

It is very important to talk to your vet before you make the transition. Also, stick to a proper routine when it comes to feeding your kitten.


Feeding them nutritional food is important. But you also need to make sure that they remain hydrated well enough.

Every kitten needs to get access to fresh and clean water. It helps keep kidney problems at bay.

Litter training

At 5 months of age, every kitten should already be litter trained. Still, you need to keep an eye out just in case any accidents happen.

Make sure they can use the litter box whenever they want. So, keep it handy and keep it clean enough.


Now that your cat is no longer a baby, it’s time for vaccination. Talk to your vet about vaccinating your cat. By 5 months, it is imperative to get booster shots.

Apart from vaccines, you need to think about spaying or neutering your kitten. If you haven’t done it already, it’s high time that you at least consider it seriously.

It’s better to get this over with when they are 5 or 6 months old. The longer you wait, the more complicated the procedure could get.


Cats are one of the cleanest creatures you’ll ever come across. They hate to remain unclean and are always eager to lick themselves.

That being said, self-grooming could get harder for your cat especially if they are long-haired. In that case, you need to be extra careful.

Brush your cat’s hair and help them get rid of loose fur. It could also be a great way for you two when it comes to bonding.

5 Months Old Cat

Regular checkup

You need to keep track of the overall health of your kitten. So get in touch with your vet so that your kitten gets regular checkups.

In case any medical issues occur, you can handle it without hiccups.

Why is it important to care for a 5 months old kitten

Your 5 months old cat is still a kitten. So it’s your responsibility to make sure that they grow into healthy adult cats.

Here’s why you need to take extra care of your 5 month old kitten:

Quality of life

Your feline friend is not going to stay with you forever. Their lifespan is much shorter than humans. So, you need to make their time worthwhile.

If you take care of your cat well enough, your cat will be happier and healthier. This is good for you and your cat when it comes to spending some good years together.

Longer and healthier life

Studies suggest that cats that get proper care and a loving environment tend to live longer than other cats.

So as a cat parent, you need to look at the necessary aspects of a cat’s life. Make sure that they’re on a balanced diet, getting regular checkups, and having a comfortable home.

Strong bonding

As of now, your cat is little. But now they’re about to become an adult. So they need love and care from you now more than ever.

The more you care for your kitten, the stronger your relationship will become. The bond will be long-lasting and deep enough to keep you occupied.

Preventing illness

Like humans, every cat possesses the risk of catching illness from time to time. But that doesn’t mean it has to be the end of their lives. Proper treatment is the key for them to get better.

You need to be keen to keep their illnesses at bay. As always, prevention is better than cure. So make sure that they’re getting proper grooming, dental care, and a proper environment to stay happy.

Emotional support

People are staying alone these days, and sometimes all they need is a companion. And in some cases, pets are much better companions than humans.

When you don’t have any purpose in life, your kitten cat provides you with a sense of purpose. You can care for them like you would have done for your own child. Because pets are like our own kids, in a way.

6 months old kitten

Have you seen any 6 month old kitten pictures? If yes, then you know they get quite big by this time.

And of course, they are on their way to becoming an adult cats. But they still need your love, care, and affection.

At this stage, they longer have baby teeth. So, you will see their adult teeth from now on.

But the good news is they will no longer be as mischievous as they were before. Yes, they will still be full of energy and play, chase, and pounce. But the chewing tendency won’t be there to bother you.

The way they behave will also change from now on. You might notice that they are more controlled and reserved.

Another good news is that from now on, you can feed them adult cat food. Your vet will guide you on the timing and what type of food is best for your cat.

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3 month old kitten

A 3 month old kitten have special characteristics and need care from you as well. This is a crucial period for them. Why? Because it is just the right time for them to learn the necessary skills.

At this age they are always learning whether it’s social skills or survival skills. After all, they are predators and they need the hunt on their prey.

Another important characteristic is their teething behavior. They start teething around this particular age and start chewing everything they find. Don’t be surprised if you catch them biting on your curtains or even furniture.

When it comes to size, a 3 month old kitten is small. So, you have to wait for another 2 months or so to see their physical development.

From this time around, they start to learn grooming as well. At this stage they are not pros at anything, but they try their best to clean themselves.

Also, they like to make noises a lot at this age. They purr, meow, and use other sounds to start a conversation with you. They don’t know yet that you don’t understand their language.

Final thoughts

It’s true that taking care of a 5 months old cat is an adventure full of ups and downs. You’ll discover things as you go and you have to have lots of patience.

Most importantly, you won’t have problems raising them if you understand their needs well enough. Remember that this particular period is a special chapter in your kitten’s life. So, make sure it’s a nice one. We wish you all the best.

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