7 Reasons That Explain Why Does My Cat Bite My Phone

There is a cat chewing meme doing rounds on TikTok right now. Are you sure it is not your pet as you’re looking for answers to, “why does my cat bite my phone?” Well, the cute white kitty seems to chew something hard, it might not be your phone but there are reasons that it can happen to you too!

You have to admit that cats are fascinating creatures. They are not like dogs, always eager to serve you the best way possible. Instead, they are the kings and queens of their own territory and they always stand by it.

This means that as a cat parent, you need to keep up with them no matter what. Even when they are irritating you to the core and biting your phone.

Why does my cat bite my phone?

A cat nibbling the owner’s phone is not a rare case. But if it goes to a point that your screen blackouts and you pay hefty replacement charges, you won’t like it. But before you keep the device away from your kitty, find out why they behave this way:

They want to play

The most common answer to, “Why does my cat bite my phone?” is their playful nature.

Most domestic cats are active during growing years. They have a natural instinct to play, and sometimes like to give in to their hunting instincts. Biting your phone might mean that they want to play with you.

When you’re on your phone, your fingers are constantly hovering over it. This can trigger your cat as they see the mobile screen as a target to attack.

Your mobile screen reflects light which attracts your cat to explore what’s in there. So basically, you don’t need to get that worried over this particular behavior of your cat. Instead you need to pay attention to whether they’re getting playtime or not.

They are curious

If you don’t know this already, cats are naturally curious creatures. They are always interested in exploring new things whether it’s your new book, new clothes or even new furniture. So it’s kind of obvious that they have something to do with your phone as well.

It goes without saying that your smartphone is an interesting object in itself. So they want to explore it as soon as they see you mindlessly scroll!

But why do they bite? Well, they bite your phone because they like to use their sweet little teeth to investigate the texture, smell, and taste of your phone.

why does my cat bite my phone

They want your attention

Cats are attention seekers. They want your full concentration all day long. So whenever they feel that you’re trying to ignore them, they take action!

And unlike us humans, they can’t scream at you or nag for your attention by constantly yelling. So they try to attack the object you get attached to as they feel replaced.

You can think of this particular act of theirs as a way of letting you know that they want your undivided attention.

They are anxious

The answer to why does my cat bite my phone can be anxiety. In that case, you should be handling the behavior delicately.

Cats have minds too, and they sometimes suffer from mental issues. Unlike us, they can’t express their feelings. Instead, they try to let you know about their problems in the most unlikely manners.

Constant biting at something could be a good sign of stress and anxiety. In case your cat’s doing it more often than normal, you should take care of them.

So next time your cats bite your phone without any reason whatsoever, you need to get a good look at them. Check whether they are suffering from any hidden illness you don’t know about!

If possible, consider taking them to a vet.

They need warmth

Cats are always looking for some kind of warmth. Be it your lap or a cozy place on your bed, they need to stay warm.

But how does that answer why does my cat bite my phone? Well, our phone heats up due to over usage and our cats sense it. They might look for comfort in your smartphone as it gives them warmth.

They want to taste and smell you

The ability of cats to taste and smell things is much stronger than humans. Since your cat considers you as their parent, they know how you smell. So they are attracted to anything that smells like you.

Let’s say that you use a certain body lotion or perfume that attracts your cat the most. The moment they smell the substance, they know it’s you. So, they try to bite your phone so they can smell you.

why does my cat bite my phone

They have dental issues

Kittens like to bite things a lot when their little baby teeth come out or adult teeth grow. So, they like to chew things because they feel discomfort in their gum area. This behavior is almost similar to teething in children.

It can happen to older cats as well. They tend to develop dental problems as they age. So, this could be one of the reasons behind your cat biting your phone.

Why does my cat bite my phone when I’m on it

When your cat wants your attention, your phone becomes their rival.

Cats can understand when you’re ignoring them. If they notice that you are continuously staring at your phone, they might attack it. This is their way of seeking importance. Not giving them what they want might need you to repair your phone!

Why does my cat bite the corner of my phone

Sometimes you see that your cat is biting only the corner of your phone. This makes things really interesting. Your cat is specifically targeting the corner of your phone because it is easy to grip.

Cats attack with their teeth and paws. So, to get a better hold on your phone, they might be accessing only the corner of the smartphone.

How to stop your cat from biting on your phone

Once you find out which of the above answers go with you, there will be ways to keep your phone safe and away from your feline friend. Here are some of the steps you can take as a cat owner:

Find suitable toys

Sometimes cats are attracted to phones because they think it’s their playing object. So, you might guess that your cat is not getting enough playtime. If that’s true, then you need to provide them with new toys.

In case your cat already has toys, then you can  engage with them to play together. Make sure that your purrfect companion has access to a wide range of toys that are best for playing as well as chewing.

Buy some interactive toys or fish toys that interest the cats to play more. Remember that the more your cat will play with other toys, the more they will stay away from your phone.

Provide them with a good environment

Cats like to live in an environment where they can do whatever they like. You might have already noticed that they like to sit in high areas.

So what you can do here is to provide them with cat trees. They can hop on it whenever they wish. You can also buy a scratching post where they can sharpen their claws instead of your phone.

Catproof your phone

In case you think that your phone cover is attracting your cat, then you should change that. Consider using a protective case that will cover the edges and screen. Once the mobile stops attracting the cat, half of your problems will go away.

Another way that works to keep cats at bay is to keep the phone away from them. When you’re not using your phone, hide it somewhere safe. Put it into a drawer, purse, or on a high shelf.

Use cat-repellent spray

Some cats absolutely don’t like the taste of bitter sprays. So, you can try applying a little bit to your phone where your cats normally bite. Once you do that, you can hope that your cat won’t approach it at all.

You need to be absolutely sure that the cat-repellent spray won’t actually harm the cat. Once you’re sure about that, you can proceed with this type of spray.

Offer treats to them

This technique is what is known as positive reinforcement. You have to treat your cat with as much positivity as you can. Whenever they do something to satisfy you, make sure to shower them with treats.

Instead of treats, you can also just pet them or bear with their constant purring!

Spend some quality time with them

Why does my cat bite my phone? One good reason behind your cat biting your phone could be that they want you.

Cats are very eager to spend time with humans. They know that you are their owner, and they always try to honor that.

You can use the toys to play with them. Since cats are full of energy, it will help them burn that energy. It also helps improve their hunting instincts.

Try to identify their issues

In case you’re suspecting the worst, that your cat’s suffering from stress, do one thing. Try to figure out exactly what might be causing the stress.

Sometimes this can happen because your cat is already suffering from a disease. So, in that case, this biting behavior could actually be an indication.

Talk to a vet

In case the situation goes out of control, like the cat shows no signs of stopping, consider consulting a vet.

There might be underlying health issues that could trigger this kind of behavior. Only a vet is the right person to talk to about how you can stop your cat.

Final thoughts

As a cat parent, you’re bound to spend some quality time with your feline friend. So you shouldn’t let your phone come between you two.

You just need to love your cat fully and give them the time they want. You don’t need to worry about anything else after this. Your inner cat lady or cat dad will come out on its own!

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