14 Breeds of Black Dog with Pointy Ears

When it comes to pets, we all have some sort of fascination. Sometimes, it can seem weird to other people because those fascinations can be equivalent to their physical attributes. For instance, I like fat cats that are pure orange or white in color. Similarly, you might like black dog with pointy ears. Today, let’s explore your choice to find the dog breed that’d be perfect for you.

The best black dog with pointy ears for your family

Majestic is the word that comes to mind when you see a well-groomed black doggo. Appearance aside, loyal, affectionate, and protective are only a few of the greatest traits that black dogs possess.

With so many big and small dog species, what matters more than the color of the fur is the compatibility of a pet with your lifestyle. So, have a look at these adorable breeds that are known for their friendly and obedient nature.

German Shepherd

In 1899, a person named Max von Stephanitz came up with a breed which we call the German Shepherd. It is a mature and hardworking animal with pointy ears and a lifespan of 9-13 years.

Police officers, military personnel, and guards prefer this clever dog. It is super smart and training it will never be a hassle. Training is also crucial as an untrained German shepherd will try to take control and dominate its owner.

Alsatian is another name for a German Shepherd and the black color is presently a recessive gene for this breed. So, it can be difficult to find one with a royal black coat as most of them have a sable coat. However, the best thing is that it will be a wonderful family pet and an enthusiastic hiking pal.

Breeds of Black Dog with Pointy Ears

Scottish Terrier

A well-built dog, the Scottish Terrier is a small dog bred for hunting vermin in farmlands. Aberdeen Terrier is independent, highly spirited, and brave. It has short legs and the huge paws keep it well-balanced.

Scottish terriers are so brave that there are funny legends about them. One such legend is that they descended from wild bears. The dog loves to spend time outdoors and is playful.

You will love having a Scottie around as it has a dignified, human-like personality. However, people with babies have reported that these dogs tend to lose their temper and snap at children. So, if you have older children, this dog with pointy ears will keep you all entertained.


Chihuahuas are little dogs that originate from Mexico. They have been named after the state of Chihuahua, the descendants of Techichis, a breed with pointy ears and diverse colored furs.

As per FCI standards, Chihuahuas are bold and alert and are the best lap dogs. Their have varied personalities ranging from timid to outgoing and feisty. They thrive when given plenty of attention and aren’t lazy at all.

Chihuahuas are among the most emotional dogs and their body language expresses their feelings. This dog can live up to 20 years if you offer it a good diet and look after it. So, as a first-time pet owner, you should get this sensitive and fiercely loyal breed.

Labrador Retriever

For three decades, the Labrador has maintained its place at the top of the list of the American Kennel Club’s most beloved breeds. There are many reasons why this black dog with pointy ears is so popular all over the world.

Active and affectionate, a Labrador retriever is just the companion you seek to keep depression at bay. It has earned its name as a Labrador retriever as it can be your top-notch hunting buddy.

Assumed to be a British breed, Labs hail from Canada’s Newfoundland. The calm dog rarely shows signs of rebellion or aggression. Despite its peaceful disposition, its loud bark makes it a good protector and watchdog. It can also be an ideal partner for anglers and hunters.

Cane Corso

With its dominant and strong-willed personality, a Cane Cane is a courageous dog that can protect its owner.

You may require a trainer in the initial stage as a Cane Cane puppy is never scared of challenges. Once trained properly, it will be the most dependable protector for your property and family members.

The most distinguished characteristic of a cane is its huge head along with its rectangular body. It can weigh up to 120 pounds and is also known as Italian Mastiff/Cane Cane Italiano. The coat of a cane cane can be red, fawn, grey, or black and it possesses pointy ears.


A tall black dog with pointy ears is the Dobermann. Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann, a tax collector, bred this large dog in Germany for the first time. Petting this incredibly faithful and extremely intelligent animal will be a rewarding experience of a lifetime.

However, if you don’t have experience handling a dog before, think twice before bringing home a Dobermann. That’s because this dog requires a confident owner who can be assertive without being harsh. To have an obedient Dobermann, you must train it when it’s still a puppy.

If you have seen Dobermanns with pointy ears, be certain that the owner has cropped the ears. Their ears are beautifully floppy at the time of their birth. But people often crop their ears for their safety as working dogs. This practice is banned in many countries as it is an act of animal cruelty.

Manchester Terrier

Manchester terriers are excellent pets that you can easily train and maintain. They are affectionate and seem to bond spontaneously with kids. They are fearless in nature but obey every command given by a loved one.

As energetic and spirited as other terriers, the Manchester Terrier can happily adjust to a small apartment. So, if you have limited space, opt for this one instead of a giant black dog with pointy ears.

However, these dogs have great energy and you must invent innovative ways to keep them engaged. If bored, they often resort to destructive behavior and that’s only due to insufficient exercise.


Schipperke is a poofy cutie that will always be ready to follow you everywhere. It is super inquisitive and will always be keen to learn new things. So, you will have a blissful time, teaching novel tricks to your Schipperke.

This small breed came into existence in Belgium in 1600. It is a healthy dog breed with fewer health issues and 13-16 years of average lifespan. This breed likes to socialize and won’t be intimidated when your guests visit.

A zestful playmate, this dog effortlessly becomes friends with children, cats, and other dogs. So, if you already have other pets at home, then you can pick this one without any worries. It may be small, but it is not a delicate breed and was actually created as watchdogs and ratters.

Black Dog with Pointy Ears


Exceptionally pretty, it’s almost impossible to resist the urge to pick up a poodle and cuddle it. While white poodles can be seen everywhere, very few people know that a poodle can be black as well.

Other than their physical appeal, poodles are smart and they have a great memory. They are so small that no pet parent faces any issues maintaining them.

Energetic and swift, a poodle is undoubtedly a lovable pet for a home that has kids. It has short and sharp ears that are easy to clean.

Portuguese Water Dog

Unable to recall where you have seen a charming Portuguese Water Dog? This dog is a favorite of the celebrity couple, Michelle and Barak Obama. But that’s not the only reason why you should consider having this dog as your pet.

This breed can be a reliable service dog for crippled people and senior citizens. It is remarkably patient with babies and growing children. With all these outstanding qualities, a Portuguese Water Dog is just the empathetic pooch your kids need.


What is it about a small black dog with pointy ears that makes it look cute as a button? And if a small dog is what you want, a Pomeranian is one of the most common toy breeds. Its tiny size makes it easy for the owner to carry it almost everywhere.

You will be surprised to learn that Pomeranians descended from a larger breed named Spritz. The Spritz was native to Lapland and Iceland and because of its origin, a Pomeranian is also familiar by the names Dwarf Spitz and Deutscher Spitz.

This small dog is very alert to its surroundings and barks a lot whenever it senses something. It rose in popularity when Queen Victoria was enamored of this breed and many royal ladies started adopting Poms.

Chow Chow

A fluffy teddy bear that you won’t be able to stop cuddling is a Chow Chow. With its endearing behavior, alert expression, and lion-like head, the Chow Chow always attracts admiration.

Good looks don’t have to be the only reason why dog lovers find Chow Chows fascinating. It is a black and brown dog with pointy ears that originated in the northern regions of China. Earlier used for hunting, herding, and guarding, a chow chow can be a delightful addition to your family. It is available in cream, cinnamon, and black colors and has a double coat.

Chow Chow is not just one of the oldest canine breeds but has several unique traits. While most dogs have 42 teeth, this special creature has 44. Its blue tongue adds to its charm and unlike other big dogs, it has completely straight legs.


Pugs have a bad reputation as many assume they are scamps, but that’s only because they know their worth. One of the smartest breeds, a pug will shower you with unlimited licks. All it wants is your undivided attention and therefore, make sure you have time to spend with it.

According to dog experts, black pugs shed less than fawn-colored pugs as they possess less undercoat. Hence, if you don’t want dog hair all over the house, a black pug is suitable for you.


Always fancied having a big black dog with pointy ears? The Beauceron is a giant French Sheepdog and its emotional eyes are bound to melt you. Originally a guard dog, it can also be a perfect snuggle buddy that keeps you warm in cold weather.

In ancient times, people bred Beaucerons to guard herd animals like sheep. They are so energetic that a Beauceron pup will fill your home with positive vibes. Additionally, these dogs are so protective that nothing misses their watchful eyes. The breed is muscular and strong, with a double coat that will shed occasionally.

The ideal life span of the animal is of 10-12 years and Berger de Beauce is its other name. The ears are floppy at the time of birth and they turn pointy as the dog approaches adulthood.

Final thoughts

Now you know that if you want a black dog with pointy ears, your options are many. Lastly, keep in mind that the coat color of a dog has nothing to do with its temperament.

So, irrespective of their outward appearance, all dogs deserve our kindness. Therefore, if you are a dog lover, bring home any playful pup and it will give you the ultimate joy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What type of dog is Sirius Black?

Sirius Black, the famed canine star of a Harry Potter film, was the animal avatar of Sirius Black. The dog that played the role is a black German Shepherd and his name is Berry.

2. What is the breed of the dogs with pointy ears?

Many dog breeds naturally have pointy ears. West Highland Terrier, Shiba Inu, Australian Cattle Dog, Chihuahua, German Shepherd, Boston Terrier, Pharaoh Hound, and Belgian Malinois are some well-known black dog with pointy ears.

3. What dog breed is known as Devil dog?

Famously known as the Devil Dog, the Dobermann is an awesome breed to adopt. It earned this interesting name at the time of World War II when it accompanied the marines.

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