What is pet insurance? How is Spot Different?

Pet insurance

Pet insurance is a growing trend in the United States and Canada. More than half of all pet owners are now choosing to insure their pets, which means that more pet owners are being able to afford the cost of care for their beloved furry family members. If you’re considering signing up for pet insurance, this article will tell you what it is—and how Spot can help your cat or dog stay healthy without breaking the bank.

Pet insurance is health insurance for pets

Pet insurance is not a replacement for regular annual checkups. Many pet owners make the mistake of assuming that their pets are healthy, because they don’t appear to be sick. Unfortunately, this can lead to costly medical bills in the future. Pet insurance can help you save money on vet bills by covering your pet’s medical expenses if it gets sick or injured.

Pet insurance is not a substitute for preventative care. You should continue to schedule regular veterinary exams and vaccinations throughout your pet’s life, even if you have pet insurance through Spot Different! These preventative measures will ensure that they’re healthy when they need treatment later on down the line—and they’ll also keep premiums lower by helping us diagnose problems early on before they become more serious and expensive issues (like cancer).

Coverage includes unexpected illness and accidents in cats, dogs and exotic pets.

Pets are like family, and they deserve the best care. At Spot, we believe you should be able to provide your pet with insurance that covers them for unexpected illness and accidents. That’s why our policy covers all breeds of cats, dogs and exotic pets—including those who don’t have a spot in their name! Plus our policies cover all ages of cats, dogs and exotic pets—so even if your pet is no longer a puppy or kitten at six years old (or older), we’ve got you covered! And if your little one isn’t yet out of the womb? They’ve still got coverage with Spot.

Insurance helps cover cost of care

  • Insurance helps cover cost of care. An insurance company will pay a percentage of the bill, and you’ll pay the rest.
  • Spot is different because it covers more than just routine care. The average dog spends over $2,500 per year on veterinary services—and that’s just for basic annual checkups and procedures like spaying and neutering! Spot plans go beyond those basics to cover other unexpected health emergencies such as cancer, heart disease or diabetes.
  • There are no waiting periods or exclusions for pre-existing conditions when you sign up for Spot—our coverage applies immediately upon enrollment (within 30 days).

Reimbursements are based on actual vet bill.

The reimbursement is based on the actual vet bill and not a percentage of the vet bill.

This is key to know because it means you will not have to pay for any additional fees that arise from your pet’s healthcare needs. This also means that Spot would be able to reimburse you for additional expenses that are not included in their coverage but are related to your pet’s condition, like specialty diets or hydrotherapy treatments.

Hello hello

Welcome, Spot!

We’re happy to help you and your new company. We look forward to working together.

Spot is a new pet insurance company that offers different coverage than other pet insurance companies. Here at Spot, we think differently about the way we approach things and are proud of our unique approach in the industry.


We hope this article has given you a better understanding of what pet insurance is and how Spot is different from other companies. We also hope that it has inspired you to consider adding pet health coverage to your family’s budget!


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