Top 26 Famous Female Stand Up Comedians in the World

Since the dawn of civilizations, laughter has been predominantly associated with men. Society was under a garb of misbelieve, which tagged men with the sense of wit while women were believed to be more melodramatic. So, when the debate of who performs better comedies has come up, the pendulum has automatically shifted towards the males. However, in this article, we will talk about female stand up comedians who have proven this myth wrong. If you want to know more about them and draw your inspiration, read this article till the end.

If a woman conquers the comedy stage, you won’t be able to leave your seat for the next few hours. Here we compile the top female stand up comedians who set the stage to fire on a usual mundane evening.

The landscape of stand up comedy is itself undergoing 180-degree changes, and most of the time, the baton is in the hands of women such as them. Sometimes, they walk up an actual stage, make their podcasts, or release their TikTok videos, captivating global audiences.

Some of the top female stand-up comedians have the background of being creative on multiple social media platforms. They don’t seem to have conquered the stage through the usual norms of being an on-stage comedian.

female stand up comedians

List of female stand up comedians

Here we have listed the top female stand up comedians, from Brittany Broski to Audrey Plaza and Ali Yong to Amy Schummer. Stay tuned to know more.

1. Nicole Byer

Known mainly from the Girl Code, Nicole Bye is one of the stand-up industry risen stars. In that MTV series, she was also seen to poke into the scripts hilarious slices of tiny pearls of wisdom.

Nowadays, she has started her podcast, the site of making fun of her romantic life. Why won’t you date me is her show through which she navigates through others’ romantic lives to unravel some missing details of her romance.

So, having trouble in ranking female stand up comedians? Add this name at the top! If you want some more fun, start watching Netflix’s Nailed it, where she is as funny a host as ever, presenting to the audience little pieces of her humor sense.

2. Aubrey Plaza

Plaza became a worldwide crush when she played the role of April Ludgate (Parks and Recs) and Riley (Happiest Season). However, the wit of this lady is hard to miss. Through that power, she can slay her co-workers without them having the slightest hint of what she is doing. This was best seen at last year’s Film Independent Spirit Awards.

3. Whitney Cummings

Whitney Cummings is running four shows on Netflix, Comedy Central, Amazon Prime, and HBO Max. Along with this, she also runs a podcast, namely Good For You. On this platform, many comics, experts, and celebrities give their interviews. When does she even sleep! Moreover, in the initial months of this year, she also released a memoir.

If you want to catch up with her, follow her on every streaming platform. Also, don’t mistake the same-looking sex robot on Netflix for her. Oops, the latest secret just got spilled. But, don’t worry, a huge lot of fun is left for you to discover.

female stand up comedians

4. Sarah Cooper

If someone nailed the celebrity cameos the best, Sarah Cooper is the lord there! She got famous when she lip-synced some of Donald Trump’s speeches with unbelievably weird words. Variety ranked her in the top 10 comics. Her latest show, Everything’s Fine, is running on Netflix. If you wait for celebrity cameos of Maya Rudolph or Megan Thee Stallion, then wait for her to appear on your screen!

5. Brittany Broski

Following her video of her first trying of Kombucha, Brittany Broski went up the path of becoming the most memorable comedic stars of TikTok. Since then, she has gathered up 6.3 million supporters and just begun presenting the Podcast For You, discussing everything TikTok stuff and interviewing its most exciting content makers.

6. Kate McKinnon

Popular opinion suggests that on Saturday night Live Kate McKinnon can be one of the funniest individuals. Fun fact: Kate is the lesbian cast member and the female cast star who has served the longest.

But let’s get to her finest piece of art: her impressions- Hilary Clinton, Jeff Sessions, Justin Bieber, Ellen, Elizabeth Warren. She has made these fantastic, funny impressions that might leave you rolling on the floor laughing.

7. Leslie Jones

Jones pulled off her time at Studio 8H hilariously. During her stay at Studio 8H, Leslie Jones was very funny. Her guest spots for the weekend update were *iconic*. Her show Leslie Jones: Time Machine, the famous Netflix special of Leslie Jones is streaming, after she parted her way from Saturday night live.

8. Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling acted in “The Office” as Kelly Kapoor, the famous drama queen. It was only the tip of her kingdom of humor. This Hollywood comedian has written Never Have I Ever and writing and acting in Late Night and The Mindy Project.

9. Heather McMahan

Heather McMahan is recognized for her hysterical grip on the annoyances of life while performing unique comics and sharing the most passable imitation of the Ina garden you’ve ever had. McMahan is on a highly respected comic tour, runs a monthly podcast of humor, and posts stories on Instagram, which will make you laugh hard. So if you want to list the famous female comedians on the internet, you must not miss her name.

10. Rebel Wilson

Well, does the name suggest something of a revolution? If yes, you guessed it right. She indeed revolutionized the comedy landscape. She acted in “Bridesmaid”; it was her turning point. After that, she wrote and featured in Cats, Isn’t it romantic, How to be single and Pitch Perfect, etc. If you have missed these, tune in to any awards show; you will see her shining brightly there.

11. Awkwafina

Awkwafina got famous awkwardly. She produced a rap video that got around 5 million views, and she found herself pushed into the limelight out of the blue. However, she didn’t have to look back after this breakthrough. She featured in movies like Ocean’s 8 and Crazy Rich Asians. The film choice will ensure you that you won’t miss the hilarious Awkwafina there.

Also, she won the Golden Globe as a lead actress in The Farewell, making her the first woman of Asian-American origin bagging that honor.

If you want to witness her performance online, switch your tv to comedy central and watch Awkwafina is Nora from Queens. Here she is playing the role of a 27-year-old struggling to be an adult.

12. Mary Beth Barone

Now, hosting “Drag his Ass,” Mary Beth Barone is that person among the female stand up comedians listening to whom you can best relate to your mid-life crisis in your 20s. Drag his ass talks about the essential thing that seemed to have ruined our early adulthood- the culture of the fuckboys. She has also performed in “Up Next.”

On Comedy Central.

13. Chelsea Paretti

Paretti is best known for her role in Brooklyn Nine-Nine as Gina; she has had a long history of being among the best female stand-up comedians. She premiered her first special on Netflix in 2014. Also, watch Paretti’s ‘makeup tutorials on Instagram. Also, did you know her brother is also the co-founder and CEO of Buzzfeed? Well, she belongs to a talented DNA!

female stand up comedians

Female stand-up comedians on Netflix

Now, we will rank female stand-up comedians on Netflix. If you read this article, you will log in to your Netflix account right after binge-watching their shows!

14. Hanna Gadsby

Screenrant has ranked Hannah Gadsby as the top 1 comedian on Netflix. Hailing from Australia, she hit the show with “Nanette,” a satire portraying her struggles in her journey of being a queer woman. Through these shows, she also vocalizes against social injustices meted out to the LGBTQ+ community.

She has also criticized misogyny through her show “Douglas.” You can watch both the shows on Netflix.

15. Sarah Silverman

All of these women comedians are activists with an explosion of humor in their words. She took a stand against racism, politics, and sexism in the comedy show. The people who believe personal is political end up being at the center of controversy. But, A speck of Dust, her latest Netflix show, has a more relaxed tone than her old shows. However, this doesn’t mean that it is devoid of politics in it.

This reveals a new side to the unique style of Silverman, which is a test of her maturity in the business.

16. Wanda Sykes

Another Wonder-woman of Netflix lot of female comedians is Wanda Sykes. She has written The Chris Rock Show. She is also a famous face on the silver screen as she recently acted in Blackish, the ABC show. Entertainment Weekly named her as the top 25 funniest American people.

17. Katherine Ryan

Making jokes about the hometown is not a new thing in the comedy business. But how Ryan pulls that off is unique. Her stand-up shows Te Glitter Room and Trouble are a big hit. You currently stream The Duchess season 1 on Netflix.

18. Tiffany Haddish

Producing hits like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, New Girl, and That’s So Raven, Tiffany Haddish has been captivating the eyes of her audiences for ages. Girls Trip and Keanu are her recent starrer films.

She hosted the Saturday Live Show episode as the first woman of color. Her specials Black Mitzvah and She Ready, are streaming on Netflix. The New York Times has included her book The Last Black Unicorn in its bestseller list.

19. Taylor Tomlinson

Christianity and its comic criticism come back times and again in Tomlinson’s comedy. She started performing in basements of the church at the early age of 16. To date, she has appeared in Comedy Central and The Tonight Show. She is a rising heartthrob on Netflix. If you want to find an outlet for your mid 20s frustrations, then hit the play button of Tomlinson’s show.

20. Jenny Slate

If Zootopia is your favorite anime movie, then you would love Jenny Slate. She has given her voice in that film. She also voice-acted in The Secret Life of Pets. The recent show is a Netflix hit titled Stage Fright.

22. Amy Schumer

The two names without which the list of female stand up comedians is incomplete are Amy Schumer and Ali Wong.

Schumer’s Growing and Leather Special is now streaming on Netflix. If you want to vent your frustrations related to your marriage, then hum your anger with Schumer in “Growing.”

23. Ali Wong

Baby Cobra and Hard Knock Wife of Ali Wong have been critically acclaimed. Also, if you loved watching American Housewives, you know Ali Wong was the main starrer there.

British female stand up comedians

The United Kingdom has also produced some of the finest female stand up comedians. Here is the list of some of the best British female stand up comedians.

24. Sarah Millican

If you want a range of topics to laugh on under one umbrella, then start watching Sarah Millican’s show. She even appeared on Have I got News for you, Mock the Week, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, etc.

25. Sadia Azmat

Want a sneak peek inside the culture of British Asians? Well, Sadia Azmat is your best choice. You can even tune in to her podcasts.

26. Shappi Khorsandi

Khorsandi will give you an excellent hilarious tour of the Iranian culture through her comedies while ranting a steady yet funny commentary on British politics. This makes her one of the finest British female stand up comedians on Netflix.

Along with them, you should not miss the shows of Jo Caulfield, Jen Brister, Lucy Porter, Jo Brand, Aisling Be, Sophie Wilan, Isy Suttie.

Final Thoughts

So, if you are tired and yet feel guilty of being tired without doing anything, tune in to these female comedians’ shows. They can provide you with an excellent mindful feed along with an additional free laugh.

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