Do Dogs Get Period Cramps, Stages, Symptoms, and Relief

If you just brought a female dog home or she is going through puberty you might find her experiencing uneasiness. Wondering do dogs get period cramps? Yes! Female dogs can feel cramps during their bleeding time. Just like women, female animals like cats and dogs experience the same during their heat cycle.

As a pet owner it is imperative for you to know how your female dog will feel during those times of the year. To help you through this, I have listed stages of dog period, symptoms, and ways of relief.

Stages of dog periods

So, do dogs get period cramps? Yes, but do they have stages as well in their periods? Well, they do.

The stage starts with Proestrus, Estrus, Diestrus, and Anestrus. Now if you think about what stage your dog gets pregnant, it is the 2nd stage, Estrus.

Did you know for dogs, puberty starts when they are just 6 months? And your dog period may last for about an entire month or so. But the period may only happen 2-3 times a year.

Now let’s understand the specialty of these stages because every stage brings peculiarity and behavioral change.


In the first stage, proestrus, your dog’s vulva starts to swell up to prepare the body for mating. During this stage, your dog starts to bleed.

The stage may go on for quite some time. Apart from the swelling, you may experience a change in appetite and behavior. Your fur baby may get grumpy, shy, and even lazy.


In the next stage, Estrus is her fertility window, wherein she may now want to start the breeding process. You may see the flirtatious behavior of your dog by wagging her tail at the male dogs. Her discharge color may also change.


Now in Diestrus, the period ends, and your dog is no longer fertile. If your dog hasn’t done mating then the period may come back in 2 months. However, if she gets pregnant, the period will only be back after 2 months of the puppies birth.


In the last stage, Anestrus, your dog is no longer interested in male dogs. She’ll be on a swing for the next 2 months until she gets her next period and reach the proestrus stage.

sad dog during periods

Do dogs get period cramps – Top 5 Symptoms

To determine whether dogs get cramps when they’re on their period or not, you can look out for symptoms. Let’s see what the symptoms are:


Is your fur baby a very playful character? However, suddenly you see she’s being very inactive; there is a high chance that she’s experiencing cramps.

During this period, do not force her into doing activities; this might irritate her. Let her rest, and make sure you are comforting her. Do not change your behavior towards her. Give her the utmost love and care.

Do Dogs Get Period Cramps

Limp walk

This one is a very sad sight to look at, where your dog starts to limp because of the cramping. The slow walk is because of the period cramps. But it is normal, and you need not worry. You can always find ways to calm your doggo or let her rest.


This symptom can be an additional symptom of a period cramp. But you cannot rely on this one completely because shaking could also be due to other health conditions, like anxiety, cold, or period cramps. If the shaking is because of period cramps, then it should only be there at the beginning of the period.

Fast breath

Panting could be a symptom of cramping. A lot of changes happen during a period. Like humans, do dogs get period cramps? Yes, but they go through the same emotion and pain as well. At times they might palpitate due to the sudden changes in hormonal activity in their body; sometimes, it may be difficult for them to understand the change.

How to help dogs when they get cramps on their period

Being a dog parent who loves the fur baby, this could be a concern. Seeing your bleeding could be sad because she cannot share her pain with you.

But do dogs get period cramps? You already know the answer, but how do you help them You can help your doggo ease her period cramps with the below points:

Heating Pads

Have you used a heating pad during your periods or helped your wife, friend, or someone who was having a period cramp? If yes, you would know how relieving it could be to period crams.

For your doggo also, you can use a heating pad. Place a heating pad or hot pack underneath your dog’s belly. The heat therapy will give instant relief to your dog’s cramping.

Uncalled Attention

Your doggo can ask for uncalled attention during her period. It may be just snuggling or cuddling, don’t shoo them away. Your fur baby needs your love at care at its peak. It needs your emotional support to deal with this massive change in your pet’s body.


You can offer to massage your fur baby. The massage will not only ease their cramps but also ensure they are being taken care of.

Your doggo may feel different emotions at this time. Because of the bleeding, they may feel dirty and ashamed and scared to come near you but ensure to comfort them.

Keeping them engaged

Try to engage them by being playful around them. Make your fur baby cheerful by using treats or their favorite meal. Give them different or chewy toys that can help distract them from the pain.


If nothing’s working out, you may give them painkillers after checking with their vet. You cannot give them over-the-counter pills.

Things to remember to help dog period cramps

When your dog is on periods, there are certain things that you must remember that can make your and your fur baby’s life easy:


Your dog may become aggressive, but you must ensure that you give them the utmost love and support.

Do not abandon

Do not make them feel unwanted or abandon them at this period. They need you the most.

Do Dogs Get Period Cramps

Deal with whining

Your dog may whine, and you must deal with it. You cannot ignore them but comfort them.

Use diapers

Try making them use a diaper for their periods. The use of diapers makes them feel confident but also saves a lot of mess. By using diapers, you are also avoiding a bloody house. Who wants bloody floors? None.

Rubber mats

Use rubber mats by laying them on their beds/cots. It will help to secure their beds from getting stained.

Make a note

Your dog gets periods only a max of 4 times a year. So be prepared accordingly. Keep a note on your calendar; this will help deal with the period.

Indoor activity

Try keeping them indoors most of the time. Not only because they feel tired but also to avoid unwanted dog attention.

During this time, your dog is very appealing to male dogs. Hence, if you don’t want unnecessary attention, keeping them indoors for a few days is better.

Loss of appetite

Your dog may not finish their meals because of the cramps.

Keep an eye

Your fur baby may become aggressive and hurt themselves. Hence always keep an eye on them during this time.


Distraction is the best way to deal with period cramps.

Home remedies for time when dogs get period cramps

Here are some things you can do to ease your dog from an unbearable pain:

Devil’s claw

Did you know one of the most useful Devil’s claw or Comfrey is an amazing natural anti-inflammatory plant?

This plant can help as a natural pain killer for period cramps. You can also use it to heal infections and wounds.


You must already know that ginger has a lot of benefits. Ginger is used to cure fever, cold, and headache, but you can also use it to reduce the period cramps of your fur baby.

It is a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory item which can ease periods. It helps in preventing the clotting of blood. You can feed them raw or mix it with their food. Anything is fine.

Hemp plant oil

It has been proved that marijuana has some medicinal benefits and is even prescribed by doctors in certain parts of the world. But did you know even the oil extracted from the plant in the form of CBD is great for your dog? However, never give your dog marijuana directly; it can have severe side effects, like a coma.

Licorice Root

This herb works wonders to reduce inflammation along with improving liver functioning. Also, if your dog suffers from asthma or allergies during her periods, try this herb, and you’ll be surprised by the results function.

Frequent potty breaks

Your dog may also go through constipation during her periods. Hence it is important you take her for frequent potty breaks.


This one has multiple benefits. Everything can be dealt with by turmeric, starting from skin, gut, wound, etc. It has anti-inflammatory component like curcuminoids which helps ease the period of pain.


This Chinese method is also an amazing way to ease period pain. However, you should take doctor’s help to do this instead of doing it yourself.

Food to offer dogs during periods

During periods your dog might become very cranky. But it is important to take care of their diet. They need food to gain energy. Hence below are a few tips for handling your dog on periods:

Good plating

Since your dog is too cranky to eat anything, what do you do? You must make the food attractive so your dog gets tempted. But how do you do it? For example, if you are feeding her meat, just make sure it looks more colorful and has tastier cuts in it.

If your dog likes certain pieces of meat, try giving them those along with some food sprinklers. Try to excite them with the food.

Healthy treats

Treats aren’t something that should be regularly given, but since it’s her period, she deserves a little bit extra.

There are many healthier options of treats available and feed her. Not only it’ll make her excited, but it will also give her some nutrition and energy.

Fiber-rich diet

If your dog likes to eat meat, try adding some leafy vegetables to it and make it nutritious for them.

Your dog would love to try something new, and moreover, you can never go wrong with meat. Instead of giving just meat, ensure you add some vegetables to their food.


If they don’t eat their meals, you can try feeding them smoothies. This one is always a hit among dogs.

You can try blueberries or strawberry and banana smoothies that are not only great in taste but also ease the cramps. However, please consult a vet to ensure such foods are okay to consume for your dog breed.

Favorite dish

You cannot give them their favorite dish every day. If nothing works out, you should give them their favorite meal. But if there’s an option to make it healthy, do give it a try.

Final Thoughts

As you come to the end of this article, I hope you know how to take care of your fur baby during the toughest times of the year. They are just like humans. The pain, emotion, and struggle are all the same for them.

Hence you got the answer to your question of whether dogs get period cramps or not. Just be there with them and comfort them; they will be fine in no time. There are also many other options available to deal with the periods and cramps, which you must check with your vet.

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