10 Most Memorable Quotes From Former President APJ Abdul Kalam


Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, the saintly scientist, epitome of simplicity has passed aimagesway, leaving his inspiring words and life forever.

27th of July, 2015 will be marked as a black Monday in the history of India. We mourn the loss of perceptive nuclear scientist, an author, motivational speaker,a professor and above all, a great human being.  He was a humanitarian to the core.  Fondly known as a Missile Man of India, Kalam has many achievements to his credit.  His friends remember him for the service and pious heart he had towards underprivileged.  He is a recipient of the highest and prestigious award – BharataRatna.

His dedication and commitment towards nation and fellow human beings undoubtedly attracted accolades.  The world salutes him not only for his achievements, but also for his great saintly qualities. As an author of “A vision for New Millennium”, he has expressed his views on India and  the transformation required to change the face of India.  Above all, he dedicated that book to a young girl, who wished to live in a developed India.

Throughout the history of India people have witnessed leaders of rare qualities.  As an 11th president of India, he is known as the People’s President, the AjataShatru (a man without any enemies) was elected without any political intervention.  This indicates his selfless gleaming character as a person. Indeed his life was an example of a well lived life.

He was an efficient leader with foresight who navigated DRDO and ISRO with his skills, expertise and experience. India mourns his death, and it will be difficult to fill the void left by him. Here are some most memorable quotes by Former President APJ Abdul Kalam.

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