How to Tell If Your Partner Is Cheating

Unfortunately, nearly 40% of people in relationships cheat on their partner or spouse, making it somewhat of an epidemic in modern society. With such worrying statistics it’s a good idea to read up on the signs to look out for if you are in or are about to enter into a relationship. For most, finding out that your partner has been unfaithful comes as a shock, making it even harder to cope with so it’s better to be realistic and prepare yourself, no matter how secure you might feel.

Are They Acting Differently Around You?

No matter how skilled your partner is at living a seamless double life, there will also be the odd moment where something slips through the net. If you notice them being more secretive than usual, for example going outside to take calls, or not talking as openly to you about their day as usual, it might be a sign that they do in fact have something to hide. They will probably have developed a constant underlying sense of paranoia that they could be found out, and they are therefore likely to behave in a defensive manner or appear stressed most of the time. They may even give you a very obvious clue such as calling you by a different name.

How to Tell If Your Partner Is Cheating

A change in their usual routine or schedule deserves further investigation, as most of the time a partner will use an excuse such as having to work longer hours or starting a new hobby to get away with spending less time with you and more time with their significant other. Their excuses are likely to become more and more far-fetched especially if they’re caught off guard.

How they behave towards you is something else that you should be aware of. Changes such as them becoming less affectionate towards you, communicating less, or even arguing less are signs that they may have mentally signed out of your relationship in favour of another.

Finally, keep a close eye on your sexual health as contracting an infection from your partner is a sure sign that they are also sleeping with someone else.

Trust Your Gut

If your partner has had a momentary lack of judgement and regrets their infidelity, you could find them suddenly being more affectionate with you out of guilt or desperation to keep you. In contrast, if their aim is to eventually leave you, they might become more critical in an attempt to break the relationship down. A sudden interest in their appearance is often a sign that they are trying to impress someone new too. If you find yourself feeling suspicious and questioning them regularly, your gut instinct is often enough of a signal.


When it comes to cheating, the guilty party often tries to hide and deny what they have done, in some cases because they would like to continue their relationship with you, but even if their plan is to leave you it is an embarrassing thing to admit to. Cheating has a big impact on someone’s conscience so they may even try to convince themselves that their actions are justified. For these reasons, it is important that if you do have a suspicion, you get to the bottom of it. Companies like this Colorado Springs process server carry out full scale investigations to produce the evidence you need to leave your unfaithful partner.

Keeping an eye out for the various signs that a partner is cheating can help to lessen the blow when you find out the truth. It is important to mention that there can easily be a simple misunderstanding with some of these signs but if there is an overwhelming number and your gut is telling you that something isn’t right, make sure you look into it further to avoid having the wool pulled over your eyes and wasting any more of your time. For advice on how to heal after an affair, visit

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