Why Would a Married Man Want an Affair?

This question is one that many wives have probably asked themselves over the years. In fact, even the men themselves may find that they question themselves about this. The fact is that every year many men who are married get involved with someone else, and in some cases, this turns into a long-term affair or even ends up breaking the marriage up.

Things to know Before Marriage

Experts believe that there are many reasons why a married man might have an affair, and this could provide the answers for those who are trying to work out why this might happen. All sorts of things can trigger the desire to have an affair in a man who is married.

Some of the Reasons this May Happen

There are various reasons why a married man may get involved in an affair. One thing to remember is that it is not always a spur of the moment decision that ‘just happens’. In some cases, men actually go out looking for someone to have a fling with – it is already pre-decided in their heads so all they are waiting on is a suitable person.

One of the reasons why married men become interested in having an affair is because they simply don’t feel satisfied in their marriage. This could be sexual satisfaction, but it could also be in connection to the closeness they feel with their partner. Once this diminishes, it can affect all other areas of the relationship, which can result in serious issues.

Some men start to feel like less of a man by their wives for one reason or another. This can immediately put them on the defensive, and for some it means proving their masculinity in some way. In some cases, men turn to other women to prove their masculinity, and they do this by having an affair. It is similar with alpha males, who may not feel emasculated by their wives but still feel they need to prove a point with other women when it comes to their masculinity.

Of course, there are some older men who reach middle-age and the traditional ‘mid-life crisis’ period on their lives. This is a time of life when some men, in a bid to recapture their youth and the sexual prowess of their younger years, turn to younger women in the hope of having an affair. Another thing to consider is that, as you get older, the spark and magic in the intimate side of the marriage starts to fade. This can then lead to the man seeking that same spark elsewhere.

As you can see, there are many reasons why a man may decide to cheat other than meeting someone and experiencing a spontaneous spark. This does not necessarily mean they no longer love their wives or want to be with them. These affairs, and even one-night stands, can occur for one of a variety of reasons. In fact, often, they will blow over as quickly as they started.

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