Mayan Culture and Modern Beach Hotels in Riviera Maya

With fabulous resorts, ancient ruins, white beaches, dynamic condos and feisty mouth-watering cuisines, Riviera, Maya Mexico is truly a tropical treasure to explore. Stretching from the south of Cancun over Playa del Carmen until Tulum, It is one of the lovable destinations that has something special for every traveller.

Something special varies from the secret island escapes, Caribbean coastline and as well as its thriving restaurants. With the mix of culture and relaxing on the beach, you will enjoy the gateway to Riviera Maya. Keep reading this article to explore some fantastic destinations you can visit in Riviera Maya.

1.Base Yourself in Playa del Carmen hotels

The first place you have to explore after your arrival in Mexico is the beautiful hotels in Playa del Carmen. You can research some excellent Riviera Maya resorts like The Five Beaches, The Fives Downtown and Residences at Fives.

You will experience blissful relaxation, spa pampering and sharing beautiful moments with your family or friends under the playful days in the sun. Hugging the Caribbean sea, the modern beach hotels in Riviera Maya offer beautiful suits with contemporary Mexican design and the vision of turquoise waters.

Moreover, they will offer you an enchanting escape for romantic getaways and family vacations on Riviera Maya.

2.Chichén Itzá to Playa del Carmen

Do not forget to visit an archaeologist site, Chichen Itza, considered one of the wonders of the world. You will get to learn about its history. One of the eye-catching views is the step Pyramid of Kukulkan.

However, you can explore many significant Mayan and Toltec buildings, sculptures, and reliefs of interest. In the Yucatan region, some of the stunning examples of the 6000 plus skin holes were sometimes used by the ancient Maya.

After visiting, enjoy the beauty of the tropical plants and trees surrounding it that is also perfect for the habitats for the birds.

3.Akumal, Mayan Coast & the Jungle

After taking a mouth-watering breakfast in one of the resorts, you will enjoy the shared tour as you pick and drive to the Rio Secreto. In this beautiful underground system in the world, you can explore the natural wonders of the world.

However, here is the history of our planet that is written on the various geological formations. You will be given a guide that will help you how this geological wonder has been formed. Until you see the daylight again at the end of the tour, you have to rappel, cycle and try the route.

4.Tulum and Mayan traditions

One of the most vital places from the Mayan culture, situated on the edge of the Caribbean sea, you will discover the archaeologist site of Tulum. It comes with two different access points and two observation towers.

5.Adventure in Bascalar

Bacalar is one of the most visited adventurous places in the Riviera Maya. You can go for a mid-day sailing tour through the most outstanding spots.

6.Xcaret Park

Whenever you visit Riviera Maya, do not forget to explore this magical place and recharge your batteries. After leaving Bascalar, you have to head towards the community of Chunhuhub.

Then, you have to arrive at the Selva Bonita run by a local family created to share with the visitors the importance of coexisting with nature through responsible tourism.

Wrapping up

After reading about these places in Riviera Maya, what do you think about visiting this beautiful place? From basing yourself in the lively Playa del Carmen, snorkelling in family-friendly water parks, to enjoying the resorts and beaches, every visitor will find something special to explore here.

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