What’s the difference between Hybrid lash extensions vs Classic?


If you are new to the world of eyelash extensions then you are at the right place to know more about it. In this article, let us look at the two different eye lash extensions types- hybrid and classic. Each technique is different from one another and today we are going to cover up the grounds of the topics. If you are not sure about the differences between each of them, don’t worry we are here to guide you through the process.

The procedure is a semi-permanent technique that is fixed using eyelash glue on the natural eyelashes. It lasts longer up to 6-10 weeks depending on how you take care. It isn’t a dangerous procedure at all if you consult the right experts for your treatment.

What are classic eyelash extensions? 

If you are wishing for natural eyelash enhancers  then the classic eyelash extension is the perfect option for you. They are attached to the eyelashes with the help of isolation tweezers in a 1:1 ratio. The method enhances the client’s eyelashes naturally. It’s a perfect choice for those clients who wish to add length to their natural eyelashes.

These eyelash extensions are in a wide range of techniques and designs. The procedure takes up to 2 to 2.5 hours and gives the best soft and natural finish.

The classic eyelash extensions are constructed to deliver a minimalistic look. They are created in a manner that strengthens your look relatively to satisfy your needs. 


The manufacturing operations and qualified specialists guarantee that they deliver the best quality of products. They provide eyelash extensions at a reasonable price. The orders you place will be delivered at the specified time without disappointing you. They also customise the eyelashes as per your needs.

What are hybrid lashes?

Hybrid lash extensions contain both the styles i.e volume and classic. If you choose hybrid lashes you’ll get the advantage of having both the lashes i.e classic and volume. To achieve this look, the experts mix and match the classic and volume lashes to give you the desired results. They provide a combination of textures and volumes. You can customise your lashes according to your preferences.

It is best suitable for clients who wish to have long and thick lashes. All the eyelashes provided are of the best standards. The high-quality eyelashes are manufactured with excellent craftsmanship and creators. They are designed to be budget-friendly. 

These cost-effective eyelashes are the best for those clients who are sticking on a budget. The hybrid lashes are the best way to enhance your natural lashes to look more beautiful and defined.

Major Differences: hybrid and classic eyelash extensions.

The classic eyelashes require less time and effort in preparation. So, they are more inexpensive if you are on a budget. The hybrid lashes require skilled specialists as they require a high level of skill and time. Any technique would be good as they both provide long-lasting results. It would depend on the client’s needs if they want to achieve a natural or voluminous look.

  • Classic lashes are a better option if you have thick eyelashes naturally

Let me tell you how classic lashes do the job so that you get a good idea about them. Think of your natural lashes as the base and classic lashes as natural enhancers. If you are wishing for a raw look then you must try this one out. To create a durable and strong finish the base met be strong. So, if you do not have good natural eyelashes, even the full coverage would hardly make a difference.

  • Hybrid lashes are more expensive compared to classic lashes

Attaching hybrid lashes to your natural eyebrows requires a lot more time and skill. For this technique, there is usually a consultation session with the experts to talk about which type and style you are looking for. Second, the expert will begin by showing you various designs and hand-making for the hybrid lashes.

This usually involves a lot of creative skills to agree on the number of lashes. Firstly, balancing the arrangement for a voluminous but natural look of the lashes and then, building a strong base to improve retention. All of these would cost you a thousand dollars. On the other hand, classic lashes take less time for preparation and are not as complicated as hybrid lashes.

  • Classic lashes require fewer infills but the durability is less

Since hybrid lashes are done using a lot of products they usually need a strong base to last longer. It lasts longer up to 6-10 weeks depending upon how you take care. It requires touch-ups frequently to last long. Classic lashes have fewer parts to maintain so there are possibilities that they can curl up or fall off.

Final Words

Having Hybrid lash extensions with a qualified specialist will not harm your natural lashes as the skilled experts have been highly equipped to put your lash health first. Taking this into consideration the size and density of your natural lashes, the professional expert will build a set of gorgeous extensions while protecting healthy natural eyelashes. 

The products are of high-quality that have been manufactured to put your lash health first. We also suggest following the expert’s aftercare instructions provided by the specialists for long-lasting and better results. 

It is all about your preference and comfort at the end of the day. Now we have explained the difference between hybrid and classic, you can now choose what you are looking for. You can book your appointments with your expert and they will supervise you through the treatment. You can fulfill the lashes of your dreams. 

Now, you can spend every day with those gorgeous and ready-to-go eyelashes.

Go ahead and book your appointments today. Get the best professional service from highly skilled professionals. Enjoy the best professional services provided by the experts.


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