What Causes a Weak Immune System? How to Prevent It?


What causes a weak immune system? Is that what you are searching for? Well, if you are then, read ahead! Here we will highlight what weakens the immune system, signs that indicate you have one, and some quick remedies to try out at home. So, hang in there if you also want to achieve the strongest immune system in the world!

How does the immune system protect you?

The cells and proteins make up a strong barrier in your body known as the immune system, which helps you safeguard yourself from several diseases. This system can also protect from the recurrence of infections.

In addition, the immune system can recognize each germ that has at any point infected your body. So, in the future, if the same germ enters your body, the immune system eradicates the microorganism rapidly and protects you.

Our immune system, which effectively fights germs and protects our body, comprises cells, unique organs, and synthetic compounds that fight off the disease. The fundamental parts of the immune system are antibodies, the lymphatic system, spleen, component system, bone marrow, white blood cells, and the thymus.

People with weak immunity fall sick often

What causes a weak immune system?

Some people have a weak immune system since the time they are born. However, another group of people gradually weaken their immune systems by adapting to unhealthy lifestyles and habits. Below is a list that will tell you what causes a weak immune system and ways you can boost it up. Check out the following:

Unhealthy eating

A healthy eating regime plays a vital part in making your immune system work better. So those who have weak immune systems ought to maintain a fulfilling and healthy diet.

Dietitians and doctors always recommend a diet full of fruits and veggies to people who have weaker immune systems. This is because, through this diet, they can quickly get all the necessary nutrients and minerals for their body’s health overall.

Anyone who is going through treatment for any chronic disease can develop a weak immune system. So this is another one that adds to the list of what causes a weak immune system!

Those suffering from any chronic disease must eat a healthy diet to boost their immunity. Moreover, they should take extra care of their meals to avoid any food-causing sickness.

People with weak immune systems must always clean their veggies and fruits before cutting and have well-cooked food that will be easier for them to digest. Additionally, they must avoid foods that are frozen and packaged as much as possible.

Insufficient rest

If you wish to know what causes a weak immune system, let us tell you that insufficient rest is a major one. Lack of sleep can affect your body’s immune system just as stress does. If you cannot get enough sleep, it hampers the white blood cell generation.

White blood cells play an essential role in maintaining the immune system. So not getting enough rest can affect your immune system massively.

It is best young kids and babies to sleep for approximately 8 – 17 hours, contingent upon their age. For an adult, it is best to have a sleep of at least seven hours.

Nutritional deficiencies

Vitamin and mineral deficiency can cause a weak immune system. Just as they improve the immune system, lack of some minerals and vitamins can also lead to weakening it. Nutrients like vitamin A, C, iron, vitamin D, folic acid, vitamin E, and zinc influence our immune system.

Ideally, you can consume foods rich in these vitamins and minerals to provide yourself with them naturally. But sometimes, you don’t get sufficient nutrients from food to enhance your resistance power. In that case, it is recommended to consult a doctor and have the supplements that provide you the vitamins and minerals you lack.

Overpressure or stress

Since you wish to know what causes a weak immune system, it is crucial to note that stress is also a vital one among them. Overpressure can make your immune system weak, which can make you more prone to diseases.

Similarly, when you have a weak immune system, overpressure can make you fall ill easily. So often, people with vulnerable immune systems under extreme pressure are bound to fall sick.

A person who has a weak immune system can practice meditation, yoga or can take a good massage session to reduce pressure or stress.

Making some time to spend with family and friends can also give you pleasure which can be helpful for your immune system. If you can manage some time to try out your hobbies, you can also release your stress in that way.

Boost immunity to protect yourself from COVID

Signs of a strong immune system

You now know what causes a weak immune system and the necessary things to boost it up. So, before we give some quick tips to keep away illnesses, let us check out ways that tell you, you have a strong immune system:

You have bowel movements every day

If you have a clear bowel movement every day, then it is a sign that you have an excellent immune system. Having at least one bowel movement every day effortlessly without taking any medicines is considered to be healthy.

Ideally, when your stomach gets clear right after you wake up, it means that the waste that was meant to leave your body is going correctly. It is not piled up or building inside your stomach.

You have healthy skin

Our skin directly reflects what is happening inside our bodies. When our immune system is working right and not compromising, we generally don’t get any acne or rashes.

It is because you don’t get frequent breakouts when there is no waste stuck inside and your blood is clean.

You get sound sleep

A sound sleep is when you are sleeping without any disturbance. A good night’s sleep helps us strengthen our cells, whose work is to destroy the germs of all infected cells in our body.

People who get enough sleep have a sound immune system, and they don’t fall sick quickly. Even if they fall ill, the span of their recovery is very fast.

Wounds heal fast

If you have a healthy immune system, your wounds heal on time. When we get hurt or have a cut or burn, our skin goes into damage control mode.

Our body sends blood which carries nutrients to the affected place and regenerates new skin. This healing procedure depends on healthy cells. When you have an active immunity system, the skin regenerates faster, and within a short time, your wounds heal.

You will feel energetic

After having a busy day with a full workload, typically, we feel tired and inactive. But after even getting enough sleep, if you suffer from exhaustion, it’s worth considering that your immune system is not working correctly.

When your immune system struggles, your energy goes down because the body is fighting to gather energy to fuel the immune system so it can fight germs. When you are energetic throughout the day, then you definitely have an excellent immune system.

You have a good appetite

People who have an excellent immune system are more likely to feel a strong sense of hunger one or two times a day. Those who have weak immune systems don’t ever experience intense hunger because their stomach always feels full.

When you have a robust immune system, your digestive organs work well. So, you won’t feel full because you will digest your last meal properly.

You have a light mind

A stress-free person with a positive mindset is always considered to be healthy. According to a report, long-term stress weakens the immune system’s response because the stress decreases the body’s main immune cells, also known as lymphocytes.

And these white blood cells in your body help you to fight off infections. So, when you don’t get affected frequently by viruses or bacteria, you have a healthy immune system.

Quick tips to keep away from diseases

People born with weak immune systems or developed a weak immune system need to eat healthy and fulfilling meals, take proper rest and reduce pressure to stay safe. Apart from that, here are some basic ways to stay safe and reduce the risk of falling ill:

Maintain hygiene

Maintaining good hygiene is probably the most straightforward process to keep away illnesses. When we say maintaining hygiene, we mean incorporating washing hands every now and then.

For example, it is best to wash hands before you eat, after you eat, before and after cooking. In addition, it would be best to wash your hands thoroughly when you touch your nose, sniff, or cough.

Apart from this, wash your hands when you treat any wound or cut, when you come in contact with any unwell person, before and after you use the washroom. Don’t forget to wash your hands if you touch any animal or garbage.

Appropriate hand washing can diminish the probabilities of sicknesses. By washing your hands well with soap and water, you reduce the chances of spreading diseases as well.

So, always wash your hands, have a bath regularly, wear clean clothes and use washed utensils. Also, it is best you wash your bedsheets and pillow covers to avoid the transmission of germs.

Keep away from sick people

Those who have weak immune systems should try not to be excessively close to anyone with cold or another infectious disease. Infections caused by viruses and many other conditions can spread very quickly.

It is particularly true for people with weak immune systems. So try to stay as far as possible from people who are not well. When we stay away from sick people, we do not mean to leave them alone or not attend to them, but all we imply is not to go too close to them.

What you can do is refrain from touching or hugging them. Also, it would be best if you didn’t share the same glass, plates, towel, washroom, bedroom, and water bottle when someone is ill.

Exercise routinely

Routine exercise can increase the discharge of the endorphin hormone, which decreases the feeling of anxiety. People with weak immune systems should practice low-intensity exercise daily. It will give a boost to their immune system.

But keep in mind that you should not force yourself to do any high-intensity activity because that can be harmful when you are weak. However, if you are fit, you can always try out intense workouts. It helps you boost your immune system and also keeps you fit and fine.

How to keep safe during the COVID-19 pandemic?

If you want to keep yourself away from being infected, you need to maintain specific protocols:

  1. It is essential not to go out until its extremely necessary. Also, washing hands and distancing yourself from others is the only way out.
  2. You must strictly sanitize surfaces, wear masks, and immediately look for clinical assistance if you feel unwell.
  3. Germs live on surfaces and things in the house, so sanitizing them consistently is essential.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what causes a weak immune system, it should not be difficult for you to address the bad habits. You can make some lifestyle changes and easily keep yourself fit.

If you have a strong immune system, you will not only fight off COVID but will also keep away from many more illnesses. Maintaining a good and nutritious diet along with exercise can eradicate the chances of chronic illnesses like diabetes, hypertension, heart and kidney-related problems.

So, consult a doctor and get yourself a proper diet chart, and don’t forget to include some exercise into your daily routine too.


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