5 Tips for Wedding Photos That Will Make Your Day Unforgettable

Many grooms are skeptical about the fact that they have to spend about three hours for a photo shoot and “posing” on the wedding day. It seems to them that nothing can make this process cheerful and bring positive emotions. However, there are 5 wedding photo tips from vavabrides.com for making the photography process fun and enjoyable and your photos really amazing.

  1. Do not forget about friends.

People used to the fact that only a husband and a wife should participate in the first photo shoot. However, who has established these rules? If you make a couple of photos with your friends, your photos will be surely brighter and more spectacular. It’s unlikely that your woman will be able to take you in her arms if she isn’t Ronda Rousey, but your best friends can quite cope with this task. Besides, it will be much more fun. However, what to do with the objections of your almost wedded wife, like, “Why have you invited your friends here again?” or “Will we take them to bed on the wedding night?” Just offer her to invite her women friends. Lovely women’s photos, filled with vibes of friendship and happiness, will instantly tip the scales in your favor.

  1. Find interesting places and lofts.

Whatever you are photogenic, do not forget about the surrounding background if you do not want to get wedding photos against holidaymakers. Talking about pre-wedding photo tips, make sure that there will be no public holidays such as City Day on the day of your wedding if you are going to be photographed in a city park. Otherwise, there will be too many people there.

Another important moment is the weather on the day of shooting. If you have been planning a photo shoot in the rain, then you are one of a million who will like it. In other cases, the rain on the day of the wedding is equal to a Flood for many newlyweds. A loft can serve you as back-up. It is a decorated, stylized space that will solve your problems with an appropriate background for photos, and it will protect from bad weather.

  1. Choose a professional photographer.

You can choose the perfect day with sunny weather, find a perfect scenery that the inhabitants of the Shire from the Lord of the Rings would envy, and search for wedding photo editing tips on the Internet. However, all your photos can still turn out to be just awful if you have chosen a cack-handed photographer. In addition, your wife will grieve on every anniversary of the wedding that beagle in the background looks much prettier than her. A professional photographer who is good at their job is the most important component of a successful photo shoot.

  1. Choose different images.

You can be dressed in classic wedding clothes throughout the photo session, and it will look cool. However, there’s always room for improvement. Have you heard that you can rent themed costumes from movies, comics, eras? Your photos will be much brighter and more interesting if you are a godly husband and wife in one photo, and Cinderella and Prince Charming in the other one; most importantly, do not overdo it and follow most common wedding photo posing tips.

  1. Make selfie and create a hashtag.

The selfie has become an integral part of modern society. Some people have made this even a way of earning and the kind of art. However, the truth of the matter is that it is necessary to be born with a beautiful face. Therefore, do not ignore the opportunity to take advantage of this trend: make a large selfie with all the friends, having been invited to the wedding. This photo captures those emotions that you are experiencing on this day. Be sure to create an original hashtag for your event, this will help find all the photos in social networks after the wedding.

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