Questions to Help Select A Wedding Caterer in Bangalore

The essential part of a wedding is caterer in Bangalore. Feeding with the right food and quality taste always takes a toll on the ones overseeing the event. 

Caterers with a wealth of experience will instil confidence in your mind about the management of food and everything related to this aspect of an event. 

Pulling off a lavish or even the plainest wedding requires great support from the caterers. That being said, selecting a reliable wedding caterer in Bangalore for the most special day of your life requires attention to every detail. 

The planning and selection might get a bit too overwhelming. This article will be your manual to help you ask the right set of questions to yourself (for both wedding planner and couples). Followed by a few questions you need to ask the professional wedding caterers in Bangalore.

Questions You Need To Ask Yourself

Catering is laden with styles that evolve with time that are followed almost anywhere. Couples or the someone supervising the event has plenty of options at their disposal. If your question is What kind of catering should I get? Following are a few points to consider:

  • Buffet style: This casual style of catering allows guests to fill their own platter — also is couples favourite choice of style. With the advent of food trucks and interactive food stalls, popularity has dropped significantly.
  • Sit down style: Couples are in favour of this style, and since a few years this is the most preferred choice. The choice might be limited here, but the guests have presented food on the plate.
  • Interactive stalls: Food trucks, grazing platters, and a few more like these are some of the options couples opt for their weddings. Interactive food stations have become a norm now with much fancying creativity over the taste.

Picking any style from the above is challenging to a couple. Nevertheless, taste and keeping the guests well-fed must not be compromised. 

How can I save money on catering?

This is a concern to many trying to cut down on cost and yet feed their guests with sumptuous meals. Here are a few points to save some money when catering:

  • Have the count on the number of guests: By having a rough figure on the guests arriving, you will reduce expenses and food waste. Please make sure you confirm with your guests well before the wedding not to regret it later.
  • Minimize the fanciness: The first rule of saving expenses is not to try something over the top with unnecessary food items. Stick to the menu that fits well within your budget and wedding style.
  • Seasonal local ingredients: Approach the caterer with the idea of preparing food with in-season local ingredients. Off-season ingredients may affect the bill, so going local will help save more money.

To sum up the aforementioned points, you must plan well in advance. Get the guest count right, pick a caterer that will help you in saving some money.

Is food business license and insurance important for wedding caterers in Bangalore?

The most pivotal question and a matter of utmost concern is — whether or not the local council has approved the catering service for food preparation or service. The license entails that the catering service has all their equipment approved by the health inspectors.

While insurance covers third-party damage or any injury. In case of an emergency such as fire, caterers are more likely to cover for your wedding. 

Questions to Ask the Wedding Caterer

It is always imperative to carry a load of questions — be it asking a few to the florist or the wedding caterer. Catering requires time and high price to get everything right on the most auspicious day of your life. If you are done asking questions to yourself, here are few to ask Wedding Caterer in Bangalore:

  • Do you allow customizing of menus?
  • Will you be able to cater to special dietary requirements?
  • Do you offer tastings?
  • How much support will we have on the wedding day?
  • Do you need a helping hand in setting up the tables?
  • Can you bring along any interactive food stations?
  • How well in advance do we have to confirm numbers and dietary requirements
The Bottom Line 

Deciding to hire a catering service is a big step. It involves hours of research and a huge sum of money. Giving the responsibility to a wedding caterer will bring you peace and much-needed time to spend with the guests and loved ones.

The reasons to go with a professional wedding catering service are bountiful and the outcomes even more fulfilling. Selecting a partner in delivering quality and mouth-watering on the special day is the best option to go forward for any event. The questions shared are a few but the most important ones.

For a memorable experience, research and book the best one available as per your need.

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