Top 10 reasons to choose European organic baby formula

With so much information at our fingertips, it is hard to imagine (or remember) a world where information was not so easily accessible to us. Just think about it: to find a single piece of information we can now get within seconds, it could take minutes, even hours to get just 30 years ago. How did people go about their days? How did they know what to feed their baby? We are no longer limited to the popular brands we see most on T.V, nor are we limited to the brands we have in our grocery stores. We now have the highest quality baby formulas available, European formula, at our fingertips.

Here are the top 10 reasons to use European organic baby formula:

  • EU has high standards for baby products

The basic standard for all formulas are near perfect and sterile circumstances

The EU requires that infant formula and follow-on formula contain no detectable levels of pesticide residues, meaning not more than 0.01 milligrams of pesticide residues per kilogram. The Directive also prohibits the use of certain very toxic pesticides in the production of infant and follow-on formulae and establishes levels lower than the general maximum level of 0.01 milligrams per kilogram for a few other very toxic pesticides.

In addition to the requirements in Directive 2006/141/EC, infant formulae and follow-on formulae must also comply with other specific provisions laid down in the relevant measures of EU law on hygiene, on the use of food additives, on the presence of contaminants and on the use of materials intended to come into contact with the products. -European Union Food for Young Infants and Children

  • Organic

Most European formula marketed in the U.S is organic formula, meaning no pesticides or unnecessary chemicals. Altogether a heartier and cleaner option.

  • Stages

Unlike American formulas that are labeled from birth to 12 months, European formulas are broken down into 3 common stages. Stage 1 is for babies 0-6 months, Stage 2 is for 6-12 months, and Stage 3 is considered a toddler formula for 10/12+ months. Each stage is regulated to meet the developmental demands of an infant in each stage.

  • EU Organic > American Organic

As the demand grows and American brands have started to develop organic formulas, the standard of European formulas is still much higher, as they refrain from adding many nasty, filler ingredients in their organic formulas. In the EU food and products are certified at 95% organic, and the regulations behind baby food products are highly expansive.

  • No Corn syrup

No added sugars. European formulas keep it simple: lactose. Corn syrup is infamous in playing a heavy role in body inflammation, leading to inflammatory diseases such as: allergies, eczema, lupus, and some psychological imbalances such as anxiety and depressive disorders.

  • Goat milk for all stages

If your baby has a cow milk intolerance, or you want to give your baby milk that most closely resembles mother’s milk, goat milk is an excellent alternative to cow based milks. Goat’s milk formulas in the EU are available from birth to toddler years: all 3 stages. In the USA, the goat milk formula options found at the grocery store are limited to toddler formulas.

  • Whole milk option

There are specific brands that will carry whole milk options. Most cow’s milk formulas are made with skimmed milk. Skimmed milk is milk that has had much of its natural fatty contents removed. Whole milk contains all the natural fats. Fat is a necessary nutritional component and prominent in mother’s milk. Fat helps babies establish their cognitive and immune system health.  Whole milk formula gives parents the option if they are looking for a fattier nutrition base for their little one.

  • Cleaner Sensitive Formulas

If your baby needs a sensitive formula for milk protein allergies or acid reflux, European formulas offer these specialized alternatives in the cleanest, most gentle formulas. With as little additives as possible to support healthy growth in a sensitive belly, most parents say the taste and smell is by far better than the American sensitive formulas.

  • Prebiotics/probiotics

Many of the European organic baby formula comes with prebiotic and probiotic formula options already included. These ingredients allow for a healthier experience with baby formula, allowing to maintain your baby’s natural biom without having to supplement on the side.

  • Happy Cows and Happy Goats

With the higher standards for food and products, you know you are getting your baby’s food from sustainable, humane, and ethically treated animals. Many of the European organic baby formula brands pride themselves on using local farmers that treat their animals with care and love, unlike many of the big farm operations.


These 10 reasons are simply to help begin your questioning journey on how to best feed our babies. With the luxury of information and access, it is our responsibility to provide our children’s generation with the empowerment of utilizing our knowledge and resources. For the new boom in babies we will see this year, we must raise the bar.

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