What Does Cranberry Juice Help With for Health and Wellness

The pretty, little red berry, referred to as cranberries, contains a lot of health benefits. Belonging to the berry tribe, these berries grow in damp soil, low-lying creeping vines. Needless to mention, cranberry juice is one of the most underrated among all juices. This could be mainly because most of us are not aware of what does cranberry juice help with.

The tasty bright red juice contains truckloads of health benefits. Just by including this wonder juice in the everyday diet, you can get rid of several health ailments.

Many pieces of research suggest that drinking cranberry juice has several benefits. These include delaying some chronic and fatal diseases, age-related problems, and various others.

Read on to know some of the most important aspects of the several benefits of cranberry juice.

What is cranberry juice?

Cranberry juice is the liquid extracted from cranberries. The scientific terms to refer to this fruit are Vaccinium Macrocarpon and Vaccinium Oxycoccos. These fruits belong to the berry family, along with huckleberries, blueberries, and more.

Cranberry is a miracle fruit, and you can include it in your daily diet. The juice gives a huge number of benefits to the human body. It works wonders in keeping up the overall fitness level of a person.

Cranberries have a lot of nutritional benefits. However, to know what does cranberry juice help with, we must first be aware of all the nutritional benefits that cranberries possess.

Cranberry Nutrition

Pantothenic acid
Vitamin C
Vitamin K
Vitamin E
Vitamin B1
Vitamin B2
Vitamin B3
Vitamin B6
Amino Acid
Dietary Fiber

What does Cranberry Juice help with?

After looking at the nutrition chart, you are definitely aware of the goodness of cranberries. Needless to mention, these berries are straight from heaven (we can say that because of the immense health benefits, can’t we?) and are must-haves in most households.

Let us not waste any more time and dig deep into the detailed benefits of what does cranberry juice help with.

Cranberry harvest

It helps to control UTI- Urinary Tract Infection

The antibacterial properties of cranberry juice have shown positive results in treating and curing many people’s urinary tract infections (UTI).

Various studies suggest that including two glasses of cranberry juice in the diet has prevented UTI from reoccurring. This works because cranberries contain numerous good acids.

These acids are anthocyanins, flavonoids, catechin, terpenoids. In addition, it contains some organic acids such as glucuronic, benzoic, citric, malic, and quinic acid. These acids together help to prevent bacterial growth by maintaining the pH of the urine.

It helps to prevent kidney infection and calcification

Various studies have shown that having cranberry juice regularly has proven to heal and cure kidney infections of various patients. This juice has been used for decades and is considered a traditional remedy for kidney infections and problems.

Along with preventing kidney infections, having cranberry juice regularly also helps to prevent kidney calcification. This is because it contains citrate, oxalate, and phosphate.

Hence, if you are looking out for ways to keep your kidney healthy and out of trouble, consider adding cranberry juice to your everyday diet.

Cranberry juice helps in maintaining vaginal health

Vaginal health is an extremely important as well less talked about topic. Women are more prone to having vaginal infections and other problems at some point in their life. Let us understand why.

Much of this condition relates to their urethra being close to the anus and vagina. The bacteria called Escherichia coli is the root cause of urinary tract infections (UTIs).

In women, these bacteria can easily reach the vagina, especially during sexual intercourse and while urinating.

One of the best ways to prevent these bacteria from happening is to eat good food to curb this problem. One of those good foods that help to curb the bacteria is a glass of fresh cranberry juice.

Having a glass of cranberry juice helps keep the kidneys healthy and free of infection. Indirectly and directly, it also makes the vagina healthy.

Cranberry juice helps to maintain healthy skin

Cranberry juice works wonders when it comes to making the skin look healthy. Also, it helps to reduce the signs of aging amongst people.

However, this might not surprise us nutritional content reflects its goodness. Some of them are types of vitamins, phosphorous, magnesium, potassium, copper, and more.

It also contains various antioxidants like Proanthocyanidins, Peonidin, Myricetin, Anthocyanins, and Quercetin. These work as flavonoids and phenolic acid to reduce the oxidative stress of a person. Hence, cranberry juice is one of the best detox drinks to trust.

If you are one of those who suffer from acne and other skin-related problems, you might want to include a glass of fresh cranberry juice in the diet.

Along with that, the various nutrients together that cranberries contain help to keep the skin healthy, fresh, and hydrated.

Benefits of cranberry

It helps in aiding weight loss

Along with having truckloads of nutrients, cranberries have protective compounds called polyphenols. These help to support the body naturally and helps to aid in weight loss.

Drinking a glass full of cranberry juice can help a person feel full. This, in turn, helps them stay fuller for a longer time and curb hunger as well.

To add to this, this bright red juice doesn’t just look good but tastes superbly amazing. Hence, if you usually cannot do without sodas can use this juice as a replacement. In addition, this is tasty and sugar-free, unlike packed sodas that come on the market.

All you need to do for aiding weight loss is have a glass of cranberry juice in the morning. Cranberry juice is also an amazing detox drink; hence that would be a great start to the morning. Remember not to add sugar, though

It helps in improving gut health and metabolism

Drinking a glass of this juice every day can really help exhibit the digestive health and metabolism rate of a person.

One of the properties of cranberries is that it blocks the harmful pathogen infections that happen in the gut. Alternatively, this berry helps in promoting good bacteria in the gut.

The antioxidants that cranberries carry along with them help prevent the gut from having cancer. Along with this, cranberries contain a good number of phytochemicals.

This helps in promoting the digestive health of an individual. Hence, if you are one of those who suffer from stomach ailments quite often, you know which juice to add to your diet.

Aids heart health

Cranberry juice really works well in preventing several heart ailments and diseases from happening, as studies suggest. This is mainly because cranberry contains various powerful nutrients.

Most important of all, this juice contains ‘Vaso relaxing properties.’ This means that having a glass of cranberry juice every day can help release the tension between the stiff blood vessels in a person’s body. This, in turn, helps to release hypertension in a person and keeps BP in check.

Along with this, cranberries also help to increase the good cholesterol in the body. Moreover, this juice can help prevent a person from strokes other heart-related diseases.

Cranberry juice helps in preventing various infections

Various studies suggest that cranberry juice can help to prevent a person from various infections.

It is seen that cranberry juice does an amazing job when it comes to preventing kidney infections. This, in turn, also helps to prevent various vaginal infections in women. Hereby helping in maintaining vaginal health.

Along with this, this miracle juice has also shown good results to prevent influenza and other flu.

Furthermore, various studies suggest that this berry can help in protecting a person from various bacteria and viruses. To add to this, it also protects a person from various foodborne diseases.

It helps in keeping many age-related diseases at bay

The powerful nutrients that cranberries contain give them the potency to prevent many long-terms and age-related ailments. Some of these serious diseases are cancer, urinary tract diseases, heart diseases, digestive health problems, and diabetes.

We all, by now, are aware that cranberries are extremely rich in some antioxidants. These are ursolic acid, quercetin and myricetin. These are known to protect a person from having these serious long-term diseases.

People suffer from diseases as they age. With age, free radicals start accumulating in various parts of the body. This, in turn, results in oxidative damage and various health issues. The antioxidants that the cranberries carry help these free radicals from forming.

Therefore, it is wise to include a good portion of cranberry juice to fight free radicals and protect the body from various illnesses.

Cranbbery juice

Cranberry juice helps in giving post-menopausal health to women

Various diseases start to bother women when they hit menopause. Menopause is when the menstruation of a woman stops. This generally occurs in women over 50 years of age.

Unlike other men of the same age group, women who hit menopause are more likely to be exposed to various diseases. These are health problems, diabetes, and cancer, amongst many others.

Various research has shown that having cranberries and cranberry juice has helped keep a woman’s post-menopausal health in check. The cholesterol is controlled and has even reduced in some. Therefore, cranberry juice can act as a good dietary supplement that can be consumed after menopause.

Final thoughts

Very few people are aware of all the answers to what does cranberry juice help with. Needless to mention, cranberries are one of the most underrated fruits and berries. However, people who are aware of this magical fruit have ensured to have a bunch of it every day.

Unlike many other healthy fruits and veggies, cranberries are extremely beautiful, eye-catching, and tasty. Hence, you are sure not to get bored with it or not like the taste of it.

However, even with all its benefits, it is always a good thought to consult a good doctor before having cranberry juice as a medication for any disease. It is also advisable to monitor oneself well to notice any side effects that might happen because of having cranberry juice.

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