Signs A Guy Likes You: Find Your Soulmate


Everybody desires for a soulmate who would love them unconditionally. However, in this huge unpredictable world, it becomes very difficult to reach to the right person. Not everybody has the patience to wait until their families search for someone compatible, therefore they start searching themselves for their better halves.

Here Are Few Signs That’ll Help You Find Your Soulmate:

Signs A Guy Likes You

Signs A Guy Likes You Secretly:

Signs A Guy Likes You Secretly

1. He tries ignoring you:

Being totally confused about how to make the big step, he acts as if he is least interested in you, but wait! It is one of his moves to bring to your notice that you need to give him a positive sign, so that his chances of losing you doesn’t increases.

Ignoring doesn’t means that he isn’t interested in you at all, there are probabilities of him searching the right time to speak his heart out.

Girls whenever you are the center of attraction of an occasion, and everybody wanders around you, however if you find someone ignoring you completely, then it is a clear yet a confused signs of mixed emotions. That guy probably likes you and is trying his best to get your attention by not acting as another chimp around you.

2. He constantly tries to tease you:

Guys no matter how much they grow up, they always use those age old methods to bring themselves to your attention. They never approach a random girl and tease them, only if they know you and like you they will definitely tease you in case they want to make you laugh or simply to gather your attention. SO girls next time when a guy teases you, you better not get irritated by his silly gestures.

Signs A Guy Likes You Through Messages Or Texting:

Signs A Guy Likes You Through Messages Or Texting

Texting has become an integral medium of communication these days, therefore guys usually make it bug through texting!

Usually when a guy texts you, there’s a probability that he may message you again, only if he likes you. In case if he texts you again, make it a point girls that you give him some comfortable space by sometimes texting first from your side, else he would keep all his efforts at bay assuming that his messages disturbed you as you were least interested in interacting with him.

In case he messages you, then you can count on the signs he sends you to make sure that he likes you, like the kind of emoticons he uses, most probably guys avoids using emoticons, however if he uses emoticons, it can probably be a sign of his affection towards you.

Signs A Guy Likes You And Hides From You:

Signs A shy Guy Likes You And Hides From You

His body language can help you sort out this situation. In case if a guy has started liking you, although he might not come up directly to you to express his feelings but he can definitely give you some indirect signals about his emotional state.

A guy will turn towards you, no matter he is sitting or standing or doing any other work, whatever the situation is he will make sure that he faces you to have a complete view of yours.

Also a guy would turn towards you to analyze your attitude, so as to create the right moment to approach you without creating an unwanted and awkward situation.

He’s staying away that doesn’t means he isn’t noticing you, if he is really interested in you, you can catch his staring at you many times, which is a clear sign that he is damn interested in you.

Signs A Guy Likes You By His Language:

Signs A Guy Likes You By His Language

He questions you a lot:

By questioning we don’t mean to question your lifestyle in a negative manner, and imposing his beliefs on you. He just want to initiate a conversation between both of you, and can ask you random questions which can sometimes prove to be really silly ones.

Remember, just a small conversation isn’t enough. Okay, he took the first move by talking to you, that doesn’t means he is interested in you. Those small conversations can be undertaken to fulfil a particular task or something, however if he has made the move, you should definitely make him go easy with his efforts, by not making him a burden on you.

He expresses himself:

Signs A Guy Likes You ny expresses himself

To express himself he directly tell you about his emotions, by saying he likes you, but that does not means that he wants to be with you the way you are imagining, he can either approach you for a one night stand, or he approached by just being respectful of your mourning for recent loss, or can even be casual. You just have to focus on the way he expresses himself. The deepness of his tone can easily make you aware of his emotions for you.

Every guy has a different attitude, it isn’t necessary for every boy to act the same way or possess all the above qualities. Guys can be random and can equally be interesting to explore. So we hope that now you’ve got a good idea of Signs a guy likes you.


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