Shoes: The Right Pair Does it All

Imagine owning a car with a set of worn-out tires- not only is it a safety risk but you won’t enjoy using the car because, at any point, it can disappoint you. The same applies to shoes. 

Shoes are an important part of our daily lives and we simply cannot function without them. Even if you decide to ditch the shoes and walk barefoot, you are opening yourself to more problems than you could imagine. Shoes protect your feet from the dangerous objects lying around and provide you with the comfort needed to go about your day. Where you under or overpronate, shoes can help give you stability and provide the support required. 

However, the same way a car needs a good set of tires to work, we need good, high-quality shoes as well if we are to function. When it comes to good shoes, price doesn’t matter as a good pair of shoes, is a combination of different factors. 

The Fit

The shoes have to fit- this seems like the most obvious thing to know but you would be surprised at the number of people that leave AU Nike stores with ill-fitting shoes. If you aren’t sure of your foot size, you can get it measured at the store with the help of a consultant.

Once you get the shoes, don’t buy them straight away without trying them on first; there might be some hidden issues that would only surface when you give the shoes a test run. If you are getting a pair of running shoes, try it on a treadmill available in the store or walk around with it for a while. Make sure that it fits a level you are comfortable with and has enough room for your toes to move about.

You can ask for a wider size where the ball of your foot feels a bit compressed; asking for a bigger size, won’t solve the problem. 

Check the Quality

You don’t need to spend a boatload of money on shoes before you can be assured of quality. With the number of shoe brands in the market, you can always find good shoes no matter what your budget is. 

The first thing to do is to shop from a footwear brand that is known for producing quality shoes and has them available for a range of prices. Buying shoes from brands like this comes with the assurance that you are getting your money’s worth since they have built a reputation for themselves. Shoes from the Australian Nike stores are covered by a warranty and you can return the shoes when you aren’t satisfied with them.

Another way to check the quality of shoes is to check the soles. They should be solid enough to protect against dangerous objects, provide a good amount of cushioning and support your feet.

Make a mental note to check the craftsmanship of the shoes. Shoes that have the upper layers and sole stitched together with a thread are high-quality shoes and are slightly easy to repair while those with glue tend to quickly fall apart and cannot be repaired easily. 

Know the Difference between the Shoes

This applies when buying athletic shoes like running and walking shoes. It may seem like you can use the same type of shoes to perform these activities but you shouldn’t do that.

Walking is a normal movement that doesn’t exert a lot of pressure on the feet even when a person is walking long distances. That’s why walking shoes are designed for comfort rather than performance enhancement. They have a lot of cushioning to support the feet which can make them a bit heavy and stiff. 

Running shoes, on the other hand, are focused on improving performance. They are light, allow for more flexibility in movement, possess just the right amount of cushioning to absorb the shock from running, and provide support to the feet to reduce the pressure placed on them. Most running shoes contain features that help with under or overpronation and have a bit more structure than walking shoes. 

Seek advice

Get a little help while shopping. You may have done your research, and have a good idea of what you are looking for but it won’t hurt to have a shoe consultant help you through the process.

These individuals are trained to a level where they can answer your pressing questions and give you solid advice on what they have in store that could be better for you. 

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