How to Clean White Shoes: 10 Simple And Easy Ways

They say, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world”. In short, your shoes are the key to prove what you are. If you are walking in torn shoes, believe it, no one is going to turn on to you just because of them. Whatever your wear may be, your shoes should be perfect.

But, what if they are white? Men commonly use white, black and red shoes. They do not only match with their formal attires but with informal ones as well. However, you cannot judge a girl so easily or make her smile with any pair of shoes. Shoes and attires are important for girls. More surprisingly, they love them to be white in color.

How to clean white shoes: Top 10 Ways to Make it all New

When you are using white shoes, it is obvious that they would lose their shine by the time you ring the bell at your home. So, what would you do with those white shoes? Here are some hacks to clean white shoes faster.

1. Try toothpaste

This is surprising but no difficult when you try. If you do not use gel-toothpastes, you can apply them on your shoes to clean which shoes. In fact, if the shoes are made of cotton, the toothpastes can be the best hack before you wash off the dirt from the shoes.

2. Apply water

It does not mean that you have to submerge your shoes inside the water. Never do it. You can use sponge or cotton balls to apply water on your shoes. Let the cotton ball or sponge ball soak some water and then rub the ball gently on your shoes. It would be wise if you brush off the dirt prior to apply water gently to clean your shoes.

3. Use cream

Just like the toothpastes, creams, especially white creams can work best to clean your shoes. However, prior to apply the creams ensure that your shoes are free of any “sticky” dirt.

4. Wash your shoes

As mentioned before, you can wash your shoes with the sponge or cotton balls. If your show has a soft sponge pad inside to comfort your foot, make sure that the part does not get wet. However, if it gets wet by any chance, make it dry as soon as possible.

5. Use soap

When you are using soap to clean your shoes, ensure that the shoe is properly washed. The mesh-shoes do not get cleaned properly unless the soap is completely washed out. This may be a little difficult but if you submerge the frontal part or the mesh-covered part in the water and keep the shoes in that way, your white mesh-shoes can easily get cleared.

6. Rub with detergents

By any chance, if you are wearing high heels and that is white as well, you can use a brush and detergent or toothpaste to clean the heels. The easiest hack for cleaning such shoes is using the banana skin. You only need to rub the banana skin (the fruit should be peeled out) on that area to clean the dirty part. It is a 15-minutes job and afterwards, your shoes will shine like a new pair.

7. Use baking soda and hydrogen peroxide

If you have a pair of cotton shoes, you need the half-tablespoon of baking soda with the same amount of hydrogen peroxide and water. You can mix hydrogen peroxide and baking soda in the water and thereafter, washing (using an old but clean toothbrush to apply the mix on the dirty parts) the shoes and leaving them dry under the sun would be perfect to clean up the shoes. The pair may take a day to dry up before you reuse them.

8. Use vinegar

Just the way you have been instructed to use hydrogen peroxide, you can use vinegar in the same way to clean your white shoes. However, it is important to ensure that you have cleaned all the dirty spots with water. It will make your task easier. This trick works perfectly for the canvas shoes.

9. Use bleach for sneakers

If you have a pair of dirty sneakers, you can use bleach, because these comparatively heavy shoes are not easy to clean easily with baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and vinegar. Take of the knits or the laces and mix bleach with water (1/4th of bleach in a cup) to clean your shoes. It would be better if you can apply some warm water. Once you clean up your sneakers, air dry them rather than leaving them under the sun.

10. Use anti-bacterial soap

This is important because unless your shoes are completely dry and you start wearing them, they tend to become smelly. You cannot prevent that outcome. Therefore, you should use anti-bacterial soaps to clean the inner-section of your shoes alongside using tooth-paste and other cleaning items on the outer part. After cleaning it properly, you should better dry the shoes with air-dryers. You may leave them under the sun as well, but you should ensure that they do not get an overexposure under the sun. That may dry the soft sponge inside that comforts your foot. However, using anti-bacterial soap will not let the shoes become smelly.

So, these are 10 different ways to clean white shoes. Now, it is your choice and availability of the items based on which, you can decide how to clean your shoes. It is advised that if you want to keep your white shoes clean, keep a small tube of toothpaste at home all the times. You can apply it gently every night and in the morning the shoes will shine like new again.

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