Most Interesting Flavours for Soda


Are you thirsty and looking for an alternative way to hydrate your body other than boring water? Try soda. Not only is it able to hydrate but it has numerous benefits.

Some of the usual ones include providing energy, a luxury drink, to help in digestion and to deal with any stomach upsets you may have.

If you wondered what soda is, it is carbonated water. It has some ingredients within it, and one of them is carbon (iv) oxide, which gives it the fizzy effect.

The truth is, everyone enjoys soda. Additionally, these soft drinks come in many forms and tastes. Today, we are going to explore ten soda options that you should try.

1. Yuzu soda

For those who need to know, Yuzu is a Japanese fruit. It has some lemon, mandarin and grapes taste; hence, very tasty.

The good thing about the drink is that it only consists of the fruit and a small amount of sugar and calories.

2. Coke

Everyone grew up drinking this drink. It is a must-drink soda for anyone because of its taste and popularity around the world.

It comes with several flavors including diet coke, cherry coke, and the most recent coke zero- which is proper for the person with diabetes.

3. Mountain Dew

It comes with exciting flavors that will excite your soul anytime, any day.

We can say that it has the potential of giving you a shot of energy if in case your body needs a quick dose of sugar.

4. Root beer

The good thing about this drink is that it suits anyone. You can purchase the alcoholic or the non-alcoholic flavors.

It does not necessarily mean that you will be taking roots when drinking it. It originates from the sassafras tree.

5. Pepsi

You may be familiar with this carbonated drink because of the famous cola wars. It was a competition between Pepsi and Coca Cola.

Most people argue that Pepsi has an excellent taste. You several bottles of it get enough of the drink.

6. Grape soda

You may love its appearance since it has a thick purple color. Other people refer to it as the grape pop or the purple drinks.

It is a delightful drink with much fizziness, sweetness since it tastes like grapes. You definitely will become addicted once you have your first sip.

7. 7-Up

At number seven is the popular 7-up, which came into existence in the year 1920. The thing with this drink is that it leaves an aftertaste.

It comes with a variety of flavors including the diet 7 Up, Cherry 7-Up, amongst many others. The main ingredient is lemon.

8. Mr. Pibb

You might also know it as Pibb Xtra since it changed its name when Coca Cola began to market it.

However, what makes it so appealing? It contains caffeine, sugar, sodium, and carbohydrates. You can access the drink in Coca Cola vendor machines.

9. Dr. Pepper

It comes with a variety of flavors that you cannot miss to drink including the German variation.

Consumers should also understand that the variations contain a distinct level of caffeine and sugar.

10. Mello Yello

It also comes with various flavors including Mello Yello Zero, Mello Yello Melon, Mello Yello Afterglow, Mello Yello Orange, among others.

Something you cannot miss with the soft drink is its yellow appearance, which comes from the yellow food dye additive.


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