Top 12 Long Nose Cat Breeds and What It Is Like to Pet Them

Oriental Shorthair

While all cats are adorable, there’s something about the ones with long noses that make them irresistible. When you spot a long nose cat, aren’t you reminded of your favorite cartoon character?

It is because of the unique nose that makes them special. If you can’t get enough of long-nosed kitties, there are several breeds you can pet. Have a look at the world’s cutest cat breeds with long noses.

Long nose cat breeds that will win your heart with their cuteness

The Highlander, the American Curl, the Siamese, and the Savannah are some of the most liked cats with long noses.

While every breed has certain special characteristics, the sweet, elongated face is common in all. So, if you want to welcome home an elegant and impressive family member, here are some amazing options:


Moggy is a slang term for a cat breed without a pedigree. They are cheaper than regal breeds and you can easily find them.

Moggy cats are available in various sizes and shapes. Their big and long nose is the most prominent feature.

The members of this family are generally shy. But once they become familiar with you, they won’t leave your side. Thanks to their diverse genetic pool, they have strong immunity and live longer.


Have you always fancied having a cat with remarkable blue eyes? The Balinese is a cat with long nose that has alluring blue eyes like Siamese cats.

Another sophisticated trait is its long and silky coat. The Balinese don’t have a muscular but sleek body.

This cat species has an inhibited disposition. It is confident and can easily become the apple of everyone’s eye.

The long coat requires regular grooming. But their sharpness and compassionate nature make them worth the effort. Isn’t this the kind of soft toy you’d love to cuddle at the end of a tiring day?

long nose cat

Chausie Cat

The crossing of jungle cats with domesticated cats has led to the formation of the Chausie. The rare breed is among the most muscular long nose cat types.

They have long and strong legs and an overall feline appearance. However, what will grab your attention is the Roman nose. The striking nose makes a Chausie cat look grand. Long whiskers enhance their charm and make them look dignified.

What’s another compelling reason to choose a Chausie cat? These pets have the cleverness to survive on their own.

They are fast learners and don’t mind playing fetch games. The companionship and kinship they offer is the same as people expect from dogs.

long nose cat

Turkish Van

If you are looking for a large cat breed, the Turkish Van is the one for you. The “Van” pattern present on the tips of the white coat helps you identify this breed.

Its most notable feature is of course the long and slender nose. However, it’s not just the unusual nose that makes the cat stand out. It has a soft and silky coat. The typically white coat looks stunning with pops of color on the tail and the head.

The Turkish Van has derived its name from its geographical location. The natural habitat of this long nose cat is Lake Van, Turkey.

Did you know that it is an agile and robust swimmer? But its cautious nature makes it observe the water’s depth from a distance before diving in.

Turkish Van

Oriental Shorthair

Do you want a black cat as your closest pal? The Oriental Shorthair is a type of Oriental long nose cat.

Developed in the 1960s. it is a new breed. It has resemblances with the Siamese cat. Both the Siamese and the Oriental Shorthair have a pleasing personality and similar bodily traits.

But unlike the Siamese, its coat is not long. Most of the Oriental Shorthairs are black in color, but the fur can be of any hue. Cream, red, fawn, smoke, chocolate, blue, lilac, and seal-colored Orientals do exist.

They can come in a solid color, tortoiseshell pattern, or tabby markings. However, the prettiest thing about this cat is its eyes. The slanted eyes make them look exotic and expensive.

The active breed takes an interest in exploring and playing. They are curious and thrive when surrounded by humans. People who own Oriental Shorthair cats also say that they are amiable and talkative.

Oriental Shorthair


The Highlander, another long nose cat, is famous for its dignified appearance. It has an extremely long nose and tufted ears.

These unusual characteristics give the cat a princely look. Their thick fur helps them stay warm in the cold climate. So, they aren’t the best pets for regions with hot and humid weather.

The Highlander is a relatively new member of the family of cats. This breed came into existence in the 1980s.

People also recognize it as the Scottish Fold Longhair. As the breed’s name suggests, the Scottish Fold Longhair is native to Scotland’s Highlands.

People primarily used highlanders for hunting. But now you will find the Highlander in a majority of homes in Scotland.


Oriental Longhair

Are you looking for a cat breed with a distinctly royal appearance? The Oriental long nose cat is one of the most elegant-looking cats in the world.

Its noticeable feature is a long and graceful neck. The slender body and the narrow head make the Oriental Longhair one of its kind.

The breed is also blessed with tapering ears and expressive eyes. Oriental Longhairs come in different patterns and colors, but they all have common grace.

Other than the endearing features, the cats are also amiable and cheerful. They have an active and outgoing personality. They love the company of humans. So, they are a perfect fit if yours is a family with kids.

long nose cat

Cornish Rex

The Cornish Rex is a medium-sized cat with large, conspicuous ears. However, the bridge present on its Roman nose makes it look slightly bent and tall.

The cat requires plenty of space to run, jump, and play. The cat is native to Great Britain’s Cornwall.

A Cornish Rex can be a fitting companion for people of all groups, and it loves receiving affection. So, make sure you have the leisure to devote the time and attention it deserves.

This breed does not have much hair except for the undercoat. Hence, keeping it indoors will be good on hot days.

Cornish Rex


The Bengal is an excellent cat breed with an exotic appearance. It is a crossbreed between the leopard cats and domestic cats of Asia. So, it inherits the most prominent characteristics of both parents. The glossy and bright coat with spots, adds to its wild charm.

People prefer Bengal cats not only for their good looks. You will also notice their athletic abilities and muscular bodies. They are great climbers and jumpers.

Bengals are always busy playing games and challenging their physical stamina. You will have a fun time petting this animal as it is exceptionally intelligent.

This long nose cat is a quick learner, and it enjoys playing with puzzles and toys. In addition, it has a friendly and loving nature.

bengal cat


The Savannah is the outcome of crossbreeding African servals with domestic cats. It is a handsome and uncommon cat breed.

Savannahs have kept the distinctive features of their ancestors from both sides. As a result, they are graceful, athletic, and tall. The marbled or spotted fur will help you identify a Savannah.

The shape of the Savannah’s head is triangular, and the nose is exceptionally long. Eyes are generally almond-shaped and can be in copper, gold, or green color.

The coat is medium or short in length and can be any pattern or color. The most common types of Savannah cats have spotted fur. The hair tips are comparatively darker than the rest of the fur.

Savannah cat


If you are a cat person, the Siamese is a long nose cat breed that needs no introduction. The long and slender creature is famous for its majestic beauty.

These cats are born with stunning white furs. However, the shade of the fur changes as they age.

While a Siamese kitten has pure white fur, a fully grown Siamese’s coat is seal brown in color. These cats have almond-shaped eyes that you cannot ignore.

So, unique color, long nose, and pretty eyes are the three things that separate the Siamese cat from others.

Earlier, Siamese cats resided in ancient Siam (currently, Thailand). But now they are available everywhere.

It is one of the oldest breeds that humans have domesticated for centuries. Do you still need another reason to bring home a Siamese cat? They are great at displaying affection and making their owners feel loved.

Siamese cat

American Curl

The American Curl is an attractive long nose cat with curled ears. The ears are curved in such a way that the breed always has an inquisitive, alert expression.

These cats are medium-sized, and they have sturdy bodies. Well-developed muscles make it easy for them to jump, climb, and play tricks.

As is evident from the name, the American Curl originated in the United States. Unlike other breeds, it is a new domestic breed that’s gaining popularity.

But that shouldn’t make you skeptical about having an American Curl as your friend. The active and smart cat is known for its warm and loving temperament.

American Curl

Tips to keep your cat happy and healthy?

The arrival of a cute kitty fills up a house with positive vibes. But you also need to look after it.

It is a big responsibility.

The cat will depend on you. Hence, it makes sense to do your homework.

Gaining significant knowledge of different breeds is also crucial. Once you have figured these things out, take note of the following factors:

Spend time with your cat

Pets are not for people who are always occupied. The emotional well-being of your cat should be your priority. If it is lonely, it will get depressed. So, you should spend quality time with it and invent new games to keep it engaged.

Feed it well

You have to ensure that your beloved pet gets nutritional meals. Meat and dish are mandatory for this carnivore. The carbohydrate requirement is low, but protein must be served daily.

Call the vet occasionally

Your long nose cat might look fine, but regular visits to the pet are important. If there is any ailment, early detection will quicken the recovery.

You should also keep track of the vaccinations and get the pet vaccinated on time. This will save the cat from deadly diseases.

Maintain hygiene

The grooming needs differ from one cat breed to another. For instance, long-coat cats look stunning only when the coat is well-maintained.

Trimming the hair frequently and brushing it once a day is necessary. You should introduce grooming to a kitten at an early stage to help it get accustomed to the routine.

Do cats with long noses face breathing issues?

There’s no denying that a long nose cat is elegant and adorable. But pet parents worry that their darling kitty might have difficulty breathing. However, several studies have proved that these cats don’t have trouble breathing.

Their breathing is as effortless just like cats with short noses. The long nose does a fantastic job of filtering out dirt and dust particles. Hence, you do not need to be anxious about your long-nosed kitten’s respiratory health.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, bringing a cat into your life will be a fulfilling experience. You will never feel depressed as you’ll have a loyal companion. But you should always research well about multiple breeds before finalizing one. Whether you select a cat breed with long nose or a small-nosed breed, finding a healthy, vaccinated kitten is mandatory.


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