Lil Nas X Pregnancy Controversy and Why It Hurt the LGBTQ

If you follow pop music, you would have noticed Lil Nas x pregnancy due to a baby bump. Here he looks pregnant and stirred up the media with speculations.

In reality, he was not pregnant! It was a controversial move to gain eyeballs for his new album “Montero.” Lil Nas X has faced backlash from the LGBTQ community, which got offended after watching those objectionable images on the web.

The entire episode was covered by various media houses that boosted that creator’s personality, resulting in his new album’s success. However, it disappointed most of his fans, who still abuse him on social media.

So, who is Lil Nas X, and what is Lil Nas x pregnancy all about? Who gave him the idea to appear as a pregnant man?

Various other questions still need to be answered, and this article covers them. If you are a fan and willing to know everything about the Lil Nas x Pregnancy, please read till the end to learn the complete details.

There are various facts that the media didn’t cover, but we have checked the information from our trusted sources to bring the best piece of information.

Who is Lil Nas X?

The real name of Lil Nas x is Montero Lamar hill. He was born on 9 April 1999 in a small city outside Atlanta, Georgia. His parents divorced when he was six, and his childhood and teenage were pretty difficult because of being gay and having no support from his parents. To tackle his loneliness, he used to browse the internet all day, and from then, he got exposed to memes, Twitter, and pop music.

After his studies, Lil Nas X moved to America and started performing as a rapper and singer. People loved his art and his country rap “Old Town Road” became an instant blockbuster. Because of it, he gained overnight popularity in 2019. In November of the same year, the music became diamond certified and an instant hit.

Old Town Road was a huge success that stayed for 19 weeks on the top of the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 charts. It became the longest-running song since the chart was introduced in 1958. Because of the popularity, the artist released several remixes of the same theme, and many of these versions are still very popular among people.

The creator was also nominated for the 62nd Annual Grammy Award, claiming the title for best music videos and group/ pop duo performance.

The famous song also helped him to earn two MTV music awards and various others. Not to forget, he also got nominated for Forbes 30 under 30 in 2020.

lil nas x pregnancy

Why is he famous?

If we keep the Lil Nas x pregnancy aside, the pop music creator is famous because of his fantastic music and rocking performance.

At 22, he has touched the height that most people dream of. Some people say the struggles in his before-life give him the power to keep the show on.

But all his fans understand that Lil Nas X doesn’t have much to hide and is still at the beginning of his career.

He gained massive popularity after the pregnant photoshoot and continues to plan for new albums. Let us wait and see what recent controversy or music he will release.

When you understand the creator’s life, let’s quickly learn about the Lil Nas x pregnancy. I hope now you can relate better and easily connect with his side of the story.

Is Lil Nas x pregnancy real?

No, the pregnancy move was fake to promote his new music video “Montero.” For this video’s celebration and promotion, the creator did an out-of-the-box pregnancy shoot with a bump and flower crown. He acted the similar way women do in their pregnancy photo shoots.

Lil Nas X told his fans that the idea came to mind after listening to Megan Thee Stallion’s new song, “Dolla Sign Slime.” Then he immediately called his stylist to discuss the concept of the pregnancy photo shoot. Lil Nas X was joking about the pregnancy shoot, but his stylist took it seriously, and this is where the planning started.

Lil Nas x cared for the new album “Montero” like his baby, which was the main reason behind the pregnancy photo shoot. Later, he faced issues, and we have made the Lil Nas x pregnancy explained later in this article.

The timing of the release was perfect

In an interview after the music video release, Lil Nas X confirmed that there couldn’t have been better timing to release his “Lil Nas x pregnancy photos” because he recently posted a series of images on Instagram about several pregnant women emojis.

Lil Nas X further added that he was quite excited about it and felt like the universe lined up to make this happen, and he wouldn’t have found a better opportunity than this.

He was happy about being the father and mother of his new music videos. It shows how perfectly he was connected with his art, another reason for his success.

The entire shoot of Montero was completed in the past year in lockdown, and Nas didn’t want to wait for a long time after his first hit. That’s why he put all his effort into producing the music and video, even though he never stepped back in promoting it.

Indeed, the move was controversial and risky, but despite backlash and disappointments from some of his fans, the “Lil nas x pregnancy” move worked and added millions of more followers to his list.

Let’s see how well the creator will handle this popularity, and will he continue to provide high-quality music like his previous albums?

lil nas x pregnancy

The backlash and negative comments

Many people and his fans posted positive comments, saying they love the new and unorthodox way Lil Nas X approaches people and promotes his most-awaited music album. Some of them liked it, the main reason behind its instant hit Montero.

However, the problem started when the creator’s social media accounts were stuffed with negative comments.

One user tweeted that he was tired of the ugly approach and tactic Lil Nas X applies to reach his audience.

The idea of acting like a pregnant male was completely sick and unnatural. Also, the people from the LGBTQ community posted a series of negative comments saying that such a move hurt their feeling.

Lil Nas X responded sharply by saying you all call a new mother ugly? A lot happened between and after that.

Because of the negative comments and hate from the community, his team has set up a ‘baby registry’ as a non-profit organization for the rights of the LGBTQ community. Currently, the list includes 15 charities with the name of his new albums to be released shortly.

The negative comments didn’t stop him from posting pictures of his fake bump on social media, and the Lil Nas x pregnancy controversy escalated.

People thought he would continue to post until the day the album was released, but eventually, fans got used to it, and things settled for good.

Now, if we look back to whatever happened, it seems like it was nothing, and it ended in Lil Nas’s favor and increased his popularity.

Did the controversial move work?

Yes, as mentioned, the move worked in favor of Lil as X and his team, adding millions of followers to their social media account and bringing them into the limelight.

It was more than a year since the release of Old Town Road, and Lil Nas x needed a boost in his popularity to be seen in his new music video, and the pregnancy move made things better for him.

Also, his new music video Montero (Call me by your name) was a massive hit. Around 15 million copies are sold because they earn 15-times platinum certification.

The song also set a new record for spending the greatest number of weeks on the billboard hot 100 charts. The song stayed on the chart for 19 weeks.

It became viral on Instagram reels and TikTok, where you will find people dancing and acting on songs produced by Lil as X. To date, the new music is collecting views on YouTube.

We guess the song is good and addictive, making users listen to it fully, and it hardly has anything to do with the controversy.

Indeed, the discussion helped him to gain the initial views, but the song would have flopped if it was bad. However, Lil Nas X proved good at maintaining a controversy and producing good pieces simultaneously.

lil nas x pregnancy

What Lil was X has to say about it?

He is happy that all his efforts worked for good and the project close to his heart is finally successful.

We have seen him responding sharply to negative comments on social media. When a celebrity does that, they want to convince you with their art.

Lil Nas X hardly made any comments on the pregnancy controversy. He lied low while there was a major uproar regarding the same.

Currently, he is focusing on his new video series, and you can find the details on his official website.

With back-to-back hits, Lil Nas X can create a massive fan already waiting for his new video’s release.

Let’s see how much time he takes to bring another hit that sets new expectations in the music industry.

Is he planning to do more shoots like this?

The “Lil nas x pregnancy” was a successful promotional move. It left people wondering if they were about to see more such controversial shoots. The creator corrected himself after facing the backlash from his fans.

There is no official update about his new music video or any promotional event. But we guess he might try to imitate the same thing that worked for him in the past.

We cannot make any claims, but experts say that creators usually repeat what works for them.

Maybe he will bring another unique promotion style that no one has seen, or he will do the regular stuff like others. Only time will reveal the details; all we can do is guess.

However, Lil Nas X is a famous creator with millions of followers. So, anything related to him will immediately start circulating on the web.

That means you don’t have to go anywhere to find out about his new campaign. Instead, the campaign will come to you.

Are controversial shoots becoming a trend among stars?

Yes, if we look at the trend, every star runs after something unique that must immediately catch people’s attention. That’s why most of them do things that adversely affect their image.

There are plenty of examples where stars went too far doing something unique. However, they faced comments and backlashes.

These shoots, comments, or videos will not stop, and maybe the next day, you will find something awkward on the web that might leave you wondering why you followed this creator in the first place.

But you must focus on the creator’s efforts to bring the music or video to you. Sometimes, the content is pathetic, and the creators push it with controversy. However, sometimes the content is good, and the discussion is inevitable.

The best way to love and judge yourself is by watching their content. However, some only follow people to browse the negative comments posted about them. What do you think?

Final thoughts

Lil Nas x pregnancy news is pretty old now, and the music video is already a hit. Nas faced disappointment from his fans and was slashed with many negative comments. But it never stopped him from creating fantastic music that people keep murmuring about.

Nas and his team are working on a new music video they will release soon. We hope it sets new expectations and records in the industry.

The controversy sparked a debate among his followers. However, it’s over, and we are only left with incredible music produced by Lil Nas X.

We hope you understand everything about how is Lil nas x pregnancy and the entire plot behind it. Please add your opinions in the comments below.

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