Justin Bieber Net Worth: Earnings Of Your Favorite Singer

The Canadian pop-star Justin Bieber net worth is $200 Million as of January 2016 and is expected to end the year with well over $250 Million.

Justin Bieber! Not even a single girl on this earth might be unware of the young heartthrob singing. The World witnesses him as a top singer, however, has anybody realized that how much this pop-star Justin Bieber net worth is who started off as a teenager earns?

Justin Bieber Net Worth

Let’s check out the earnings of your favorite singer Justin Bieber!

 The Teenage singing sensation, who years backs broke all records with his first ever album, made it huge in the glam world at a very early age.

Justine Bieber turned a 22 year old young man on 1st of March 2016. With his excellent taste in music, he has been tagged with the world’s most prestigious accolades.

Justin Bieber Net Worth: Early Life

Justin Bieber Early Life

  • The Singing heartthrob was born of 1st of March 1994.
  • He was raised by a single mother
  • Justin’s talent was exposed through the famous website YouTube, in which he had uploaded his songs.
  • After being discovered by Scooter Brawn (who later rendered his services as his manager), he was partnered with RBMG
  • Later in the end of 2009 his first ever album EP, My World was released.
  • His first album was a hit which broke all existing records of success belonging to his age, and became a renowned songwriter and a singer worldwide.
  • Along with being a singer, he has also played integral roles in various TV series and movies.

Justin Bieber Net Worth: Forbes

  • As per the sources, Justin Bieber’s net worth is estimated to be a whopping $200 million, which is not less than a dream for people of his age to attain!
  • By his performances he gives and off course his taste in music which is clearly depicted in his compositions, he is definitely going to break all the left over records.
  • Annually, he is said to be grossing a whopping $60 million $80 million.
  • Whatever the singer touches gets its virtues enlightened!
  • Whenever his albums are released, the market is set on fire, as his music makes the world go gaga over them.
  • His albums are rated amongst the top seller’s one as, the copies of his albums marks a recorded selling rate with over a million copies worldwide.
  • His best albums include “Believe” which grossed $7.1 million, “My World”, “My World 2.0” which grossed $6.4 million, and “Under the Mistletoe” which grossed $3.1 million.

Justin Bieber Net Worth: Concerts

Justin Bieber Net Worth Concerts

  • Along with his copies which earns millions worldwide, his concerts prove to be grossing heavier amounts!
  • In the year 2010, his “My World” concerts and tour made his earn a whopping $44 million.
  • His treasures were elevated by his “believe” tour which consisted 35 shows and grossed $12.15 million.
  • In the year 2013, he undertook a tour of 122 shows, for which he grossed 42.7 million.
  • Not merely for his albums, but also for the silver screen for which he sang “Never Say Never”, he grossed a total of $98 million

Justin Bieber Net Worth: Awards

Justin Bieber Net Worth Awards

  • Justin Bieber has never faller short of accolades.
  • He has been awarded with a Grammy for his “Where are you now” under the category of best dance recording.
  • Bieber has received a string of awards which includes 8 American music awards, @ people’s choice awards and 14 billboard music awards.
  • He has been awarded several times for his excellent stage performances
  • His stage performance includes Teen choice awards and MTV video music awards.
  • His awards have altogether made a majority of contributions to his unbelievable net worth!

Justin Bieber Net Worth: Endorsements

Justin Bieber Net Worth Endorsements

  • Alright, we all know that Justin made his way to fame through his Music, however it is inevitable for everyone who gains popularity, to enter the glam world too!
  • Justin started endorsing various brands which added quite a lot to his net worth.
  • He endorsed proactive, which is a renowned skincare product, for which he charged $3 million.
  • Also he earned royalties worth $3 million for endorsing a fragrance line.
  • He also started working for Calvin Klein as an innerwear model.
  • He worked opposite many well-known female stars including Kendal Jenner for which he earned tons!

Justin Bieber Net Worth: Assets Owned

Justin Bieber Net Worth Assets Owned

Los Angeles mansion:

  • When Justin turned 18, a luxurious mansion of worth $10.8 million is what the teenager gifted himself.
  • His almost ending teenage years has been proving quite lucky for him.
  • He started investing in real estate business which proves very profitable for him.
  • Also Usher gifted him an electric car worth Hundred Thousand Dollars along with a new attic to park it!

Posh Locality Mansion ay Los Angeles :

  • This Mansion of Justin Bieber’s which is located in Hollywood hills can never fall short of luxury.
  • It is a three-storied house which includes a Swimming pool, 8 bathrooms, Gym, Theatre, a gourmet kitchen, bar, 5 bedrooms and a Massaging room.
  • Mansion LA:
  • The house is huge and covers an area of 2400 square feet.
  • It contains 4 bathrooms and 3 bed rooms
  • The house has a royal touch to it as its flooring is done in shining pure white marble.
  • Ebony hardwood is used to set up a modernized kitchen
  • A special writing room is also included as Justin’s mother advised him to have it.
  • Living room is located in such direction that one can be able to have a complete view of the city, as the house is itself situated in the heart of the city.

Calabasas mansion:

  • It is a Hacienda style mansion which is spread over an area of 1.28 acre.
  • It costed him around $6million
  • It contains 6 bedrooms, a kitchen, 2 garages, mammoth living room, 7 bathrooms, stylish staircases, elevator, swimming pool, spa and a detached casita.

Justin Bieber Net Worth: Cars Owned

Justin Bieber Net Worth Cars Owned

The singing heartthrob, is not only fond of strings, but also loves to have automotives, like every boy loves to own. Justin has a collection of cars, which every boy dreams of owning it.

Porsche Turbo 997:

One of the most celebrated cars by the richest people on this earth.

Ferrari 430:

He got this stylish car when he was sweet sixteen! Success at this age is quite dreamy isn’t it?

Lamborghini Gallardo:

Costing about a whopping $20000 this car was a gift to the lucky chap from his pal P.Diddy.

Range Rover Evoque:

His then girlfriend Selena Gomez was the reason behind the beauty of his super customized car which costed him more than $160000 excluding a sound system, which alone costed him $80000

Fisker Karma Hybrid Car:

Yet another gifted car by none other than his manager Scooter Braun. What makes this car special is that it is completely eco-friendly and runs through lithium battery with a promising range of 50 miles!

Cadillac CTS-V Coupe (‘Batmobile’ themed car):

A special car where the Cadillac doors opens itself by merely touching the “JB” badge!

Swag Car:

A smaller one as compared to the other cars of his classic collection. It possesses a jet black body, which is customized in such a manner that it gives the small car a celebrity look. It also swapped by the words “Swag Car”, so it is clear now from where the car got its name!

Ducati 848 Evo:

Before having a license to drive these cars, Justin added another milestone to his collection, on the suggestion of one of his close friends.

Ferrari 458 Italia:

Indeed one of the best cars Ferrari ever made! It is said that once a guy gets dumped by his girlfriend, a Ferrari works as an excellent replacement! We guess the reason behind the addition of this car to his existing collection of the most striking cars is his breakup with the pop singer Selena Gomez.

So dear readers, this was a complete breakdown of your favorite and charming singer Justin Bieber’s bank balance and personal life. We hope you liked it, do express your love by commenting below.

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