How To Make A Girl Like You? A Subtle Magic

How can I impress her? How can I make her think about me? What should I should I do to make her feel for me? You constantly think about these questions when you have that someone special and doesn’t know how to initiate. Don’t Worry I will provide you the right approach from the first step to the last step.

I will give you some tips and methodology which will assure “How To Make Girl Like You?” search success if u follows it right and patiently. At the end, the outcome will be ——–>>

Girl started liking you

I will not talk about all those common steps to be you or go to the gym etc. I will tell a simple and logical methodology to follow which will increase chances with your “SOMEONE SPECIAL

Here are three steps you can follow to make her reciprocate:

Make Her Feel Comfortable:

 If You Are Already His Friend ( advantage ;P )

          √ If you are casual friends then take it to close friendship. Invest sufficient time for                   this step as it will decide your future with your girl. Try to spend more time with                     her. Try her hobbies let her try your hobbies. Get some common sport or a hobby;                 it will give her a chance to understand you better.

          √ Make a habit of active listening. Jot down this point every time you are with her                     allow her to talk. Let her talk about her dreams, ambitions, problems, and                             happiness. You need not find any solutions or guidance for her, rather show                             empathy, warmth, and make her feel like you are always there.

           √ Most importantly give her the freedom to maintain her individuality. This way she                 will start knowing you more as a person and subconsciously starts thinking about                   you.

 NOTE:–But make sure whatever you say and do should have honesty and integrity because girls can analyze actions quite easily and if would get a hint or a doubt about you  then it can worsen things or make her turn off forever.

The second case- If You Are In Same Class Or A Common Place But Still She Doesn’t Know You (its ok don’t be upset 🙂 )

You can start your conversation with some genuine help;

For illustration if she is good at some subject or hobby or some assignment or otherwise make your common interest as a tool to approach her.

         <3  Be confident as if it is just this interest or problem which made you talk to her                       nothing else.
NOTE:-At this point she should not get even the slightest of hint about your feelings as it can aggravate things for you. —->Once you do it then you have to follow the first point.

The third case- If Its Random and You Met Her Through Some Friend (aww its ok 🙂 )
But if you have nothing in common and you met her at some common friend’s place then.

          √ You can ask your friend to arrange a subtle meeting so that she would feel                             “you met her again” is nothing more than a coincidence.

          √ There you can make a move to fix a meeting or get a common interest.
               —-> then follow the second point and then the first point.

Girl Being With You

Be Unpredictable :

Once you are done with step 1 you have almost completed 50% of your work. (yee ahh hh)
Now comes the time for a little psychology. In this step, you give her a little hint about your feelings.

          √ Do it subtle so that she will get perplexed. When she will get an idea about your                     feelings she will start expecting your move.

          √ Now at this point act opposite to her expectations. For example, she might think,                   you will ask her out or text her lot or try to make her feel special but here your                     different actions will make her think about it and cling to this confused state which                 will leave her with your thought for some couple of days.

           √ Continuously do it for some days, till you will get a little hint of her feelings and                      expectations from you.

The logic behind this game is when you will not behave according to her thought procedure this will give her a hint that you are not clinging to her neither you are needy and you can give her space and have respect for her feelings.

HAPPY NEWS:-Once she will be clear about these things inside her, it is when she will start feeling about you. She will give some hints about her feelings like she will text u or can make stories to meet you etc. As soon as you get hints follow step 3.

Girl interested in you

Make Your Move: 

Till now you have completed 80% of your work. But this 20% is significant to make her completely into you.

Now at this point, you are sure about her feeling so there is no harm in asking her out as she is madly waiting for it and there are negligible chances of failure.

          √ So ask her out, plan a romantic date. Buy her flowers, do everything according to                   her choice, keep the ambiance romantic (a candle light dinner, music etc.)

          √ Plan lot of surprises for her, you can write something for her or do something natural               for her.

          √ Embrace her, admire her, make her laugh.

NOTE:-Don’t propose on the first date, wait for some more meetings then finally ask her.

Make your moment special; make her feel like the princess. If possible give her something (ring or something she can keep with her always) at that time so that every time she will look at it, it will remind her of you and how special she is for you.
Congratulations, you have done it. She’s your girl.

you got her and she is interested in you

If you follow each and every step carefully you will definitely win her heart!!

Happy Dating!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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