How Did Mr Krabs Die and What Is the Mystery Around It

how did mr krabs die

How did Mr Krabs die is a question you will want answers to if you love cartoons, especially Spongebob. Let us find out all the secrets about Mr Krabs.

What happens when you hear that one of your favorite characters in your most loved tv series died, and you may not be able to see him in further episodes? It hurt your feelings.

When we watch certain characters daily in our life, we get used to them and never want to get separated. However, sometimes things fall the other way out. That’s why you ask, how did Mr Krabs die?

SpongeBob SquarePants is a famous fictional series that most of us have watched since childhood. It is close to our hearts and most of us grew up watching it.

The series mostly portrayed the water-soaking SpongeBob and his fun activities. But the recent death of one of the favorite characters, “Mr. Krab,” has left us amazed with multiple questions in our minds. Like Who killed Mr Krab? What about the evidence? Can we see him in further episodes and so on?

Most of you already know the Internet/News version of the story that says Mr. Krabs was found inside the Krusty Krab restaurant. His throat cut, and a metal spatula caused the wound.

Some say he mistakenly falls on the spatula to cut his throat, but this theory is quite skeptical. Many other fans assumed a plot for murder. There are various theories, and we discussed them all in this article.

We have covered all details about the famous series, Mr. Krab’s character, murder mystery, and other questions that might come to your mind. Read till the end to get the best and updated knowledge about how did Mr Krabs die controversy.

All about SpongeBob SquarePants

Here is a little brief for those who don’t know about the famous fictional series SpongeBob SquarePants. It’s an animated comedy series produced in America by a renowned company called marine science, the program airs on Nickelodeon.

The fictional series shows you the comical adventure of SpongeBob and his other aquatic friends in the underwater city of Bikini Bottom.

The show was mainly released for kids, but due to the humor and comedy scenes, many adults also watch it regularly—that is why the killing of Mr. Krab escalated on social media.

The show is a hit, and it’s America’s fifth longest-running animated tv series that received worldwide attention. Because of its popularity, Nickelodeon has made billions in profits and merchandising revenue.

The show’s first season was released on May 1, 1999. Since then, they have progressed and made many changes with the characters and storyline but never gave anyone the shock of death like the last season.

The ongoing series has a huge fan following, and everyone is desperately waiting to see what happens to Mr Krab in the next season. Their team has successfully released 14 seasons; let’s see what lies ahead in the fifteenth one.

How old is Spongebob

Unknown Facts about SpongeBob SquarePants

Here are some hidden facts that will help you take a closer look at the famous fictional series:

Mr. Krab is much older than you think

You hardly think of the age of your favorite fictional character because it doesn’t sound reasonable and, of course, not required. But do you know the age of Mr. Krab is already revealed?

According to sources, he was born on July 14, 1986, and his boss on November 30, 1942. The famous fictional Krab is around 75 years old. How the age was never a matter of concern, he seemed to run the restaurant like a boss.

Initially, SpongeBob had a different name

What if we say that your favorite character wasn’t known with the same name he is today? When the show was first aired, his name was SpongeBoy.

Later due to copyright claims by another famous company, his name was changed to SpongeBob, and to date, the world knows him with a similar name.

How old is Spongebob

Ex-president loves SpongeBob too

Upon asking who your favorite cartoon character is, Barack Obama said he is close to SpongeBob and considers him his favorite fictional character. He is still fond of watching cartoons.

Who is Mr. Krabs?

Here comes another famous character who is shown dead in the last season. Let’s understand a brief history so it will be easier for you to figure out how did Mr Krabs die?

The real name of Mr. Krab in the series is Eugene Harold Krabs, a famous fictional character designed by Stephen Hillenburg, a renowned animator, and marine biologist.

Krabs also operates a prominent restaurant in the city of Bikini Bottom, but they don’t like to spend money at all. However, at the same time, the Krabs can go up to any extent to make Mr. Krab’s daughter happy. That’s why his restaurant works. He is also shown in love with Mrs. Puff, and his best friend Plankton is his biggest rival.

Plankton owns a loss-making restaurant, and despite being best friends with Mr. Krabs, he doesn’t receive any help from him, and the rivalry is intense. Mr. Krabs found his place in the series since its inception, which is why he is among the most-loved characters, and the suspense of how did Mr Krabs die?

Trial of SpongeBob SquarePants

Do you know the mystery killing of Mr. Krab in SpongeBob SquarePants is so widespread that now it’s being used as a mystery for children to resolve at school?

Earlier, one main document circulated on the internet, which used to carry the information and plot of the murder mystery, but the PDF file is not working anymore. Instead, you can try this 11-pages PDF to understand the exact property.

The file contains evidence and demonstrations around the case of Mr. Krab’s death. The teacher splits the children into two teams of defense and prosecution and provides this PDF file as a resource to build a strong case against each other.

The file or the activity doesn’t tend to identify the culprit. Also, it nowhere mentions the exact information about who killed Mr. Krabs.

Instead, it’s a fun exercise for kids to learn something new. But it’s a detailed PDF file that includes every aspect of the killing; it will surely help you to identify the possible reasons for death.

How did Mr Krabs die in SpongeBob?

We researched various resources on the internet to find the exact plot of what happened and how the death was shown in the document we just mentioned above.

It was shown that Mr. Krab’s body was found in the restaurant with a slit throat. The coroner settled the case by saying the metal spatula caused the injury because they saw the same spatula near his body.

Mr krabs body also showed bruises on his head’s backside.  Moreover, the restaurant floor was covered in a slippery substance that was assumed to be the reason for the falling of Mr. Krab. Because of the slippery surface, they found several footprints in the restaurant, including the prints of SpongeBob, but none of them were in blood.

The restaurant didn’t show any force entry sign, but their cash was missing. With that, Krabby Patty’s recipe was also missing, generating a possibility of killing due to rivalry. Also, Mr. Krabs had a wound that had started to heal and was assumed to happen several weeks before.

There were many reasons indicating a possibility of murder. However, the death was still portrayed as a mishap that left various questions and a curiosity in our minds to find who killed Mr. Krab?

How did mr krabs die, and who killed him?

The official release is still pending. But here is what we could figure out based on the PDF provided for the class exercise.

The slippery surface due to the cooking grease is a possible reason for Mr. Krab falling on the spatula. But the open safe, missing cash, the missing recipe, and the cash register are a mystery. Here is where we assumed Plankton might be the culprit because he started marketing a similar Krabby patty after his death.

Our doubt grew more potent after we found a document saying that two after the death of Mr. Krab, Plankton went to and settled the remaining SpongeBob’s home loan. Also, the document clears that SpongeBob was never rewarded with a salary raise during his work at the restaurant, which might have made him feel disgruntled and attempt the murder.

Also, the footprints of SpongeBob in the restaurant indicate to us that Plankton and SpongeBob may have attempted the robbery together. Still, Mr. Krab found that the fear of being caught might be why both killed Mr. Krab.

How Did Mr Krabs Die and What Is the Mystery Around It

Do we have evidence of murder?

Yes, the spatula on which Mr. Crab has fallen is the murder weapon, and surprisingly, it also contains the fingerprints of SpongeBob. Further investigation will reveal that SpongeBob might have used the spatula as a weapon to give Mr. Krab a wound that made him lose his life.

Other than the spatula, a few witnessed SpongeBob entering the restaurant two hours before the incident. A statement released by Patrick confirms that SpongeBob visited the restaurant. He also reported that Krabs was upset because of some incident and said he might never sell the burgers again.

Almost every piece of evidence indicates SpongeBob and Plankton. Still, maybe it’s just a technique by the team to promote fan-based theories about how did mr Krabs die. They will reveal the truth after the release of the next season.

Did mr Krab die in real life?

As of now, there are no confirmations. Indeed, the series shows that Mr. Krabs is dead, and they are looking for a possible theory to find the culprit. But maybe in some plot twist, Mr. Krab will be back to make us laugh again. He has been among the main characters in the SpongeBob series since the initial episode.

Of course, Mr. Krab increased the engagement and views for the show. Moreover, his death has brought much more revenue for the team. But we don’t think SpongeBob can afford to lose Mr. Krab.

We cannot confirm that Mr. Krab is dead, and you won’t see him acting in further episodes. Only time will reveal these details. Let’s patiently wait and hope for a plot twist that brings our favorite character back in action.

How are fans reacting to this?

Social media is full of negative comments by fans who are unhappy with Mr. Krab’s death. People are angry on how they showed the possible murder as a mere coincidence. You will find people posting a series of negative comments and anger about the topic.

For the next season, fans desperately wait for a plot twist or digestible explanation that justifies killing their favorite character. We guess the SpongeBob SquarePants team knows what their lovers need. So, they will come up with something unique that will blow all of our minds.

No one knows what lies ahead in the story. We can undoubtedly say that show is among the longest-running series in America. The makers of the show really know how to keep their audience engaged. So, they surely come up with some interesting.

How Did Mr Krabs Die and What Is the Mystery Around It

Final thoughts

The death of Mr. Krab was a heart-breaking moment for all SpongeBob fans. It left them searching for all possible reasons for how did Mr Krabs die?

The fourteenth season has left us with many questions, a wrong judgment, and multiple proofs that direct us to assume that SpongeBob and Plankton planned the murder.

However, fans created this theory using the proofs provided in the 11-page PDF document. What if the culprit is someone else and plotted evidence against these two? What if Mr. Krab is not dead yet, and what if whatever we are thinking is entirely incorrect?

There can be various possibilities, but that’s the beauty of SpongeBob SquarePants; it knows how to keep its audience engaged. Let’s wait for the next season to reveal the correct details about how did Mr. Krabs die.


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