Chowder Characters, Appearance, Personality, and More

Chowder Characters, Appearance, Personality, and More

For most 90s kids, Cartoon Network shaped our childhood. The TV shows hosted by this channel, from Tom and Jerry to Ben 10 have been the reason for laughter and adventure in our earlier days. One such show or series was Chowder. So, if you want to introduce your children to Cartoon Network shows today, you must familiarize yourself with the Chowder characters.

Chowder is an American TV series created by C.H. Greenblatt, and the series premiered on November 2, 2007. It is about a young boy named Chowder and how he aspires to become a chef. He apprentices in a catering company owned by a chef named Mung Daal.

Chowder characters names

Some of the main characters from the show apart from Chowder are:

  • Mung Daal, the head chef
  • Truffles, Mung’s wife
  • Shnitzel, Mung’s assistant
  • Endive, Mung’s rival
  • Panini, Chowder’s future wife

So, Chowder is itself a name of a food item. The entire series revolves around Chowder, the would-be chef’s misadventure, and his non-quenchable appetite.

The show had three seasons, having 49 episodes in total. Mostly, the reviews for the show were positive.

It even won Primetime Emmy Award and also got Emmy nominations. August 7, 2010, marks the finale of the show when the last episode, “Chowder grows up,” was aired.

Chowder cartoon characters

Let me introduce you to the various Chowder characters in details. Cheers to your entry into the world of Chowder and co:


As the name suggests, Chowder is the main protagonist among all the other Chowder cartoon characters. Often throughout the series, like Fleabag, Chowder breaks the fourth wall and communicates with the audience. He wanted to become a master chef while he was apprenticing under Mung Daal.


All of the Chowder Show characters are anthropomorphic figures, which means they represent living beings who are not humans physically but show human features. For example, they talk and walk like humans.

So, Chowder is a mix of cat, bear, and rabbit, but he can talk and walk like a human. He has a cute little pink nose, his tail is striped like a raccoon, and his ears are like a rabbit covered up by his purple beanie. He also has violet furs. Thus, his whole appearance has a purplish hue added by his purple shirt with a magenta trim covering his legs.

Even though he wears purple shoes, he never really wears pants. Chowder proudly owns a fang shown when his mouth remains closed. He could be more active when engaging in any sports activity. Chowder loves eating and cooking and that’s what his passion revolves around.


Like body appearance and passion for food, Chowder is also a charming, innocent, and impulsive character with an unending love for the kitchen. However, he is someone who possesses a human character.

He is not always as sweet as you will generally perceive. When it comes to following his passion, he is a person who can cross any limit. Thus, he even attempts to make Truffles, Mung Daal, and Schnitzel unconscious.

Moreover, he also gains his wits if he gets food within two hours. Chowder is also an introvert who mostly enjoys spending his time without socializing.

Chowder has a fond relationship with Mung Daal, whom he even calls papa sometimes, which shows that he has a paternal attraction towards him. However, he is afraid of Truffles and all the other girls.

Nicky Jones plays Chowder’s role in Chowder. However, when he has grown up, in the last episode, C.H. Greenblatt plays his role.

We intend to spend the article on something other than Chowder, even if he is the show’s protagonist. The Chowder character names have been listed before. Now let’s say hi to another Chowder character.

Chowder Characters, Appearance, Personality, and More

Mung Daal

The name Mung Daal is derived from the South Asian pulses which go by this name. He belongs to the humanoid species and owns the Mung Daal’s Catering Company. He is the head chef, under which Chowder is an apprentice.


Unlike other employers typically found in Hollywood movies, Mung Daal has a calm disposition. He has a friendly nature and is very patient when behaving with his trainees. However, he knows the limits of that patience and becomes quite rough and tough when that patience is tested.

Mung Daal is a character who could function better in challenging circumstances. Thus, if someone comes and challenges his cooking skills, he tends to take that very seriously, ending up making decisions that he eventually repents.

However, Mung Daal is a charmer. His marital status is married, but that doesn’t stop him from flirting with other women. In a humorous tone, Mung Daal is obsessed with his ability to squat, a magnum opus for impressing women. But, all these flirtations are healthy, and he never becomes disloyal to his woman.

Mung Daal takes great pride in his mustache and properly maintains it. He hesitates to dive into the ocean for Chowder’s rescue because he worries it will affect his mustache’s shape.


What does Mung Daal look like? Well, this Chowder character doesn’t bear any resemblance to the name that he represents. Unlike Mung Daal, he doesn’t have yellow skin. He has blue skin, white hair, and a large nose. His appearance gives out the feeling of a crazy-headed scientist.

He wears his chef’s coat and has a green and red patterned kilt, black socks, and brown shoes. His glasses are thick, and now you know why he might remind you of a nerd scientist.

His youth and early age have also been shown in the series. While young, he wore a white vest with long sleeves and a red bowtie. During his childhood, Mung Daal wore a yellow shirt, an orange kilt, and an orange Ushanka hat.

He doesn’t have a child with Truffles. He exercises his fatherly intentions and cares for Chowder. But, often, due to the latter’s over-enthusiasm, Mung Daal feels exhausted, bringing hurdles in their relationship.


We have been talking a lot about Truffle lately. So, why not take you to her world a little and introduce you to Miss Noisy Pants?

Her character species is a mushroom pixie, and she is the wife of the Mung Daal.


Truffles’ character is confusing to all. Some episodes feature her character as mean and frightening. You are predisposed to get intimidated in many instances. She is someone who is not at all inward looking and often is found blaming others for her faults. Truffles is also very insecure about her body image and feels ashamed about her weight.

Truffles can be very competitive and always wants to secure her position, which in hindsight, is an outstanding characteristic.

Despite all these, her love for Mr. Daal never falls short, and she takes great pride in the latter’s cooking skills. She calls him Mungybums affectionately. This becomes particularly evident in the episode “The Big Hat Biddies” where she defends the latter’s cooking skills.

Thus, even if from the outside, she might seem very stern, from the inside, she has a soft heart. Even though she screams a lot at Chowder and the latter is frightened of her, she seems to have a deep sense of affection for him.

In the episode “Apprentice Appreciation day,” one can very well notice the care that Truffles has for him and how she treats him like his own child.


If you notice Truffles carefully, you might be reminded of the landlord from Mr. Bean’s series. She also has a plump body feature just like that landlord, the significant difference being Truffles is a mushroom pixie with tiny wings, emerald eyes, and purple hair. She wears a mushroom hat, giant glasses, and a green dress.

In the episode named “The Chain recipe,” she also had a tail. However, that tail didn’t reappear in any other episode. However, unfortunately, she is held to be someone conventionally ugly because Mung mistook her for a hideous creature in “The Garage Scale” episode.


The Cartoon Network Chowder characters list isn’t complete if one doesn’t talk about Schnitzel and Panini. Schnitzel, one of the prominent Chowder characters. He is a rock monster who is an employee in the catering company. But, he is grossly underpaid and has to tolerate the enthusiasm of Chowder the most.


Schnitzel is not very fond of Chowder and doesn’t enjoy working with him. He is disgusted with cleaning up the mess, which he is bound to do. He is physically powerful and can lift huge weights that no other Chowder characters can.

Interestingly, Schnitzel speaks unintelligibly, and only in some episodes can one hear him uttering some real words. Otherwise, he keeps on saying “Radda” in different ways. John DiMaggio plays his character.


Schnitzel’s appearance is quite simple as he is always seen to be adorned in a white apron. But, unlike other Chowder characters, his underpants often changes.

Schnitzel’s ears are peculiar that pop out of his head, and he possesses a relatively small body compared to his tall head. He might even remind you of a giraffe with his tall neck.

Mung has legitimized Schnitzel as a master chef, and thus he always wears an apron. He is obsessed with wearing an apron, and he even wears that under his apron. However, one logical reason might be that his aprons get wasted as he cooks. So, he needs to constantly change them and keep a stock of them.

At times, he even wears regular clothes that range from raincoats to jackets to Hawaiian shirts and shorts.

In one of the episodes “The Trouble with Truffles,” he is seen having long brown hair. In the episode “The Heist,” he also possessed a ponytail.


The tale of Chowder characters will only reach completion if one talks about Panini, who loves Chowder incessantly.

Panini works as an apprentice under Ms. Endive, who is a rival chef of Mung Daal and she is obsessed with Chowder. However, she is a person who doesn’t have many independent opinions about herself. She always mindlessly obeys Ms. Endive to the extent of hurting Chowder.

She is, however, a good Siffleball player. Among all of the Chowder Cartoon Network characters, she is the one who is involved in sports.

Panini, like Chowder, has a darker side to her character graph. In one of the episodes, she is so obsessed with Chowder that she forces him to hold his hands. Otherwise, she is a calm and simple girl who seldom gets angry.

Let’s first understand where from she got her name. If you are a South Asian history expert, you might think she derived her name from the great Indian grammarian of the same name. But you may have noticed that all the Chowder characters derive their name from a specific food dish; she is not an exception.

Panini gets her name from a sweet bread pastry and an Italian sandwich. She can even fly if she uses her tall ears like helicopter blades. Liliana Mumy voices her character.

Other important Chowder characters are Ms. Endive, Ceviche, Panini’s best friend, and Gorgonzola, and also Chowder’s nemesis figure.

Chowder Characters, Appearance, Personality, and More

Final Thoughts

So, now that you know some of the most important Chowder characters, it is time to watch the show. If you watch it with your children, you will learn about many more Chowder characters who will offer you a glimpse of their world in this fantastic series.


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