Orana Wildlife Park: What a Zoo should look like.

What a Zoo should look like

Although Madagascar was a fictional movie, it’s quite possible that the story of the great zoo escape was based on some harsh facts. Keeping animals in cages is nothing short of cruel, being in cages leads to decreased lifespan for animals. However the other side of the coin is that animals also need shelter or a place to keep them warm. What if they were kept in zoo but they remained out of their cages, Orana Wildlife Park is a classic example of how a Zoo should look like, instead of locking animals in cages and taking away their freedom for our amusement, this place comes with a different approach altogether, in Orana Wildlife Park humans visit the zoo in cages and the animals roam around free.

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What a Zoo should look like

In contrast to common belief, Zoo’s can cause a great deal of suffering and trauma to the caged animals. Animals in zoos are locked up for life and are deprived of the prospects to build up and fulfill their needs and interests. They have no control over their own life and the atmosphere they live in. Animals are forced to live in the melancholy of solitary imprisonment. Animals, who prefer to live unaccompanied are at times forced to live in close contact with others. For these animals a zoo like Orana Wildlife Park can be blessing in disguise, they’ll get the best of both worlds at a zoo like this wherein they get a home, a safe place where they get food, shelter and healthcare and at same time they get freedom to roam around free, while the humans coming to visit them come and go in cages. This is a win-win situation for both, this way the visitors remain safe and the animals enjoy their freedom.

What a Zoo should look like

Orana Wildlife Park offers an ultimate wildlife adventure, where you get up close and personal with animals. The park is set in 80 hectares and is just within 15 minutes’ away from Christchurch Airport. Visualize the buzz and excitement you’ll get by feeding a giraffe or white rhino by hand or travelling in the Lion Reserve! Visitors get to see endangered native wildlife species like kiwi (national icon of New Zealand), tuatara and kea. There is something for everyone at the Orana Wildlife Park for the whole day!

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