Best small dog harness

All dogs, whether they are big or small, love getting outside for a walk every day. They just love the opportunity of exploring their surroundings.

Doing this safely is best done by investing in the best small dog harness that money can buy. Like with all hobby activities using quality gear is a must. Our fur babies need small dog harnesses and retractable dog leashes that are reliable.

They must also be easy and comfortable when they are in use so our dogs and us can make the most of our outdoor time.

Harnesses are recommended over collars, especially when a dog likes to pull on its leash. Pets can easily do damage to their necks when they wear just collars, so harnesses are a good alternative.

Harnesses help with control and safety. When deciding on a harness for your dog consider:

The size of your dog

Some smaller breeds can be more delicate but wearing a harness may disperse the pressure from the neck to the body and the back. This means stress is spread over a bigger area.

Choking danger

Neck and trachea injuries can occur when dogs constantly yank, pull or fight against their leash. If the leash is attached to a harness it connects via a hook on the dog’s back between the shoulders. This means the harness can take the stress off the dog’s neck. You can also get harnesses that attach to the head or the chest.


Dogs that fight the leash, or get excited, jumping around and twisting their bodies can become tangled, they can also tie up their humans too! Strong dogs are capable of quickly wrapping the leash around the walker’s legs, fingers, feet or arms and can cause injuries.

When your dog becomes excited, it has no conception of its strength. Nor does it understand that you may be hurting. It’s not uncommon for walkers to be pulled over by really strong dogs when they become tangled up in their leash. With the best harness, it is much more difficult for tangling to occur.


Wearing a harness gives you a lot of control when you train a dog. It is much easier to attach the leash to the chest or back of a dog than it is to attach a collar to a pet that is wriggling because it doesn’t like being on the leash.

When training is easier, a dog learns to associate the harness with a pleasant experience going on a walk with its owner.


Some dogs really don’t like being restrained and can work their collars off their necks. When a harness is fitted correctly it is much more difficult for them to escape.

Harnesses are also easy to attach a car’s seat belt so the dog can be kept safe while you are driving. It means if there is an accident, your dog will be held in place securely.

Dog harnesses come in many different styles. Each one is designed for whatever a dog needs. Some are simply straps. Others have an amount of material covering areas of the dogs’ backs or chests. There are even different styles that have alternate attachment points. 

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