Esteemed Benefits of Coconut Oil and Uses: A Super Food

coconut and honey to get rid of dandruff

When I was a young girl grandma use to tell me the benefits of coconut oil on the hairs and skin, and since years we are underestimating the magic hidden in this very precious oil. Obviously, coconut oil uses can improve your hairs and skin but it can also perk up the immunity and the functioning of digestive system and can even lose some unhealthy weight with this oil.

So, people today we are going to discuss few of such very valuable advantages and uses of this super food. But before we move on to the benefits of coconut oil let’s have a quick look at its contents, which has made coconut oil a bone:


What Makes Coconut Oil A Super Food:

Coconut oil contains MCFAs, the medium-chain fatty acids, which makes it the healthiest foods on the globe. Coconut oil uses can introduce MCFAs in your body which gets very easily digested and can retain a sound amount of energy unlike long-chain fatty acids LCFAs. The MCFAs are anti-fungal as well as anti-microbial.

Around 91% of the fat this oil contains is a healthy saturated fat and 62% of the oil is full of three of the damn healthy fatty acids.

Coconut Oil Uses:


Coconut Oil Uses In Recipes And Cooking:

• It can act as a very healthy replacement for the vegetable oil in your regular recipes.

• It is great oil when it comes to high smoke cooking. You can stir-fry, bake or can even use it as a replacement for butter.

• Add it to your morning coffee and it will act like a coffee creamer.

• Make some coconut cluster for the kids at home.

• You can even make a very energetic smoothie from the coconut oil. For this, you just have to add 1 to 2 tablespoon of the coconut oil to the fruit smoothie.

• You can spread some coconut oil on the bread instead of the regular butter and make your breakfast healthy.

• You can even seal the opened pores of the eggs and make it longer lasting in your refrigerator.

Coconut Oil Uses For The Skin:

You might be shocked to know coconut oil is the hidden ingredient in many beauty products. It can moisturize your complete body, you can remove your makeup, you can even clean your face, and you can even highlight your chicks through it.
• Directly apply it on your skin and it will become a body lotion. It will moisturize your skin and make it wrinkle free.

• Blend it with shea butter and you will get a skin balm.

• You want a deodorant, apply coconut oil.

• Mix it with your regular sunscreen and you will get an extra skin soothing sun protection.

• Add few drops of your beloved essential oil and your massage oil is ready.

• Rub it on your lips to get pink and glowing lips.

• Are your cuticles getting black or started hurting, you can cure it with some coconut oil massage on your cuticles.

• Flaky elbows? No problem you have coconut oil, rub it off!

04Coconut Oil Uses For Hairs:

We hate dull and fuzzy hairs, but when you have coconut oil at your home, you can easily make your hairs shine.

• Dull hairs? Need a conditioner? Wash off your hairs with a good shampoo, now apply some coconut oil and leave it for few minutes. Go under a shower for 2 minutes. Let your hairs dry naturally. And here you go! You have your shiny hairs.

• Massage it on your scalp and it will stimulate the hair growth.

• Dab it on your fuzzy hairs and it will turn smooth and soft.


Other Coconut Oil Uses:

• Pleasant Aroma:

You can even use coconut oil along with few drops of essential oil in an oil diffuser and let your home fill with healthy and pleasuring scent.

• Stuck Gum:

Stuck gum on your hairs can be awfully frustrating, to get rid of this you just have to apply coconut oil and gum will leave your tresses. Same is the same with the furniture, apply coconut oil in the area where you see the gum stuck with the furniture, leave it for some time, gum it automatically leave the place without any stain.

• Anti-Fungal Cream:

You can even use coconut oil as an anti-fungal cream. Coconut contains antibiotic goodness and due to this, it has the power of killing the harmful fungus and bacteria. If you have a foot and skin fungus infection you can apply it on your the contaminated area.

• Diaper Rash:

It can even cure the painful diaper rash, you just have to apply coconut oil on the rash of your baby and leave it untouched for few minutes, it will quickly take off the redness, irritation and rash.

• Shoe Shiner:

Instead of taking your leather shoes to a repairer or buying a very costly leather repair kit, spread some coconut oil on your shoes, boots or heels. This will give them very beautiful shine and make them look new again.

• Detergent:

Yes you just have to mix coconut oil with, water, lye and essential oil so as to form a soapy solution. The benefit of coconut oil solution is it is non-toxic and it will not harm your skin.

• Prevents Dust:

Rub a little amount of coconut oil on the surface of plastic, wood or cement and let it dry. Don’t wash. It will not let the dirt accumulate on the surface and will stop the growth of bacteria.

• Rust Reducer:

Rubbing some coconut oil on your car parts, metal furniture and even on silver wear will make it rust free.

• For Pets:

It can even work with the pets facing skin issues. For this apply some coconut oil on your pet’s skin or hairs and see the results.

• Bug Repellent:

Mixed some coconut oil with mint, rosemary or catnip and your bug repellent is ready.

Benefits Of Coconut Oil:

High Blood Pressure And Heart Disease:

Through coconut oil, you can even say the last bye to the heart diseases and high blood pressure. As told you earlier coconut oil enclose some of the healthy natural saturated fat, this fat has the power to convert the cholesterol that is not good for the body (LDL) into the good cholesterol (HDL).

By increasing the level of HDL it reduces the risk of heart diseases and high blood pressure.
Liver Protection: The MCFAs present in the coconut oil is a natural antibiotic that can kill the harmful bacteria of the urinary tract and hence can protect the liver and kidney for getting damaged.

Enhanced Brain Functioning:

MCFAs present in the coconut oil can also improve your recall ability, which means you can easily keep the things memorized. A study published in the year 2004 says that Middle-chain fatty acids found in the coconut oil can give a tough fight to the memory problems.

So next time you think, you are not remembering something, eat coconut!


Prevention From The Tooth Decay:

Stretching the benefits of coconut oil the next thing I have for you is shining white teeth. Yes! Coconut oil can even give you healthy gums and can avert tooth decay, How? Coconut oil has antibacterial property and using which one can get rid of the bacteria behind your crumbling teeth. When you swish the oil in your mouth, it kills the bacteria and gets stick to your teeth, making it bacteria-free.

Weight Loss:

Obesity is quite a big issue nowadays, people are crazily searching for the weight loss treatment, without knowing that they have the best remedy at their kitchen shelf. 25 to 30 grams of MCFAs has the capacity to increase your body energy expenditure by 5%, making around 120 calories in a day.

We all know that different facts acts on your body in a different manner and so as the case with the fats present in the coconut oil. As compared to the other fats, it actually increases the number of calories you burn per day.

Immunity Booster:

Coconut oil has capric acid, lauric acid and caprylic acid and it has antifungal, antimicrobial, antiviral and antibacterial challenging harmful elements present in the body and hence boosting immunity.


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