A Complete Beach Wedding Guide to Getting Married in Koh Samui

Have you ever dreamed of saying your vows to the one you love on beautiful white sands with the sparkling sea in the background? If a beach wedding in a paradise like Koh Samui, Thailand, appeals, our complete Beach Wedding Guide has everything you need to know to make it a stress-free and sumptuous day to remember.

Why Koh Samui is the ideal location for your beach wedding

The island of Koh Samui is a breathtaking location for weddings, boasting spectacular white sand beaches that stretch for miles, as far as the eye can see. The temperature is great year round and there’s no limit to the beaches, restaurants, shopping, or water-sports adventures to make your stay one to remember. It’s easy to get to and there are so many options with a wide variety of wedding venues and ceremonies suitable for every budget. You’ll be able to have your wedding and honeymoon all in one beautiful place for a fraction of the price of a wedding back home. Getting married in Koh Samui really is a unique and unforgettable experience!

Get your paperwork sorted first

Getting married in Thailand is fairly easy and there aren’t many hoops to jump through. You’ll need to visit your country’s embassy in Bangkok to obtain an Affirmation of Freedom to Marry and then translate and legalise it. Then your marriage will need to be registered at the local district office. Generally it doesn’t take more than 1-2 days and your wedding planner will be able to advise you on exactly what you need to do. Your other option is to carry out all the legal bits back home and just save the ceremony and honeymoon for Thailand.

Consider choosing a full wedding package

To ensure that your wedding day will be perfect, you’ll need to think ahead and organise wedding venues, decoration, food, music and everything else to make your special day one you’ll treasure forever. The simplest way to go about this is to invest in a wedding package at one of the many hotels that offer this service. They will have a team of wedding planners whose job it is to organise a blissful wedding for you, and they’ll manage all the micro details so you can relax. Decorations, flowers and food are all included. Another bonus of selecting a complete wedding package is that you might get complimentary nights in the hotel, special wedding meals or treats like massages thrown in.

The main drawback to selecting a package for your beach wedding in Thailand is that there is less flexibility – the venue might have a certain formula they want to follow. Be sure to discuss this when you are first contacting them about their packages to find out if it’s something you’re comfortable with – you don’t want little niggles spoiling your big day.

Villa wedding or hotel wedding?

If you want something more private and quieter for your beach wedding in Thailand, you could opt for a villa wedding. Many of them are located on or above remote beaches, which effectively becomes your own luxury private beach! You’ll avoid the crowds, have no one lurking in your wedding photos and it’s much easier to spend quality time together with family if you’re all staying together in a villa. Do be aware that many villas are built in traditional Thai style and may not be as accessible for any elderly guests or those with mobility issues.

Do you want a Western wedding or a traditional Thai ceremony?

Both options are easy to organise so it’s really up to you and your personal preferences. If you go for a Western wedding ceremony, it can be as formal or casual as you desire. Traditional Thai ceremonies incorporate elements of music, dance and ritual in a graceful and beautiful ceremony where the bride and groom are married by orange-robed Buddhist monks.

Don’t forget the wedding photographer!

Make sure that you organise your wedding photographer in advance. Check their sample photos of previous events so that you know you’ll be getting amazing photos worthy of your big day. There’s no shortage of experienced wedding photographers in Koh Samui who will be able to capture every moment of your beach wedding so that you have beautiful photos to look back on and show off.

What to wear to your Thai beach wedding?

It’s hot and humid in Thailand, so natural fabrics like silk and cotton will keep you cool and comfortable. There are tailors available in Koh Samui but it’s much safer to bring your wedding outfits with you – you don’t want a delay to affect your big day! If your wedding ceremony is taking place in a Thai temple, you’ll need to make sure that knees and shoulders are covered for both men and women, but other than that there are no specific requirements so let your personal style guide your outfit decisions.

So there you have it, our complete guide to getting married in Koh Samui. If you follow these simple steps you’ll be set for a stress-free, blissful Thai beach wedding – the perfect way to celebrate your big day.

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