Basic Fashion Guidelines for the Mother of Bride

Your Daughter’s wedding is coming,and you haven’t picked up your dress? It’s very common; you must have other things to tend. It’s alright, but you better start looking for a dress now because time want be on your side. Following, we are giving some basic guidelines to give you a general idea of how you should dress for the occasion. Follow these guidelines!

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When you are shopping for Mother of The Bride Dresses, look for simple yet elegant options. Following, we are explaining a few options:

  • Tea Length

The Tea Length is practical and elegant. It finishes a few inches below the Knee. This midi style lets you move freely while carrying a more polished look.

  • Long Dress

This is a formal occasion, so you must dress accordingly. A long dress will suit you best. Fortunately, there are several variations of gowns and maxis available today. Just pick something that sets with your style and color.

  • Short Dresses

If you want to wear a long dress, you don’t have to force yourself into doing it. You can wear a cocktail or knee-length dress. Just go with a classic style like a pencil or fit and flare. Make sure the hem is close to your knees.

  • Summer Dress

If your daughter has planned her big day during the hot season, then you better dress accordingly. You need to choose a dress that will help you beat the heat while looking elegant. You must consider the length of the dress, the weight of the material, sleeve,and color.

In case you are looking for Plus Size Mother of the Bride Dresses, then look for a flattering style that will highlight your curves instead of hiding them. Try a pencil dress or the empire waist gown. They will look ravishing on you!


Jackets are elegant. It doesn’t matter if you are wearing them because of cold weather, or you want to polish your look, they always prove to be an excellent addition to your ensemble. However,you can’t just pick any design and hope it will accommodate you.

You have to pick a chiffon design or lace bolero that matches your dress’s color.


You cant forgive footwear on this special occasion. Find the perfect pair of shoes that will go along with your outfit. Heeled sandals are an excellent choice, especially if you are buying them in gold, blush or nude shade. But if you are wearing a dark dress, then you are better off with a classic black.


You need something to keep your phone, lipstick, and car keys on your daughter’s wedding. Don’t worry; a hard-shell clutch will accommodate you. Yes, you are not allowed to take your regular carry bag. It will ruin your dress. Get something special for your daughter’s big day.


Jewelry is the key to complete your look. But you better stick with the classics including diamonds and pearls. If you want to wear something else like gold or rose gold, then mind the color of your outfit and your skin tone.

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