9 Driving Laws Everyone Has to Follow

Any driver knows all too well how many rules and restrictions you have to learn in order to pass your driving test. With more and more vehicles now on the roads, driving restrictions are becoming stricter by the year. Whether you’re a learner or an advanced driver, it’s important that you stay up to date with the laws of the road. Here are nine driving laws that everyone must follow.

  1. Using Your Cell Phone While Driving

For good reason, cell phone driving laws are extremely strict.  Driving while on your cell phone significantly increases your risk of having an accident.

Drivers who are caught on their phones while behind the wheel will receive a hefty fine as well as potential points on their licence. If you’ve been driving for under two years, this could mean getting your licence removed.

Not only does this apply to mobile phones, but it also applies to any of your electronic devices, including iPods or iPads. If you want to use any of the above, pull over and turn your vehicle off before using them.

2. Driving Too Slowly

Believe it or not, it’s not only speeding that is against the law. Driving well below the speed limit is also not allowed, as this is also deemed a huge safety risk. You could be fined and receive at least three points on your licence.

3. Splashing Pedestrians

Sometimes you might not be able to avoid a huge puddle at the side of the road. However, you can drive slowly through it to avoid causing mini tsunamis! It’s actually illegal to drench a passer-by on the side of the road because it’s classed as being inconsiderate to other people. If you’ve not been concentrating on the condition of the road ahead, and you splash a pedestrian, you could face points on your licence and a fine.

4. Driving with Certain Medical Conditions

Driving laws in many countries state that you must inform the driving and vehicle licensing authorities of any major medical conditions that may affect your ability to drive. Although many people are aware of this law, most people do not realize the extensive list of health conditions that must be disclosed. Make sure to do your research and read a little more about this so you are not accidentally breaking the law.

5. Flashing Your Lights

Many of us flash our lights to say thank you to other drivers or to warn them of an upcoming speed camera. However, using your headlights for either of these is legal. Your headlights should only be flashed to warn another driver of your presence.

6. Driving with Snow or Ice on Your Windows

When you’re in a rush and you’re late to work, it’s very tempting to set off driving before your windscreen has fully cleared. However, driving with snow or ice blocking your view is against the law. All drivers must be missed and deice their windows and mirrors before setting off. Failure to do so is seen as careless driving. It’s also illegal to drive with snow on the roof of your car because it can I have either fall onto your windscreen, blocking your view, or it can fall onto the road and cause a safety hazard for the drivers.

7. Using Your Car as a Taxi

Looking for a bit of extra income? You may be tempted to turn your vehicle into a taxi service and charge people for lifts. However, taxi services are highly regulated and it’s illegal to make money from giving people lifts. The fines you would be charged are likely going to be much higher than any money you would make from your illegal taxi services! Note that accepting fuel money is legal, though.

8. Driving with Unrestrained Pets in the Vehicle

As lovely as it is to take your pets with you for the journey, allowing your dog to lean its head out of the window while driving along the highway can lead to some not-so-cute repercussions. Having an unrestrained pet in the vehicle can result in a large fine and possibly some penalty points.

There aren’t necessarily any direct laws or penalties related to having unrestrained pets in your car. However, it can be labeled as ‘driving while distracted’ which increases your risk of getting into an accident.

9. No Number Plates

Failure to display clear and clean registration plates at the front and back of your vehicle could result in hefty fines. don’t forget your plates next time you give your car a clean.

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