8 RULES of strength training

And you wondered: Can your strength trainings be effective?

Does everyone who lift weights have this question to themselves from time to time? If you only practice what works best, or something that was used, the hope for good results is not necessary.

As with any activity, strength trainings need to be guided by important principles and rules to maximize your performance. Then your training will be effective. Everyone is dreaming of that, with less effort get the maximum benefit. And this is possible only when you strictly follow important rules. How exactly? Let’s talk about some of them.

  1. Use your head during workouts. The mind is the most important thing in the training process. It has to be built in the right spirit. You must believe in yourself and your result. Before starting your workout, take a few minutes to tune in mentally. Control the entire training process with your head. Consider what you are doing. Learn to have fun with every exercise and every attempt. Love what you do.
  2. Train well. The first step is to learn how to technically perform the exercises. And only after that, choose the load, gradually increasing it, depending on individual capabilities and growth rates.
  3. Do warm up at the beginning and cool down at the end of each workout. First, we need our muscles to “wake up” and prepare them for training in the main part. This will give the best base load effect. The training program, and in the beginning – the warm-up, and in the end – cool down must include exercises to stretch the muscles. These exercises should be complemented with relaxation exercises, coordination exercises, and agility exercises.
  4. Learn to hold it. Moreover, you need to learn this drill, both during the execution of the exercises, and in anticipation of visible results from strength trainings. The dramatic results are not immediately visible, everything takes time and patience. This may take a few months.Learn to hold it
  5. Make strength trainings regularly. Don’t think that more is better. Usually, 3 workouts per week are sufficient. But do not miss a single workout for a whole year without good reason. Then it will become the way of your life.
  6. Do not ignore recovery and do not overtrain. Experienced coaches and athletes are very well aware of each law – that the result does not depend on training themselves, but on the recovery process after workouts. Therefore, the rest should be of high quality and include not only good nutrition, sleep but also massage, sauna, as well as psychological relief. It can take your body 48 to 72 hours to fully recover from intense strength training. A good coach will also individually select an optional load. Since an irrational low load will not give the desired effect, and from too strong overtraining, you can get injured and get poor physical conditioning. Overtraining is strictly prohibited!
  7. Mind what you eat. The correct training system is not only a training process. It is also about recovery and balanced nutrition. If the body does not get the required amount of protein, we do not have the material to build muscle. If you do not have enough vitamins and minerals that the body itself will suffer, because it is not necessary to provide for yourself. The body enters the desired amount of nutrients. Scientists say that 80% of our appearance is determined by how we eat. Basic nutritional principles are worth studying and always following.
  8. Find a good coach and pick the program. The coach will take into account all the characteristics of your body and select the optimal and effective program, taking into account the preparedness of the body, the level of development of physical qualities, or even certain characteristics in the state of health. If a professional coach is not around, training templates are already ready to help, for example – the leg strength program. During the training watch your body and adjusts the load and exercise to achieve the best outcome for yourself. This process is continuous.
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