Land Ownership in Scotland – The Ultimate Gift

Us Canadians typically have all the latest gadgetry, which can make it a challenge to find suitable gifts and with that in mind, we found a unique gift that absolutely no one would be expecting. The recipient will actually have an official title of Lord or Lady , according to an ancient Scottish Law that states that the owner of specific plots of land in the Scottish Highlands are allowed to use their Land Title of Lord or Lady.

Online Solutions

If you would like to make a purchase of a tiny piece of land in the Scottish Highlands, an established company offers Scotland Titles to their clients and the recipient receives a Title Deed stating their title is legitimate. 

From Laird to Lord or Lady

Scotland is a nation steeped in history and according to Scottish Law, a landowner has the legal right to use the title “Laird”, term that has no direct translation into English, although the nearest is a Lord or Lady. This means that when you invest in 1 single square foot of land in the Scottish Highlands, the recipient of this ‘gift’ can legally use their newly acquired title of ‘Lord’ or ‘Lady’.

Great Conversation Starter

Most newly titled Lord and Ladies have name cards printed with their title and this leads to some amazing dialogue when a person discovers they are on the presence of nobility. Who knows, this might lead to discounts when making purchases and will likely result in having a few new friends!

Eco-Friendly Solutions

The provider makes a pledge that they will plant one tree for every land sale; the lucky recipient receives the Google Earth Co-ordinations to view their land; we think that makes for an ideal desktop image, plus you also receive the Official Land Title Deed, which you should frame and keep in a safe place. This gives you a firm connection with your new asset, which can be bequeathed in your will.

Preventing Future Development

One of the goals of this program is to prevent the land being developed; although you are not permitted to build on your plot, no one else can, so the land can remain in its natural condition, which is forest.

Google can take you to the provider and you can set the ball rolling to make a special person a Scottish Landowner with an official title.

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