6 Tips To Improve Your Accounts Payable System

In simple words, accounts payable is the total debt you need to pay off to vendors and other third parties for the services you receive. These third parties can include banks, other businesses, and even separate individuals. Standard accounts payable expenses include products and equipment, raw material, transport and logistics, licensing, and loans. Even though clearing accounts payable is perhaps one of the essential processes in all businesses, several business owners complain about its constantly growing issues and concerns. There is slow processing, matching errors, unauthorized purchases, and double payments. The case of disappearing invoices is also becoming pretty standard. The list continues but finding solutions to these problems is highly crucial. Otherwise, a business will never be able to pay off its debt and might have to shut down. To avoid such circumstances, you need a more efficient and advanced accounts payable system. Read below to find out a few essential tips for improving your accounts payable system.

The first and most essential factor most people overlook is the importance of building good relationships with your suppliers. Remember, vendors prefer doing business with people who can help them in return. Therefore, carefully evaluate your relationship with your suppliers and take all necessary steps to improve it. Start by researching how your process fits them to manage purchase orders, how comfortable they are with digital payments, and their order weightage. Professional relationships are crucial to the success of a business; they help formulate and offer a much more personalized and better experience. 

  • Employ a professional accountant

A professional with a Master in Accountancy degree under their belt is more likely to be familiar with complex accounting tasks than someone who lacks adequate knowledge and experience. And staying on top of your re-payments is not easy at all. Hence, this tip is a no-brainer. If your business has many suppliers or borrows money frequently, consider hiring someone dedicated to managing your accounts payables. This person’s job will include tracking how much money is due and when it is due. This person will also be responsible for making timely payments, maintaining your credit score, and maintaining cordial relations with your suppliers.

  • Go paperless 

Going paperless can solve half of your accounts payable problems, and it’s no joke. Switching to electronic bills can speed up the process, reduce the risk of loss or damage, and prevent late payments. A paperless accounts payable system ensures transparency since chances of fraud reduce considerably. It increases efficiency and lowers costs. You can also track your data from anywhere in the world at any time. Hence, you have both remote access and complete control over your accounts. A paperless system is far more accessible than a traditional, inconvenient process. It is also environmentally friendly as it contributes towards reduced wastage. 

Most vendors have an option of both a digital invoice and a paper invoice. You must encourage your supplier to send your invoices via email. It will save you time and also allow you to store all your records safely in one place. 

  • Archive your data 

Keeping track of your invoice data is essential, especially for small businesses. It would be best to make a habit of immediately transferring all data online as soon as you receive any billing documentation. Keeping a backup file is also helpful.  Keep your data secure with security policy.  

Some practical ways to organize and keep track of your invoices include sending automatic payment reminders to avoid missed deadlines. Don’t overcomplicate your invoicing process. Instead, please keep it simple to make it more accessible for yourselves and your clients. Also, consider automating your invoice process. Technology is doing wonders in accounting; an automated invoice-generating system can considerably increase efficiency. 

  • Make use of technology 

Technological innovations are no surprise to any of us. Although, technology’s breakthrough in automating the accounts payable system has been nothing less than remarkable. Implementing technology is now a mandatory step to improve your accounts payable system. Intelligent data captures can enable companies to leverage AI to extract data from invoices. AI-powered business tools carry the capability of automatically detecting any mismatches from the system. Digitized invoice processing can lead to enhanced resource utilization and reduced error. It can help take advantage of monetization opportunities such as early discounts. 

Technological integration also leads to faster processes, enhanced insights, and more straightforward auditing. There is higher transparency of data, improved accuracy, and improved supplier collaborations. 

  • Always review data regularly 

Even though technological growth is significantly beneficial for keeping track of the amount of money you owe, errors can still arise because of irregular data reviewing. The volume of digital data can grow exponentially over time. It is best if you remain aware of all the processes to understand their value. Reviewing data can improve efficiency, compliance, and data quality. But most importantly, it helps you make informed decisions that can transform your business into something more significant. 

You can identify risk, reduce fraud, show trends in your AP processes, and improve cash flow planning by reviewing your data. You can also increase working capital, monitor the value and volume of invoices and planning, and partake in auditing for activities. 


No business can survive without an efficient accounts payable system. Some experts call it the backbone of all companies that borrow often. And in today’s world, efficiency is directly linked to technology. The benefits an automated accounts payable system can bring to your business are unmatchable. Manual processing is now a dated process. It leads to inefficiency and errors. It is immensely time-consuming, slows down decision-making, and increases the risk of fraud. This article mentions a few tips to upgrade your accounts payable system. Consider using these to stay on top of your payments and maintain a healthy credit score.


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