42 Dugg Height, Birthday, Career, and All Details You Want to Know

42 Dugg is a famous American rapper who debut in the year 2018. He rose to fame after featuring in the song “Grace.” In this blog, we will be talking about everything related to him, from early life to physical appearances such as 42 Dugg height and weight to his music career.

Dugg’s birth name is Dion Marquise Hayes, but he changed it since it is hard to remember. 42 Dugg is pronounced as 4-2 Dugg and not forty-two Dugg.

He signed with the label Interscope Records. It is a joined label by Yo Gotti, Collective Music Group (CMG), and Lil Baby, whose label is 4 Pockets Full (4FP).

42 Dugg gained fame for his collaboration with Lil Baby in 2 songs called “We Paid” and “Grace.” Also, “We Paid” became the first song of 42 Dugg, which was in the top ten in Billboard Hot 100.

Furthermore, his 2nd mixtape was “Young and Turnt,” which debuted in Billboard 200, and his 4th mixtape, “Free Dem Boyz,” did very well on Billboard 200.

Now let’s dive in more about 42 Dugg height, family, relationship status, and professional life.

Early Life of 42 Dugg

42 Dugg was born on November 25, 1994, and his sun sign is Sagittarius. He was raised on the East Side of Detroit, Michigan, near the Weyburn Steet and Whittier Avenue. His ethnicity is Black, and he stated that he follows Christianity. There is not much information related to his family, siblings, or relatives.

When he was 15 years old, he got arrested for carjacking and was sentenced to 4 years. However, after few months, he got in a fight with another prison mate, which extended his sentence for two more years making his prison time six years.

For both the thing he had to spend a month on solitary confinement. When he was in jail, he used to write many lyrics to pass his time. At the age of 22, the law freed him from prison.

Physical Appearance

42 Dugg height and weight

42 Dugg height is 5 feet 1 inch, and 42 Dugg height in centimeter is 156. Since 42 Dugg height is below average for an American man, many people on the internet make fun of him.

However, when people asked him about 42 Dugg height, he said he is not insecure. It is not something one should laugh about.

Also, he is 56 kg and 124 lbs in weight.

Body Mass

  • Measurements are 38, 12.5, and 30
  • Chest is 96 cm or 38 in, waist 75 cm or 30 in
  • Biceps and arms are 32 cm or 12.5 in

42 Dugg has dark brown eyes, and his hair is jet black. He wears 6.5 size shoes.

Why is his name 42 Dugg?

There was a local group/gang in his hometown called Hustle Boys. The 42 in his name is the numerical reference of this group. Moreover, the H in Hustle and B in Boys represent 4 and 2 on our phone keypad.


42 Dugg always used rap as a hobby until he met Lil Baby, an American rapper, in 2017. At this time, he realized that he wanted to be a rapper.

He first gains attention for the tracks “STFU” and “The Streets.” After the success of these two songs, he signed with Interscope Records.

Moreover, he became popular nationally when featured on Lil Baby’s song “Grace” in February 2020. This song peaked at 48 number on the Billboard Hot 100.

Later he was also featured in Lil Baby’s song called “We Paid.” The song was released in May 2020, and it peaked at number ten on Billboard Hot 100.

Due to these songs, his mixtape called “Young and Turnt 2” also peaked at 58 on Billboard 200. Also, the mixtape ranked 6th on the Independent Album chart by Billboard.

After the success of both mixtapes has been a guest feature on many songs by other artists such as Mulatto, Lil Keed, Big Sean, Marshmello, T. I., Meek Mill, Tory Lanez, Blac Youngsta, and Kaash Paige.

Also, in May 2021, Billboard called 42 Dugg “R&B or Hip-Hop Rookie of the Month.” In the same month, he released his 4th mixtape called the “Free Dem Boyz.”

42 Dugg was featured on XXL Freshman Class as well.

Free Dem Boyz

The album was released May 21, 2021, and the mixtape featured some well-known artists in the United States, such as Roddy Ricch, Rowdy Rabel, Lil Durk, Fivio Foreign, Future, EST Gee, and Rylo Rodriguez.

Moreover, the label heads and executive producers Yo Gotti and Lil Baby produced many songs in the mixtape.

Some other producers and songwriters who contributed to the mixtape include:

  • DJ Swift
  • G1
  • 808Melo
  • Ry
  • Ok Tanner
  • Mook on the Beat
  • Nash Beats
  • Antt Beatz
  • Flex on the Beat
  • Nicky, Veno the Builder
  • Chosen 1
  • Yung Dee
  • Carlo
  • Helluva
  • Murda Beatz
  • Einer Bankz
  • Tay Tay Made
  • Pooh Beatz
  • DMac Too Bangin
  • Monique Winning
  • Rio Leyva,
  • Tyy machine
  • Taz Taylor
  • Section 8
  • Wristy Boi

The mixtape was dedicated to 42 Dugg’s friends and family in prison and the people he knew who are dead now. All the songs from the mixtape are a tribute to them, also the uptempo songs.

Furthermore, on the mixtape cover, all the names of his family and friends who were still in prison were written there, such as Mery, Dunk, Onte, Nell, KWE, MD, Skeet, Dirt, and Wild.

On the first week of the “Free Dem Boyz,” it debuted at eight on Billboard 200, 42 Dugg’s biggest charting mixtape.

Album release

On May 17, 2021, he announced the release date. Also, 42 Dugg posted the cover of the mixtape, and the title was written on it.

Also, the next day he posted the list of the artists who were featured in his mixtape. He also put the pre-order link of Apple Music on his social media platforms on the same day.

Album singles

The mixtape’s lead single was “Free Merey,” which was released a year before the mixtape on August 21. The second single was released in November 2020, called “Free Woo.” Just 20 days after this single, on November 26, he released his third single called “Free Me.”

Moreover, the fourth single, “4 Da Gang,” collaborated with Roddy Ricch, an American Rapper, and it was released in April 2021. The last single was “Maybach,” and Future, an American rapper, featured. This one was released in May 2021.

Shooting at a music video shoot

On February 21, 2021, 42 Dugg and Roddy Ricch were shooting for the music video “4 Da Gang,” and a shooting occurred near the studio. The shooting left three people injured in that place. However, all the injured people survived.

Later, OMB Peezy, an American hip-hop musician, was charged and arrested for the shooting and carrying of a gun.

Guest Appearance on other artist songs

Here is a list of all the songs 42 Dugg featured on, the album name, and the release year:

Lil Baby

His album name was “My Turn.” The songs were “We Paid” and “Grace.” “Grace” charted on US chart at 48, and for US R&B or Hip-Hop chart, it charted at 23.

The song “We Paid” charted on the US at 10, US R&B Hip-Hop at 8, NZ Hot at 42, the UK at 31, CAN at 89, and WW at 93.

Both of the songs were certified RIAA: 2× Platinum.

Lil Keed

The album name was “Trapped on Cleveland 3,” and 42 Dugg was featured on the song “Twisted.” However, the song did not charge well.

Big Sean

Dugg was featured on the song “Friday Night Cypher” in the album Detroit 2. It was debut number 2 on Billboard Hot 100.

Blac Youngsta

In this album, “Code Red,” Dugg was featured on “Gun Smoke.”

Blac Youngsta also did an album with Yo Gotti, and 42 Dugg was also featured in one of the songs called “Streets.” The album name was “Fuck Everybody 3”.

T. I.

I.’s 11 album was “The LIBRA,” and “On the Hood,” Dugg was featured on the song ” On the Hood.

Meek Mill

The album name was “Quarantine Pack,” and “GTA” was the song. The song was also charted on US R&B or Hip-Hop chart at 47.

Tory Lanez

Dugg was featured on the song “My Time to Shine” on the album “Loner.”

Pop Smoke

Pop Smoke’s album was “Faith,” and 42 Dugg was featured on “Bout a Million.”

42 Dugg Net worth

As of reports, 42 Dugg net worth is about 1.2 million dollars. However, we do not have any information about all of his properties.

Social Media Platforms of 42 Dugg

  • Instagram– @42_dugggg
  • YouTube Channel– @42 Dugg Music
  • Facebook– @42 Dugg
  • Twitter– @42 Dugg

42 dugg height

Music Style of 42 Dugg

Dugg’s vocal style is a bit slurred and unclear with auto-tune. This type of unclear rap is mumble rap, according to the United States music industry.

Also, he whistles in most of his songs which become his signature style. In every piece since his 2020 mixtape “Young and Turnt 2”, he has a whistle in them.


Legal Issues

42 Dugg was arrested for federal firearm charges. There was video proof that showed Dugg had possessed a gun. He then loads and fires it. It was a 9 mm Glock pistol, according to a police report. This happened in March 2020.

After just three months of this incident, on June 5, 42, Dugg fled a traffic stop on his rented SUV. Moreover, he ran through the stop sign, and he was a fugitive for eight weeks. The police worked with the rental car company to catch him.

On August 4, Dugg was arrested, and he was charged with a 3rd-degree offense because he fled from the cops. Moreover, he had to pay $20,000 for evading imprisonment.

7 Facts about 42 Dugg

  • When he was young 42 Dugg joined different schools but could not complete his education correctly. For a long time, he did not go to any school. Finally, he graduated from high school in 2017.
  • He has said a lot of times that he loves cars and has a vast car collection. As of right now, he owns a G-Wagon, a Dodge, a Lamborghini, a Maybach, a Bentley, and a Cadillac.  He stated that he does not have a favorite car and rides whichever he likes to at that moment.
  • He has worked with EWM Buck, Bagboy Mel, Budget Peezy, EWM Kdoe, Office Management, and Cash Kidd on STFU.
  • Like cars, 42 Dugg also loves to spend his money on sneakers. He stated that he has a massive collection of them and often buys from Nike and Adidas.
  • On March 11, 2019, Dugg signed the contract with 4PF and CMG.
  • Dugg has grown up in Michigan in the 90s. Interestingly, his parents sent him to a Christian school rather than a public school. He went to Legacy Christian Academy.
  • Recently 42 Dugg said that he does not feel famous even though he gained a lot of attention in the USA.

Moreover, he said he might feel famous later in the future, but he does not feel anything right now.

Also, he said he does not know how to be popular. Dugg said he considers himself just a regular dude.

Final thoughts

We have covered almost everything about 42 Dugg in this article, including his early life, music career, physical appearances such as 42 Dugg height and measurement, and even all the legal issues he faced.

Being in the industry for more than three years got him a lot of fame. His feature on Lil Baby’s added much to his popularity.

Recently he released his 4th mixtape, named “Free Dem Boyz.” Further, he said that this mixtape is about his friends and family in prison and who passed away.

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