The Different Types of Diplomas for High School and College Students

Getting a diploma is a huge accomplishment and can take several years. Whether you’re graduating from high school or college there are also several different kinds of diplomas you can earn.

Your diploma is very important and recognizes that you have met all of the requirements to graduate. The kinds of classes you take will determine what type of diploma you will receive.

The Different Types of Diplomas for High School and College Students

Graduating and getting your diploma can lead to being capable of getting your dream job.

Keep reading to learn more about the types of diplomas you can receive from graduating from high school and college.

High School Types of Diplomas

You may have been lead to believe there is only one type of diploma you can receive upon graduating from high school. But there are actually several different types of high school diplomas.

General Diploma

Most people graduating from high school will receive a general diploma. This means that you have met the basic requirements to graduate.

The basic requirements are determined by your state’s department of education. Usually, to graduate, a person would need to complete at least three years of science, math, history, and English, various assignments, and stress. That’s why students often pay someone to do my homework. There could also be different types of electives that need to be taken to graduate.

Honors Diploma

Receiving an honors diploma is a very high achievement. There are additional and specific requirements for an honors diploma. You can find these out from your school’s guidance department.

Classes required for this diploma will include everything needed for a general diploma as well as more. These extra courses could be a foreign language, honors or even advanced placement classes.

Occupational Diploma

An occupational diploma is for students who participate in a vocational program. This is for students who take classes in the core four courses as well as additional courses to help them develop their vocational skills.

Students can earn credits in cosmetology, banking, retail, automotive repair and many more depending on what is offered at your school. You will receive an occupational diploma once you complete your specific program.

With this diploma, you could obtain an entry-level job in the field that you have studied. Many employers view this as a good qualification for employment. You could also be eligible to receive additional certifications for the vocational program you studied.

Certificate of Attendance

Special education students who are unable to complete the required courses because of a disability are able to receive a certificate of attendance.

This depends greatly on how well the student is able to function. It also varies from student to student on what their qualifications would be.

Graduate Equivalency Degree

A graduate equivalency degree or better known as a GED is given to students who fail to complete traditional high school. To obtain a GED you will have to take an approved GED course and pass your state’s GED exam.

The GED exam is comprehensive of what you should have learned throughout high school. Passing this exam means that you have the equivalent knowledge to a high school graduate.

If you have dropped out of school and do not want to go back to a traditional high school to finish your education, then this is the route for you.

College Types of Diplomas

Graduating from college can take anywhere between two to seven years, sometimes longer, but for most students, it only takes around four. This depends on which type of degree they’re going for and how much work it requires to obtain it. It can also differ if a student is only going to school part-time verse full-time.

There are also many different types of college diplomas. The type of college diploma you will receive depends on what you went to college for.

Associates Degree

An associates degree usually takes about two years to complete. You can get an associates degree for fields such as nursing, graphic design and other vocational studies. This will help prepare you for an entry-level position doing a vocational skill.

You can get three different kinds of associate degrees. These are an associate of arts, an associate of science and an associate of applied science.

Bachelor’s Degree

You can get a bachelor’s degree in about four or more years depending on how long it takes you to complete this undergraduate program.

To get a bachelor’s degree you will choose a major such as business, journalism, finance, communications, biology and many more. You will complete a variety of classes in these fields as well as general education before receiving your bachelor’s degree.

The types of bachelor’s degrees are bachelor’s of science, bachelor’s of arts, bachelor’s of fine arts, and bachelor’s of applied science. The type of degree you get depends on which classes and electives you choose.

Master’s Degree

You can receive a master’s degree by studying your specific field for about 1-2 years. You will first need a bachelor’s degree before getting your master’s degree. When applying to a graduate school you usually need a high GPA.

You will also need to complete a thesis or capstone project in order to graduate with your master’s degree.

Doctoral Degree

A doctoral degree is also known as a Ph.D. and is the most advanced degree possible. Receiving a doctoral degree could take several years and you will need to complete a dissertation and a major research project.

You may find it a bit more difficult to get accepted in a doctoral degree program. Sometimes they want letters of recommendation and to see good test scores.

You can become a Doctor of Philosophy, Juris Doctor, Doctor of Medicine, or Doctor of Dental Surgery.

People with this degree are qualified to work as experts in areas of business or research.

Getting a Diploma

You will get your diploma once you graduate from high school or college but sometimes you need it a bit sooner.

Once you graduate from college or even before you graduate, you will want to start applying for jobs out in the career world. This could be a great time to order a realistic diploma to prove to a future employer of your qualifications.

It can take four to six weeks for your diploma to even get mailed to you once you graduate.

Don’t Give Up

No matter which diploma or degree you’re trying to obtain, don’t ever give up. It may seem hard at the time but if you can make it through you’ll find it worth it.

A diploma can show off your accomplishments and make you realize how much hard work you put in to obtain it.

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