Your Guide To Start Video Marketing From Scratch With A Low Budget

By now, we do not need to re-instate the popularity of video content. The consumption and thus, the production of video content is growing at a rapid rate. With apps increasing their video sharing limits to accommodate the growing use and demand for video content, the future is in video content. 

But, as the whole world realizes this, there will be a lot of video content traffic online – more than there already is. As traffic and demand increases, so do the associated costs. With the costs of paid campaigns and video marketing increasing almost as rapidly as the demand, you need to find a way to create an effective marketing campaign such that your videos will truly be noticed amongst all the noise. 

What must you pay attention to? 

Sustainable Structured Growth For Your Video Content

Well, what with all the people making money with video and posting about it on social media, you must be pretty enthusiastic about getting started with your own campaign. But, hold on, the popular video makers have been content creators for years on end. How do you get quick results? No one is looking for a shortcut here, but no one wants to wait for years either. Right? So, what we can do is aim for sustainable structured growth. 

Sustainable structured growth is about simply formulating a set of practices that you could follow, which will help achieve continually increasing interactions with your video content! 

You could either hire video marketing companies to do that for you – or, you could do it yourself and learn a new skill in the process! 

Here are some tips to get started with your Video Marketing campaign from scratch on a budget! 

The Power Of Clickbait Titles 

Those who do not understand this concept highly undermine the effect of using this concept correctly. You could be spending a fortune on paid ads, but you will always find a chance to enhance your results with click-bait titles. 

Click-bait titles not only explain what is in your content, but they also work as catalysts to clicks. Writing words that compel readers to click on your content is definitely a skill to pick up and very effective when used correctly and regularly. 

Click-bait titles are like the starters of any meal. Just like with any meal, you judge the restaurant based on the first taste of the food you put in your mouth. Click-bait titles work like bait to a fish or cheese to a mouse. You must do proper research and understand what words are searched the most. 

Having a deep understanding of the topics and effectively highlighting the right points is the key to making a click-bait title. All it takes is a little understanding of consumer behavior, which can be done with analytics. 


Well, you could say you do not have anything to analyze yet! The fact is, you need to integrate your video sharing account with an analytics tool. Without a software tool to help you understand the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, you are truly lost. 

Online ads are made to extend your reach to specific people, and analytics tools are made to help you understand the behavioral patterns of your audience. Both go hand in hand. Apart from saving you a lot of money on paid ads – where you could spend a fortune targeting the wrong people and get NO results, analytics tools help you develop an understanding of your audience. 

Without an analysis tool to affirm your understanding, you could be completely wrong about your target audience! Or, you could be right about your audience but fail to hold their attention for long enough. You might need to make significant changes to your videos, and you might need to make them soon! 

Analytics tools help you even before you have started your campaigns. Right from tracking individual ads to complete campaigns, you can get in-depth information about your target audience and how best to tap into them from analytics tools. This information will help you formulate a strategy accordingly. 


With software tools being the best friends of video content creators, there is something new being introduced almost every day. With so many new tools being launched, there are umpteen options out there for video content creators to pick one and get started. 

There is the option of outsourcing the editing and the sound effects and all the other things that go into editing a video. But then again, the problem with outsourcing service is that you could end up wasting a lot of money.  

While on the other hand, you could just start editing your own video and develop your skills for further use! Moreover, if you are ever outsourcing some editing work, since you know about editing yourself, you will know who to outsource from! 

With cutting edge applications like Invideo being so easy to use, you do not need to google how to make a video on a mac – just go out there, choose a template, and you are good to go! You get specific templates for specific social media sites! Each social media site reacts best to specific template parameters. Invideo has done half the job for you – and it is free! 

Include College Students

Need actors but do not have a big budget!? The simple remedy to this is to use college students! What do you get? Well, apart from cheap or in some cases free actors, you get free marketing as well! One college student tells the other they have featured in a video, and just like that, your “free actors” have given you priceless free marketing! 

Including college students means you could also get a chance to personally tell them about the video. So all in all, it all works out best for everybody! You, as the video creator, get low paid (or free) actors, the college students get their popularity, and you get the chance to fully market your video before it is even made! 

The best part about making use of college students is not just the fact that they will work for free. You could stay in contact with them and use them for all your future videos! 

Apart from just cheap actors for videos, they could even help you promote your video with their friends on social media! Getting such shares from active accounts on social media triggers the algorithm, and your video gets broadcasted to many more similar accounts! 

Use Paid Ads Correctly

Paid ads could get you a storm of new customers, or it could act as a money drainer. For those that do not know how to use an ads manager dashboard correctly, they could wipe out huge sums of money and still generate almost no results – be it google ads or Facebook / Instagram ads. 

There are many mistakes that one can make in the process of setting ads, and small mistakes can have devastating effects on your bank account. 

Without getting into many technical details, the most basic mistake that one can make with paid ads is not choosing the right audience. By choosing the wrong audience, you end up showing your content to those who will not even click on your links! This leads to a failed campaign. This is why using marketing analytics tools is so important. By using analytics tools, you get deep insights into your marketing efforts, and this makes it much easier to spot errors and, moreover, to rectify them. 

All in all, these are some of the best tips you should pay attention to if you want to do video marketing from scratch on a budget!

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