World’s Tallest Girl: Elisany Da Cruz Silva

Imagine a situation where you are in your teenage years and it’s high time for you to be an active participant in all aspects of life weather it is schooling, extra-curricular activities, socializing etc. But due to some deformities which is given to you by the nature itself makes you feel weird because people focus on your deformities rather than focusing on the kind of a human you are. At present the 20 year old tallest girl in the world height measures an incredible 6ft 9in, claiming her to be one of the tallest teens in the world.

World’s Tallest Girl Elisany Da Cruz Silva

Day To Day Challenges & The Effects of the Disease:

1> The adorable youngster is immensely affected by a lethal ailment in her pituary gland, positioned in her brain being the reason behind her extraordinary growth.

2> Elisany resides in her humble home with her mom Ana Maria Silva, her sisters and also her step dad Luiz Jorge. The exact reason behind her illness has not been confirmed because her parents did not have enough funds to pay for the sophisticated medical procedures.

3> Elisany the tallest girl in the world once shared with a local TV station how she wasn’t able to go to school because she wasn’t able to accommodate well in the bus.

World’s Tallest Girl

4> For her it was really hard to get inside her home as her tall frame made her uncomfortable to walk freely and her head used to hit the ceiling again and again.

5> Her mother wanted that she should stop growing further and wanted her to look like other girls of her age because being a mother she could understand her daughters agony very well.

6> An expert in the field of medicine who provided with the details of her condition in Brazil itself concluded that other than her huge frame she could be a prey of other fatal diseases. Elisany was indeed a determined girl and hoped to use her height at the right place by becoming a model.

Elisany Da Cruz Silva World’s Tallest Girl

7> The experts concluded that the other symptoms of the diseases like visionary problems, experiencing recurrent headaches, and failure of glands such as thyroid, adrenals, and also her ovaries can persist which could cause serious complications which would eventually result to death. If her condition not treated soon, the fourteen year old tallest girl may continue to grow at a rate of six inches per year.

8> The growth rate of the tallest girl in the world was three times the average growth rate of other children of her age and it was impossible to stop it without undergoing a tumor removal, surgery for which he didn’t have the funds required. It is believed that because of her height she may realize her vision and dreams of being a model, with her first project of walking the ramp in bridal attire.

World’s Tallest Girl: Elisany Da Cruz Silva’s Love Life:

Elisany Da Cruz Silva’s love life

1> When the tallest girl in the world first met Francinaldo she had already turned 16 and possessed a very childish behavior. She used to play around when she used to see Francinaldo .At that time she used to hate him to the core, but it is rightly said that opposites attract, and so was the case with these two. The girl who always wanted to hit Francinaldo fell deeply in love with francinaldo and he also loves her equally.

World’s Tallest Girl love life

2> The tallest girl in the world Elisany de Cruz Silva was dating Francinaldo da Silva for more than three years before she decided to make it official. Elisany while dating her boyfriend always reminded him to not to ask her to marry because she would never agree to it.

3> But when he took the risk and asked elisany for marriage miraculously she agreed and later both of them got engaged.

4> For Mr. Da Silva who is 23 years of age, the engagement was something he always dreamt of. Francinaldo is a construction worker by profession and always dreamt of a girl who would be really tall in which Elisany perfectly fitted in.

World’s Tallest Girl boyfriend

5> Due to Elisany’s abnormal or extraordinary growth she was regularly teased at school which made her really uncomfortable to deal with any situation but later when she got engaged to her boyfriend nothing more made her proud than to have a boy by her side who loved her with his heart despite of the huge frame she possessed.

6> Her fiancé always made her feel wanted and special by introducing her to his friends and even his friends reacted in the most appropriate manner by making her comfortable in their company and calling her beautiful rather that the giant she was famous as teased for.

7> Francinaldo always tries to make her happy by various gestures, And yes what more can make a girl happy in this world when she knows that she lies at the top of his fiancé’s priority list.

8> The mutual understanding between the newly engaged couple made the situation even easier going and also made their relationship even stronger. But their life wasn’t a fairy tale where everything was supposed to be perfect. The couple had gone through a lot of ups and downs.

9> The couple after their engagement starting living together and was expecting a baby in the first year itself. The tallest girl in the world was well aware of her gigantic frame also the diseses she carried within her so she wasn’t sure of conceiving a baby so by the time she was 18 she eighteen she was ready to adopt a baby!

Despite of all these issues the couple expects to live a happily married life. The couple hasn’t planned for their wedding yet but is living together for more than a year now. Hope the dreams of this couple comes true, fingers crossed for them!

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