Why Did Hitler Hate Jews? Find The Real Truth Here

Why Did Hitler Hate Jews

Adolf Hitler, when you heard this name, what struck you mind first? A military leader? Or a dictator? Before these words paved a way to your brains, the extremities of pain, sufferings, hatred and some of the worst chastisements done to humans is what strikes your mind… right? And so the question arises that why did Hitler hate Jews?

Why did Hitler hate Jews?

 Alright coming to the point of the reason behind why did Hitler hate Jews, historians have different perceptions regarding it, however there is one reason which is common in everybody’s insights that he held the Jews responsible for the defeat in World War I.

 The loss of World War I cracked spark of hatred for the Jews in Hitler’s perception, however, Hitler had a few more reasons to justify for his hatred.

o He strongly believed that the Jewish Finance ruling class was very much responsible for the outbreak of the World War I.

 Though Austrian, Hitler was extremely passionate for Germany, and its entity, therefore he was devastated upon witnessing the defeat of Germany in World War I.

o According to historians those who witnessed Hitler after the loss of World War I, he became totally depressed and became isolated.

 Racism is said to be the another reason which adds answer to why did Hitler hate Jews.

o When Hitler’s Nazi party came to throne, there agenda changed from serving their country Germany, to transforming Germany into a pure German empire. Restrictions. Restrictions were made for the inferior classes and special margins were draw for the Jews, in which they were supposed to leave the nation.Why did Hitler hate Jews

 In 1925 Hitler was imprisoned after his failure in 1923. During his days in prison he acquired sufficient time to map down his hatred policies for the Jews in his book Mein Kampf (My struggle).

o It contained his tactics of complete demolition of the Jewish race, his dreams of conquering the world, and off course racism, in which he strongly believed in the pure races of German’s to be ruling the inferiors classes. Since the Jewish people were considered as substandard as the Aryan’s who were superior in class, therefore the German people didn’t consider them as PEOPLE.

 Since Hitler wanted Germany to be a country with pure race structures, therefore he banished the marriage between Jewish Germans and non-Jewish Germans.

 Since Hitler strongly believed that the Jewish people were the totally responsible for the outbreak of the World War I, therefore millions of livres were lost in the war. However, Hitler tried to avoid further country based clashes, therefore he warned the Jews to not to trigger another World War. He asked the people not to sympathize with the Jewish people, as they were responsible for the millions of Human killings, and if they would continue with their biased practices, then his words would be taken back of the blood shed of the Jews he vowed to make.

 After some brief investigations into the history of Hitler, a Majority of the evidences pointed the Jewish people were regarded as the core reason behind the loss of the World War, and also their fraudulent financial administrative bodies, who triggered Hitler’s hatred for the specific race.Why Did the Hitler Hate Jews

Early Years of Adolf Hitler:

 Adolf Hitler was the fourth son of father Alois Hitler and mother Klara Polzl.

 Hitler had a total of six siblings

 He was born in the year 1889 in Braunau am in in the city of Austria

 He was born to a German speaking Austrian family.Early Years of Adolf Hitler

How Hitler’s dark side came into existence:

 So, after learning about the desolations caused by Adolf Hitler, one becomes curious to know from where a soul covered with blood came into existence?

 As a child, he didn’t share a blissful relationship with his father, when he was merely three years old, his elder brother Edmund passed away, due to which he became extremely isolated and reclusive.

 Tragedies hit the Hitler family in a continuous motion as after the demise of Edmund, Hitler’s father passed away in the year 1903, resulting the family being totally deprived of financial securities. Hitler

was eventually taken back from studies and started working as a watercolor painter and a casual laborer.

 Hitler was exposed to ample of struggle during the days when children are supposed to be innocent and playful, he used to earn his living.

 Later after spending years in homeless shelter, Hitler got selected to serve in the German army.

 It is said that the continuous struggle and miseries gave birth to Hitler’s extra ordinary hateful attitude.

 Although analyses are still made regarding his hateful temperament.Why Did Hitler Hate Jews

In the end we would say that, just like a coin, every situation as two aspects. Hitler, being remembered for the widespread destruction he did, still researches will be made to reveal the better half of the hidden history, for the reason behind Hitler’s hatred. We hope that you have got some relevant answers to why did Hitler hate Jews. Share your views below in comments.


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